Website is also the face of the company on the internet. The more professional, modern and smart its features and appearance are, the more impressive and appreciative readers will be. After being designed, programmed, the web needs to be managed, developed and especially continuously upgraded periodically. However, most businesses today ignore or are afraid to upgrade the web. Meanwhile, others invest and improve in the wrong direction. So, how to improve the website effectively? Stay tuned for the following content.

Upgrade the web: Are you on the right track or not?
Web upgrade: Are you on the right track?

What is a web upgrade?

Before deciding whether to upgrade your website or not, you need to understand what it is all about. Web upgrade is the repair, remedy and update of shortcomings, limitations in the interface, features and operation of the website. Depending on the actual status and needs, the upgrade may take place in the interface as well as the features.

Website also needs upgrading, fixing and improving features
The website also needs upgrading, fixing and improving features

After upgrading the interface properly, the website’s images, colors, and design layout can become more beautiful and user-friendly. With system upgrade, feature upgrade, website can work faster, more efficiently and accurately. Along with that is the appearance of new features to enhance the visitor experience.

In particular, if you want your website to get high rankings on search engines like Google, the upgrade is to create an SEO standard website, compatible with many browsers on mobile devices.

Upgrade or build a completely new website?

Thus, upgrading can cause the website to “transform”. The more updates, the more in-depth the features, the higher the cost. At this point, businesses will be faced with the choice of upgrading or building a new website.

Depends on specific conditions and goals to decide how to upgrade
Depends on specific conditions and goals to decide how to upgrade

If upgrading, the domain address and general structure of the web are kept more or less. You do not need to introduce the web to old customers. Not only that, depending on the case, Google will retain the ranking of the web. Thanks to that, SEO then becomes more economical, simple and effective.

However, upgrading only really works if your website is already – working quite well. That means if the web was programmed many years ago, the design, information structure is not scientific but it is difficult to improve, upgrading is both difficult, time consuming and costly. In some cases, a web rework becomes the more optimal option.

Upgrading or building a new website needs to be evaluated and decided based on specific conditions. In the next section, VSM will cover some cases where you should upgrade the web.

In some cases should upgrade the website

Are you webmaster? This website has been operating normally for the past 1-3 years. So, should it be improved or not? If you fall into one of the following cases, you should still upgrade the web.

Website not working

Although it works normally, there are no serious errors, but if the web is not working properly, an upgrade is necessary. So, what is a website that is inefficient and in need of an upgrade? There are many ways to evaluate. The simplest is through visual perception and evaluation.

If the web is not performing well, this is an impossible job
If the web is performing poorly, this is a must-do

In particular, do not ignore the data displayed on the webmaster statistics tools. Specifically, if the traffic decreases, the time to save the page is short, the website drops in rankings, the website is rated poorly by customers, … then you need to understand the situation and improve it as soon as possible.

Website design lacks logic

Website – especially sales websites as well as a supermarket with stalls, functional areas, and services. If this area is arranged logically and intelligently, customers will feel excited and confident. They will want to see more, more details and decide to order later. On the contrary, if the website is messy and confusing, customers will feel extremely uncomfortable, no longer interested in learning and quickly exit.

Do not let the website lack logic affect the image of the company as well as drag down sales. Upgrade your website to enhance your customers’ online shopping and sightseeing experience. If done well, surely the result will not disappoint you.

Website is not SEO or SEO standard

Do you want your website to be at the top of search results on engines such as Google, Yahoo or Coc Co? SEO is something that cannot be ignored. News website or sales website all need SEO and SEO optimization. Upgrading the website to have a standard SEO structure is the first and most basic job to score points for the search engines.

Not only upgrading the web, to SEO to TOP 1, many companies need both a long-term and durable strategy. Therefore, if your website has not been SEO yet or has not been optimized for SEO standards, start doing it today.

