What are podcasts? This is a fairly new concept that many of you have not yet known. Podcasts are being loved and used by many young people every day. In this article, we will help you understand all about this concept. From the origin, classification, benefits, disadvantages come but note when using.


Podcast overview

Podcast is a word that many young people have probably heard about in the mass media. However, to understand it clearly and specifically, very few people know it. Now, we will learn the most general information about Podcasts. Then we dive into the importance of Podcasts for Marketing.

Podcast - A program transmitted by audio
Podcast – A program conveyed by sound


A podcast is an audio program that is played on apps. Interested people can listen directly on those applications or download to their devices. To make it easier to understand, Podcast is quite similar to the form of radio, with sound but no image. A Podcast is geared towards a specific topic and consists of multiple episodes. Each episode will be published periodically and continuously to serve interested listeners.

Anyone can create a Podcast, as long as they have the necessary creativity, skills, and knowledge. This is an extremely effective marketing channel and making money is also very positive. In modern society, Podcasting can be considered an official profession for some people.

History of birth

The word Podcast is concatenated by “Ipod” and “Broadcast”. Ipod is a music player manufactured by Apple, and the word broadcast means broadcast. Therefore, the origin of the Podcast is from Apple.

Mobile Podcast App
Mobile Podcast App

In 2003, during an event to launch the RSS-to-iPod software. This software allows Ipod users to download audio files on the internet to their devices. In 2004, British journalist Ben Hammersley first coined the term “Podcasting” for the activity on that software.

And starting from this point, Podcast was born and is widely used until now. The owner of a Podcast channel will also be called a Podcaster. Similar to calling Youtuber, Blogger, Tiktoker now.

How it works

If you explain in a professional way, many of you will find it difficult to understand. Here, we consider basically a Podcast will have the following operating procedure:

  • Podcaster generates audio files, possibly creating a different file from time to time
  • They upload them to a repository, this hosting service is called podcast hosting, which provides the data source for the Podcast channel
  • Applications dedicated to listening to Podcasts will download this data source
  • Listeners can listen online, register, download easily

Classify Podcasts

Podcasts are very popular in today’s life with many different types. The following are the most common types of Podcasts.

Podcast interview 

In this form there will be multiple participants in a Podcast. In each episode that is aired, the Interview Podcast usually has one to two hosts and many guests participating. This is the most popular program today. Because each guest will have different information and experiences to convey to everyone. Thereby showing variety, not dark, not boring. The content is also simple, easy to understand, may be necessary. Listeners will easily access and accumulate many useful things for themselves.

Podcast in the form of an interview
Podcast in interview form

Usually the organizers will carefully study the guests interviewed today. Prepare questions before each issue is aired. The program revolves around MC’s questions and guest answers. Interview skills, reasonable understanding as well as convincing, interesting and honest answers will be attractive points for listeners.

Educational podcast

Nowadays many students feel uninterested in their studies or their academic results are poor. Perhaps because traditional learning methods have become too familiar and boring. Having to go to school every day makes students feel tired and unfocused. Failure to acquire or complete knowledge can greatly affect your future.

Educational podcasts are a very attractive type of student and parents today. Podcasts convey knowledge in a very interesting, fun and not boring way. Not only that, it also stimulates the curiosity and inquiry of students. Thereby, you are more interested in the information that is brought and received and processed. This convenient and new form helps you to be more active in studying, preparing lessons in a methodical and best way.

Students can learn all different subjects from the Podcast: English, Literature, Mathematics, History,… Especially the English subject through the Podcast is very interested. English listening practice becomes more effective.

Podcasts monologue

Podcast in monologue
Podcast as monologue

Also for sharing like Podcast interviews, but the monologue has only one participant and they will tell their own stories. They use their storytelling talent, charm, and unique credentials to guide their listeners. Nowadays, there are many types of monologue podcasts. But the most popular and listened to monologue podcast is stand-up comedy. This will help listeners feel more relaxed, optimistic and positive in life.

Storytelling podcast, news

It can be said that this is the most familiar form to everyone in the world. Important, hot news is often transmitted to people via FM, Radio, … This form is extremely convenient in being able to listen and do another job at the same time. At the same time, listeners also receive information in this way very well because of the beautiful voices over the radio. Almost all news on all fields such as sports, entertainment, politics, economy, showbiz, society, … are available in the form of audio on Radio.

Fiction Podcast

This is a very familiar genre with story enthusiasts. Instead of reading a lot, eyes get tired and don’t have much time to read. They choose to hear someone else reread the story or novel. Novel Podcast requires regular updates of good, new and trending stories. Not only that, it also requires the reader to have a very good and inspiring and attractive reading voice. This type of novel is very attractive to people who love stories and creates the most wonderful and relaxing space for them.

Benefits of Podcasts

Podcasts are a very popular form as well as being transmitted very popular today. This is probably due to the unique and new form of listening and receiving information, giving listeners more interesting experiences. Not only that, the outstanding benefits that Podcasts bring is also the reason why it is increasingly popular.

Great benefits for listeners
Great benefits for the audience

Personal benefit

Podcasts bring a lot of benefits and convenience to listeners. Here are some outstanding benefits:

  • Provides useful information for certain audiences. They are completely accessible and give them great messages.
  • Create convenience for the audience. As long as they have a smart device, they can listen anywhere or anytime.
  • Podcasts can give listeners creative ideas at work.
  • Besides, Podcast is an extremely useful tool in entertainment. Listeners can use it to relax their souls, find joy and comfort.
  • We can approach listening instead of reading, reducing eye strain.
  • Not only can this be a great money making tool. Like youtubers, in Podcasts we have Content Creators. They will make money by transmitting content, sharing information.

Above are some attractive benefits that Podcasts bring to each individual. You can also try to make money with this form.

Effective monetization tool
Effective monetization tool

Benefits with Business Marketing

It can be said that Podcasts are very attractive to businesses. They use it as a mass media to support their marketing strategy.

  • Businesses build Podcast channels, promote brands, reach more customers.
  • orient to your target customers.
  • Target to a niche market. Focus your attention on a small but profitable segment.
  • More cost-effective than other communication methods.
  • Convey subtle, interesting messages that attract consumers’ attention.
  • May be broadcast regularly.
  • A useful means of building customer interest and care, thereby bringing in loyal customers.
  • Easily reach individuals and build their trust in the brand
  • Podcasts are now very popular globally. Therefore, the communication will help increase traffic to the fanpage or website of the business. Thereby showing a lot of product and brand interest.
Marketing Podcast App
Marketing Podcast App

A smart marketing strategy will help businesses position themselves as well as their place in the future. Podcasts will be a great tool for that purpose.

In summary, we cannot deny the benefits that Podcasts bring to individuals as well as businesses. In particular, this is an extremely effective means of marketing strategy. Enterprises cannot keep following the “paths” but need to have new and unique ideas and creations. Reaching customers and promoting brands by Podcast promises to be a feasible and useful way. What are you waiting for without searching for use or you can try your hand at this form. If you have any more questions or questions about Podcasts, you can contact us via website https://www.vsm.vn. We are very pleased to serve you.