With Gen Z, Influencer is an extremely familiar concept, any young person wants to become a professional Influencer to get a high and stable financial source. And this is also an extremely influential profession in society. So what are Influencers? How to become a professional Influencer. VSM will answer these questions in detail for you in the article below.


Learn what an influencer is
Learn what an influencer is


The first question of many young people is what is an Influencer that is so interested and attracts young people to choose this profession.

Explain what an Influencer is
Answer what an Influencer is

Influencer, also known as an influencer. Influencer is also a term used to refer to a group of people who have influence over a specific audience or a large community. Each Influencer has a different influence and impact on the community, not 100% the same. However, Influencers make the community have a change in thinking, behavior as well as any other impact.

Take a more specific example so that you can better understand what an Influencer is like My Tam is a professional Influencer. She is known as an early singer and until now, the influence of singer My Tam is not only in the Vietnamese community but also in the world. A business associated with this singer to advertise a product that is always purchased by consumers, not simply for the benefit of the product, but they also idolize the person advertising that is singer My Tam. Influencer is not just a person in showbiz but can be any person in any field, such as culture, politics, economy, health, education, painting, ..

Thus, VSM has explained what an Influencer is to you in detail. If you want to learn more about this term continue to explore the content below.

Classify Influencer

Influencer is a concept that is too familiar to Gen Z today and this may become a trend in their career. What is Influencer, this term is quite broad, covering all areas of life. Therefore, when classifying Influencers, there are many ways to classify them. In this article, VSM will classify Influencers into 3 groups: Influencers by number of followers, Influencers by active content and Influencers by popularity.

How to classify Influencers now
How to classify Influencers now

According to followers (Follow) 

This is the most common and familiar classification. Because the number of followers is the leading criterion to evaluate the influence and influence of that Influencer in the community and in the world of Social Media. The large number of followers today mainly belong to movie stars, football stars, actors, singers, people who are active on social networking sites. These are the professional Influencers that the community is most interested in.

Based on the number of followers, Influencers can be divided into 4 groups according to the level of influence, specifically:

Classify influencers by number of followers
Classify influencers by number of followers

Influential people

This is a group for Influencers who have the largest number of followers today. Usually this group is for the top entertainment stars in the field of music, movies or football. This influencer is often known as an A-list star, the world’s golden ball, etc. For example, Korean singer IU, Black pink, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, ..

Macro influencers

This is a group of only Influencers who have a lower number of followers than the A-star Influencer group. Then we can call them B-star stars, with a great degree of influence. Those who fall into this group according to statistics, the number of followers ranges from 40,000 to 1 million. And they are also active on the platform of Social Media.


The third group in the way of dividing by the number of followers of Influencer is the group of micro-influencers. This group is for Influencers with a following of between 1,000 and 40,000 people. The advantage of the Influencer group is that they often operate in special industry groups such as culture, politics, psychology, .. with specialized knowledge and ability to lead the crowd.

Nano influencer

The final group of Influencers divided by number of followers is nano-influence on a small scale. The number of followers of this Influencer according to statistics fluctuates around less than 1000 people. Their field is quite unknown or they have highly specialized knowledge for a specific field such as health, education, …

According to active content

The next way to share Influencer VSM wants to share with customers is based on what the influencer’s activity content is. Then with this division criteria, we can divide into 3 groups of Influencers, including:

Classify influencers by content
Classify influencers based on content


Influencers that are quite familiar to young people are bloggers such as Khoa Pham, Changmakeup, Mailovesbeauty, Quynh Anh Shyn, .. These are Influencers who specialize in building and creating content for any field such as: travel, beauty, games, etc. In fact, Influencers only affect a small group of people, not too many. And the content they build can influence, shape the psychology, behavior or perception of the group of people interested in these Influencers.


The youtube is also considered an Influencer group. A youtube channel has a great influence but not small because the youtube community is a large community. Youtube influencers work through private channels and can measure interest, the influence from this Influencer is based on channel subscriptions as well as views of a certain video of the channel.

 Social media

The final influencers when divided by content criteria are social media. This can be considered the most successful Influencer today when the number of people interested in it is extremely large. The Influencer group specializes in being social activists, content creators as well as managing popular community pages today that anyone is using such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.

According to popularity

Besides dividing Influencer based on the number of followers, based on content, one can also divide Influencer based on popularity in the community. With these divisions, VSM introduces you to 2 groups of Influencers, including:

Classify influencers by popularity
Classify influencers by popularity

Celebrities Celebrities

This is the most famous group of Influencers today, because they are a famous star in movies, music, sports or maybe the hottest youtubers. It is such a wide influence that you can see Influencers regularly appearing on major event pages, advertising for brands, big brands or often appearing on the front page of social media, etc.


The last influencer VSM introduces to customers is none other than KOLs. These Influencers only operate in a certain field when it is their industry and it is imperative that they have solid professional knowledge. They can be journalists, program advisors, psychologists, etc. to lead a group of subjects to follow their ideas and views, ..

How to become a professional Influencer

Thus, what the Influencer is as well as how the Influencer is specifically divided has been shared by VSM in the most detail and completeness. And in fact, we can see that Influencer is a profession that makes money in today’s digital and modern life. If you yourself find that you have a talent and passion for an area of the Influencer’s industry, be determined to start pursuing it right now.

How to become a professional Influencer with VSM
How to become a professional Influencer with VSM

Theory is always quite far away when we practice them. However, it is the foundation for you to start. If you are in need of a pre-drawn path for you to follow, follow VSM’s shares to become a professional Influencer in the future.

Step 1: Identify your strengths

First you need to be honest with yourself to identify your strengths and weaknesses. And focus a lot on your strengths. Once you’ve outlined your strengths, look for areas where you need to use those strengths the most. At the same time, that field must be an area that you are passionate about and believe you will bring out your full potential. It is possible that vocals develop the musical field; warm voice, MC, storyteller,..

Step 2: Select object group

The next step you need to determine who is the audience that you will influence them: young people, middle-aged people, children, etc. From identifying that audience, you will build content and form. the best way to influence them.

Step 3: Choose a social media channel

Nowadays, with the development of digital technology, there are many communication channels for you to choose from. Each type of communication channel will have its own advantages and disadvantages, for example, Instagram can develop professional images, Tik Tok creates short videos with vivid sound or Facebook, zalo, ..

Step 4: Develop a development strategy

Having drawn a road, you must draw a path with a destination, so the next step you need to do is to devise a sustainable and long-term development strategy. This strategy can be short-term, long-term and goal-specific to measure performance.

Step 5: Concentrate on investing brain, effort and time

Influencer is not that they create chatter, chatter, sing a few lines that can become. What are Influencers? That is the person who has influence on the psychology, attitude and perception of the community. Therefore, you must be very careful in investing in content to bring the most practical benefits to the community, especially in the initial stage. At the stage after it is stable, you should take creative steps to bring a different view to the community about you, which must be a positive view.

In addition, the way for you to increase your followers is to work hard to interact and follow so that you become familiar and close to everyone. Show up on all fronts so people know you. Especially take care to interact and interact a lot with other Influencers.

Thus, the entire article above VSM has helped you answer the question raised at the beginning of the article, what is an Influencer and how to become a professional Influencer. If you are looking to become an Influencer in the field of marketing, please contact us so that VSM can support you.