The website has fierce competition

Don’t think that if you don’t do it, your opponent won’t do it. As for website upgrading, you may not have realized it, but countless competitors with similar products and websites are investing money and effort every day to upgrade and perfect the website.

If you don't update, your opponent will do it and leave you
If you don’t update, your opponent will do it and leave you

Maybe you were once considered a pioneer in web building and development. However, other companies and businesses always want to increase revenue, dominate your market and position. The most typical example here is your TOP 1 SEO position in Google, for example. Your competitors, they will also invest, upgrade the web to interface, features and web structure for the best SEO standards.

Competition is the law of the market and you can’t fight it. If you don’t know how to give yourself strength and overcome your weaknesses, you will one day be forced to accept defeat whether you like it or not.

Website has outdated technology

Did you know: The technology cycle of a website usually only lasts about 3 years. After this time, the web system was considered obsolete, slow and less efficient than the new web itself.

Do you want your website to be modern, fast, secure and efficient? Please update the web to improve features, keep up with the trend. Do not think that this job is too “big hammer”. The easiest is to update the admin interface to the latest version in the present. Of course, along with updating features, you also need to adjust the structure and content of the web so that it is reasonable.

In addition, if you want to change the buying and selling process, add new features on the website, upgrading the website is a must. Upgrading is the only way to fill, catch up with technology gap, improve the position of website as well as business in today’s developing information technology era.

Website upgrade plan

Depending on the purpose, the plan to upgrade the web needs to be built and implemented reasonably. You can conduct system reviews and upgrades on a quarterly, monthly or yearly basis. Of course, in case of detecting errors, it is necessary to upgrade and update as soon as possible. As for optimizing SEO standards, the update needs to be done according to the set SEO strategy and plan.

Before upgrading, plan specifically
Before upgrading, have a specific plan

Get to work

To upgrade the web, you need programming knowledge, SEO knowledge as well as the ability to evaluate and analyze the effectiveness of the website. Thus, the team of programmers and web developers is the one who can take care of upgrading the website.

If the web has a simple structure and requires a basic upgrade, the implementation takes place in a short time. Meanwhile, if the overall upgrade of a large system, the time, human resources and costs will be higher.

You can find individuals and companies specializing in marketing, designing, and programming websites to receive advice. query
You can find individuals and companies specializing in marketing, design, Website programming for consulting

If the company’s human resources are not experts in programming or updating systems, it is best to look to online marketing and web programming companies to do this job. That way, you can minimize the problems that arise before, during and after the upgrade process.

Several requirements to upgrade the website

After the upgrade is successful, don’t forget to evaluate the work. There are many criteria used to consider the final result. In which, some of the works that need to be completed and checked are:

Check the website’s operability: Have new features implemented, discovered errors or serious new problems? …

If the interface is upgraded, will the new interface show the original upgrade idea and goal? Is the web layout more harmonious, friendly, and clear than before? In particular, does the interface help in brand awareness and building?

If upgrading the website to mobile version, how is the compatibility for devices? Does the website display beautifully, reasonably, and work smoothly on popular mobile devices?

After the upgrade, please make sure that the website is up and running properly, as the target
After the upgrade, make sure the website is up and running, just like set goals

If upgrading more languages ​​for the website, will the font, content and content conversion process be 100% complete or not? Do customers using multilingual web feel convenient, comfortable or not?

If the website is optimized for SEO standards, how will the structure, tags and content of the website’s articles be improved?

In addition, there are many other factors that need to be kept in mind and realistically considered after a web upgrade. It is you – the person responsible for the website that needs to have enough knowledge, understanding and insight for the upgrade to be really worth the effort.

Some of the sharing related to the above web upgrade hopefully can help you better understand the purpose, process and importance of this work. Upgrading the web as well as improving products and services, enhancing the image and position of the brand before each customer. That is why you should not take this job lightly or ignore it. If you feel that the website is not performing well, help it to be better. If the website is already working well, find out and make it even better. Just like that, you can retain and conquer a large number of customers.