What is Agency is a question that many people ask today. Understanding the concerns you are currently facing, we will share with you information about the Agency. When you follow, you will grasp the concept and 8 indispensable job positions in the Agency.

Agency? 8 indispensable job positions in Agency
What is Agency? 8 indispensable job positions in Agency

What is Agency?

What is Agency let's find out now
What is Agency, let’s find out now

What is agency in English? In fact, Agency is a word used to refer to a company, a media unit specializing in providing services related to marketing, book KOLs, and organize events for its customers. To put it more simply, an agency is an associated unit that performs the design, staging, and execution of marketing tasks.

For Agency, you need to pay attention to four main factors including product, place, price and promotion. However, product, price, and place are the factors that companies are most concerned about.

Every marketer in the agency needs to be able to do more than the SEO or content members. Because, marketers here learn from experience and come up with strategies to attract customers.

There are many different types of marketing agencies on the market today. These include market research, marketing, event organization, idea generation, production and branding. Any type of agency the agency undertakes to ensure versatility and wide understanding.

8 important positions in Agency

In Agency there are many different locations
In Agency there are many different positions

If you pay attention, it is easy to see that in each agency, there are many different positions. Usually, each position will have personnel to perform the work, avoiding stagnation. Besides what is a digital agency, what is an agency if you want to learn more about the positions in the Agency and their specific work, find out now.

Account Manager

What is Account Manager in Agency? You can simply understand the director of the Account department. They are the ones who directly manage all account tasks such as maintaining customer relationships, finding new partners, negotiating and executing contracts as required.

To become an account manager you need to be able to work well in a team. You need to know how to negotiate, manage time, and evaluate metrics. In addition, it is also necessary to know how to divide the work and plan the implementation of campaigns to increase revenue for the unit.


Copywriter is a content creator within Agency
Copywriter is the content creator in the Agency

Copywriter is the person in charge of creating content. They complete content for articles, videos and press publications. What is the job of a copywriter agency?

  • Creating articles and news according to customer requirements.
  • Up slogan, banner content.
  • Building content to introduce the company’s products and services.
  • Trend research and keyword analysis.
  • Write press releases and PR when requested by clients.

To do the above jobs, copywriters need to graduate from high school, college, university in journalism, marketing. In addition, they also need to have good teamwork, persuasion, creativity and time management skills.


Graphic designers are people who make banners, brochures or other art publications. Designers need to be based on the ideas of the marketing department to convey content through images. At the same time, graphic designers need to be proficient in the use of design software with high aesthetic taste.


What is a Photographer in an Agency? As the person in charge of product image and communication for the company. If taking on this role requires you to know how to take pictures, come up with ideas for photography.

Not only taking pictures, photographers also need to know how to edit images. Machines need to be managed closely to avoid financial loss. Photographers also need to know how to edit photos in post-production to make the photos more perfect.

Film director

Film director not only script but also monitor and direct
Film director not only script but also supervisor and director

Film director performs the work of writing scripts, directing to help normal filming clips to form a viral clip or promotional video for a business. Editors need to be careful and delicate. In addition, this person needs to have a high aesthetic taste.

Media planner

What is media planner in Agency? In essence, this is the person who plans and executes advertising services on a variety of different platforms. At the same time, media planners need to research each audience one by one to optimize ads.

Performing a media planner job requires you to collect and analyze information. You need to know how to choose the right form of advertising to ensure the safest and most economical.

Media Buyers

Media Buyers are people who do exchange and search for media partners for businesses. The job of Media Buyers is to negotiate articles, book KOLs, quote service for customers, statistics and measurement.

Account Executive

Account Executive is the person who directly manages communication issues with customers. Members are responsible for receiving requests from customers and providing solutions. At the same time, the Executive account also ensures maximum work progress and reports to customers.

The information VSM.vn shared has helped you understand what an Agency is and its positions. Each company operates in a different form. Therefore, you need to learn carefully to decide whether to join the Agency or not.