Hello everyone, it’s me again in the previous post, I also wrote an article about how to SEO web to the top with the least effort 1 article that I wrote with all my heart Based on the Google algorithm and I updated the SEO tips in September 2021, if you haven’t seen it, you can open it again.

As the title of this article, I will write about website backlinks, how to link properly and if a new website should be built, then this article I will write about this topic.

Currently Popular Types of Quality Backlinks
backlink website

The term backlink is understood as links pointed from forums, blogs, social networks, other websites to your website.

Backlink is often used by many SEO experts to pull the top of certain keywords for their website or SEO partners to aim to bring the website to the top of search results on Google because nowadays backlinks are one of the Google search ranking factors. Currently.

This is a type of social network backlink such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, … and many other social networks around the world, usually these backlinks have a very long domain age and high DR index, traffic flows. These social networks are many, so it is possible to ensure the credibility of these entity backlinks, but this backlink is also easy to create and easy to link, so I think anyone can create and go entity when starting out, so we It will be difficult to know which website is more effective, if you want to develop more effectively than your competitors from being an entity, we encourage everyone to build and post on these social networks as often as you are still using. this social network.

backlink entity

This is a backlink of the current press media type with a relatively high amount of traffic and it is possible that the traffic from these newspapers can pull a little bit through your website to help your keywords quickly go to the top of the search results. sword.

This is in the form of a backlink from a government agency with a relatively high difficulty, a long domain name age when placing a link, so it is highly appreciated by Google for these types of links and has not seen signs of spam like other links, this type of gov backlink is also quite good. popular and the price is also quite chat when going.

Edu them as well as the Gov backlink above but this is an educational piece, the backlink also has a high difficulty when it comes to linking, the domain name is long, it’s not much different from Gov so I don’t say more you can also search by yourself Google learn more because this article mainly introduces the popular types of backlinks today.

5/ Guest Post

This backlink is in the form of a relatively similar natural backlink, so it is quite good quality, usually this link Google likes and appreciates very much about the website, currently these types of links are like buy guest post (pro post). there is a text link to the website), natural guest gost introduced by other users because maybe your website is useful to users and also because they rewrite content ideas on your website and leave you with a source link is still considered a quality backlink.

When you are about to buy any type of backlink, we recommend that you choose the units that go manual backlinks but buy absolutely say no to backlinks with tools that will lead to spam and at worst Google will penalize your website from the index. or drop to the top.

Backlinks with high DR are quality backlinks, when buying backlinks from a certain website, use Ahrefs to analyze the DR of that domain and can see more about traffic and keyword data their height is a smart way to check before buying guest post

Backlink Quality


Backlinks with a lot of natural traffic are one of the quality backlinks, useful for users and often highly appreciated by Google, so if you buy them, please see  Ahrefs about the index < strong>Organic traffic too.

Take a look at the  Organic keywords of the website you are going to buy in  Ahrefs if they are high and see if the website is on the upswing or downhill, and if they have many keywords that have reached the Top of Google.

New website we encourage you to build quality content is the best factor to help you sustainable SEO first, after having content, then practice internal linking in posts together pointing to the link test. Introduce relevant content for visitors to see and click to see, internal links will be as difficult to spam as external links and you can easily control them, when your domain has DR and metrics Like traffic, high keywork, internal links will also increase in strength over time not inferior to external links pointing.

Entity is very suitable for new websites and I recommend that if you want to get external backlinks, you should start building a set of entities as a background first, the entity will help you cover your brand to create an overall brand on the internet. Google and they also help you increase the domain DR index, pull keywords to the top, …

3/ Build Guest Post

After completing the branded entity part to pull keywords to Top Google, buying guest posts from websites related to the industry and their web with high DR, traffic, keywork is a smart choice they will help you stand. Steady top over time is very difficult to get down and it is possible for your article to cover your SEO keywords on Google the top ,1,2,3… if their web is strong enough and more.

V Conclusion

So I have finished writing the basics of backlinks, if you have any questions about SEO or want to hire SEO services, please message us for more advice, if you are looking to buy backlinks. For a new website that has never been linked, you can refer to our backlink entity service with us.

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