Many people think that to attract customers, it is only necessary to have useful and rich content. However, the meta tag is also one of the pieces of content that cannot be ignored in an SEO article. So what types of description tags are there? What are the best ways to write short, call-back descriptions that attract readers the most?

What is a meta tag? Summary of the most attractive description writing

What is a meta tag?

A meta tag is a brief content summary placed at the top of a web page. This tag will help display the description and when we search, the tag will show the section: Title, author and description of the article content.

Many people are interested in what is a meta tag?
Many people care what the meta tag is?

This makes it easy for readers to find the information they want. Therefore, it plays an extremely important role in SEO to help optimize the search and search.

Meta taxonomy

Meta has many types with different uses and purposes, so the usage is also different. However, it is not necessary to learn too many types of cards. Here are eight important meta tags we should know about.

Common meta types< /a>
Common meta types

Title tag

This is the title of the website that helps readers know the topic the website wants to convey. This title will be displayed on the top horizontal bar of the browser window. Not only that, it also appears in search pages and websites.

Meta description tag

This is a tag that displays more detailed content than the title with enough space, if it is too long, it will be automatically cut by google.

viewport meta tag

This is one of the very necessary tags in an article because of the variety of access devices to optimize and handle all devices with network connectivity, by including the viewport meta tag. in the head section. It will help every browser how to control the zoom when doing it

The article cannot be without the viewport meta tag
The article cannot lack the viewport meta tag

content-type meta tag

Is the web to report the number of characters in the browser. Everything will be character coded for the best and clearest display of information

Social meta

This is a website that helps us connect with many different social networking platforms to create diversity and coverage in many places such as: facebook, zalo, instagram, … Anyone can see just need to be viewed by others. share URLs. The content that appears will be the title, avatar, content description, …

Meta language

When working many times we will have to use different languages, using the language tag will help us declare the language that the website will use. This is one of the useful uses of the card that saves us a lot of time.

Meta geo

This is a type of mistaken code for searchers to locate and enter the correct website of the business. Helping to find more accurate orientation for users located in the area of business and service providers.

There are many ways to write code such as by coordinates, latitude, longitude, … then use the geo tag tool to generate the code correctly and quickly.

Meta robots

Meta robots are set up so that the article is indexed and tracked, google will report whether or not indexing or tracking of the page is performed or not. Therefore, we can use it or not, it does not affect the article.

What is Meta Description?

This is the information that will appear under the title on the search page. Meta Description tells the reader the main idea of the article, from which the web will meet the most appropriate requirements for our version.

Meta Description is the section just below the post title
Meta Description is the section just below the post title</ td>

What is the role of Meta Description in SEO?

If we create a good meta description it will bring a lot of benefits. Here are the three most important benefits:

  • The first is to entice, attract many people to click on the web link to create interaction on many different platforms.
  • Secondly, it doesn’t directly increase our rankings, but each click on the web increases the page content indirectly to a higher rank.
  • The third is to help users have the best, effective and satisfied experience when the search takes place quickly to meet their desired needs.

Synthesize how to write meta descriptions to attract readers

There are many ways to create an attractive meta, but it is important to pay special attention to the following ways to get the complete and correct meta.

How to write meta to attract readers?
How to write meta to attract readers?</ td>

Use hot, curious words< /h3>
This will be one of the good ways to attract because it is easy to impress, many people are interested if we use it effectively. Include calls to action, using words in a positive style. However, to achieve the right purpose, we need to ensure that the language is appropriate, true and not fabricated.

Sufficient size no more than 165 characters

Because when appearing, the meta part is only limited to a certain number of words, if you write too long, the reader will not be able to see all we want to convey from that will skip this article and go to another article. . Therefore, make it a priority to be complete, short, concise and especially contain keywords.

No duplicate meta

When writing, use thinking and creativity, do not repeat the meta because it is easy to cause boredom and loss of interest to the reader. Use a variety of words to make the communication more interesting and logical.

Posts should not duplicate meta
Posts should not have duplicate meta

Describe correctly to the article

Do not just because you want to attract readers but enter the wrong description with the article content. That will leave a bad impression and gradually lose sympathy from the viewers, which will bring negative opinions to the website. Over time, the website will reduce interactions, which will have a huge impact on the future.

Check the display of meta Description on mobile

Because the amount of words displayed on the computer will be longer than on the main phone, so we need to check on the mobile device to see if the ideas we need to convey are fully displayed or not? Whether it meets the wishes of the article and the needs of others to edit more or less accordingly.

A few questions about meta description

When writing meta on the website, surely many people still have questions. To better understand meta tags, let’s answer some questions as follows.

Answer some meta questions
Answer some meta questions

Does meta tag content affect a site’s ranking?

In Google’s article evaluation criteria, there is not only the article content but also the meta part. Therefore, if the meta is not of good quality, it will greatly affect the ranking of the website on Google.

How to check meta tag on web page?

Currently, there are a lot of meta effectiveness checks. And the most popular meta checking tool is “Hey Meta”. At the input of the application, you paste the URL link and then the information will appear. Here, users can check the effectiveness of meta tags, titles, images,…

How to put meta tags on website?

In a website there is always content management software that helps you add meta to the site. To perform this operation, users need to access the CMS tool on the website.

Above is information about “What is a meta tag? Synthesize the most attractive ways to write descriptions. Description tags always play an important role for articles on the website. Please read carefully the sharing in the article to pocket the ways to write short and effective meta.

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