Affiliate marketing has been popular for a long time, plus the explosion of the Internet has made activities on this model extremely exciting. It is both part of the Digital plan of many businesses and a familiar income channel for those who make money online. However, not everyone understands this model deeply and how to implement it effectively!

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is essentially a business model based on revenue sharing between product / service owners & marketer. That is, if you create a certain product/service and you want to sell more then you can run an affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is considered a business trend in the 4.0 era

Through this affiliate marketing program, sales associates (affiliate marketers) will promote your products/services. And you will pay % commission to them when the order is sold successfully. labour.

What elements does Affiliate marketing include?

To ensure the affiliate marketing process is as effective as it should be, it will include 3 basic components as follows:

Seller and Creator (Advertiser)

A seller, whether a sole proprietorship or a large enterprise, is a supplier, seller, product creator, or product retailer to the marketplace. And a product can be a physical object, like a home appliance, or a service, like a makeup tutorial.

Product advertiser or affiliate marketer (Publisher)

Publisher will undertake to market the Advertiser’s products in the most attractive way to attract customers, who can be an individual or a company.

In other words, the affiliate promotes the product to convince consumers that it is valuable or beneficial to them and convince them to buy the product. If the final consumer purchases the product, the affiliate will receive a portion of the revenue made.

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is a model with the participation of 3 mutually beneficial parties

End User

Whether consumers know it or not, they (and their purchases) are the driving force behind affiliate marketing. Affiliates share these products with them on social media, blogs, and websites.

When a consumer buys a product, the seller and the affiliate share in the profits. Sometimes the affiliate will choose to pay consumers upfront by disclosing that they are receiving a commission for the sales they make. Other times, consumers may be completely unaware of the affiliate marketing infrastructure behind their purchase.

Should you make money from Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is quite developed in the world and in Vietnam, this model is gradually considered as one of the very useful direct business ways. At the same time, it brings an effective source of income for many people when participating. It can be a bit vague at first, but if you persevere and follow the right path, you will quickly achieve success.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing:

  • Easy to implement when not limited in time, you can do it anytime, anywhere.
  • You don’t need to worry about the source if you are a direct affiliate marketer.
  • Low cost when implementing, you don’t need to spend too much money to invest in this model.
  • Can generate passive income from this model.
  • No special skills like editing images, videos,…
  • Can be used to expand relationships in the future.
Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is a very profitable business model and worth considering

You must remember, in the 21st century whoever has a community is successful because it is a market for you to make money quickly and sustainably. It is important that you choose the right field in which you will stick. Draw your customer profile, your team’s potential, and how you navigate your customers.

Affiliate Vietnam has become a trend for businesses, this model helps to reduce costs, reach the right audience and not be dependent on advertising platforms.

For affiliate marketing employees, this is a sustainable form that generates great income and is fully active in working time.

However, you should note, for the Affiliate marketing market, you should choose the Vietnamese market first. After you have enough development resources, you can now apply your strategies to international markets. This will help you increase your income quickly.

What are the benefits of Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing model brings many attractive benefits to both suppliers and participants.

Benefits for suppliers and advertisers

For businesses providing products, affiliate marketing ensures great benefits such as reducing human resources, marketing costs, creating competitiveness and optimizing profits.

Affiliate marketing
Product supplier will save money on communication campaign or manpower


  • Affiliate marketing creates a powerful buzz, joining the affiliate model helps you get the most out of KOLs without spending a single penny on marketing. Your brand products will be strongly promoted by tens of hundreds of large communities.
  • Also, because affiliate marketing provides referral links to other sites and communities, you inadvertently get millions of free links.
  • Collaborators help optimize profits, because businesses only have to pay for successful orders, instead of burning money for other media campaigns.
  • In addition, Affiliate allows you to reach the customers who really need it, thereby helping you to cut a large amount of unnecessary personnel in your company.
  • Affiliate marketing reduces dependence, if your business implements well and synchronizes the solutions, this is a great tool to help increase sales and profits.

Benefits of Affiliates for Distributors – Publishers

Participating in the partnership model brings enormous benefits. Not just money, time, passive income but more.

  • The first benefit is that you only need to distribute, no need for products, warehouses or consulting, customer care. Furthermore, you can also choose any vendor, product or service you want.
  • The initial capital is very low, you just need a computer with an internet connection and a good idea, giving it a lot of time to be able to deploy.
  • The biggest benefit of the affiliate marketing model is that you can easily switch operating models. Once you build a large community and website, you can easily switch to another form of monetization or business. However, you should learn from the experts to be on the right track.
Affiliate marketing
CTV affiliate marketing earns a decent income from this activity

Benefits for users

There are a few definite benefits to the end user, but the most important is the getaway: Reliability and low cost. That said, you can have more confidence in the product you choose as it ensures a referral from influencers. At the same time, you also have the opportunity to receive exclusive discount codes, promotions…

What do newbies need to do to successfully implement Affiliate marketing?

After grasping the great benefits of Affiliate marketing, you must have wanted to start researching and implementing.

Step 1:  Choose a traffic source for Affiliate Link: Currently, there are two traffic sources that are chosen a lot: free traffic and paid traffic. To choose the right traffic source, you need to research your customer, what the product is and what the market needs are.

Step 2: Choose Affiliate Network: When you first join, you need to choose a quality Affiliate Network. This will help increase your income significantly instead of working independently. However, it is necessary to choose a really reputable Affiliate Network and consider their policies. Current:

  • High Paying, Low Volume Affiliate Programs: These are affiliate programs for niche products with high payout.
  • Low-Pay, Bulk Affiliate Programs: These are low-paid, mass-marketing products affiliate programs.
  • High Paying, Bulk Affiliate Programs: These are affiliate programs for products with mass appeal that also pay high commissions.
Affiliate marketing
You need to choose a quality Affiliate Network when you first join

Step 3: Business knowledge and mindset: This is something you must have, moreover, you must constantly learn and absorb knowledge in this field. Because in the digital age, everything related to changes very quickly, if you are lazy, you will soon become a “backward”.

Besides, you need to note:

Choose a topic that focuses on a particular category. Sticking to your topics can help you build a more focused audience and potentially help you rank higher in search engines.

Create great content, if you want your affiliate site to be successful, you need to create high-quality content so that your links are naturally relevant. Don’t just blindly select products from the best sellers.

Drive traffic to your affiliate site: You’ve created great content. The next step is to get more people to read it and they will click on your links. And three traffic driving strategies to consider include:

  • Paid Traffic: This is where you pay for your website traffic.
  • SEO Optimization: This is the practice of optimizing pages to rank high in search engines like Google.
  • Build an email list: This allows you to communicate with your readers at any time, and leads to more link clicks and sales.
  • Beware of link placement, if all your affiliate links are at the bottom of the page, where people rarely scroll, then clicks are less likely. So turn everything into a link in your intro and your content will look spammy.


Hopefully what has just been shared above has partly helped you understand more about Affiliate marketing to apply effectively on your career path. This is a model in which the main mode of operation is the link between the influencer and the business in a win-win direction. If you have any questions about this form of marketing, leave a comment below the article to be answered!