What is Black Friday? Perhaps when it comes to Black Friday, most people will immediately think of a huge promotion, taking place in almost every store around the world. So what exactly is Black Friday? How did it originate? What to buy or not to buy on Black Friday? All information related to this day, will be decoded right in the share below.

Black Friday

What is BlacFriday?

What is Black Friday? Black Friday is also known as Black Friday. On this day, a variety of fashion brands, cosmetics stores, furniture, food… will have great deals and promotions, for their customers.

Usually, Black Friday will take place on the nearest Friday right after Thanksgiving (one of the festivals held annually in the US and Canada). As usual, Thanksgiving will be held on the 5th, 4th day of November. Therefore, Black Friday will usually take place around the end of November.

Black Friday is the day of great promotion worldwide
Black Friday is the day of great promotion around the world

The Origin of Black Friday

After understanding what Black Friday is? What do we need to learn about the origin of this day?

Currently, when looking for information about the origin of Black Friday, we will read a lot of different information. However, in general, this day has 3 main explanations as follows.

  • Black Friday is a festival where people start shopping for the New Year and Christmas. Therefore, many stores launch promotions and discounts to attract the most customers to them.
  • According to another view, in the past, stores used to record daily sales with ink pen, and to make it easy to distinguish, they would write black ink for profits, and red ink to represent losses. And Black Friday is the expression of the shop owner’s desire to make a lot of profit on this day.
  • According to Wikipedia, what is Black Friday? This day originated in 1965.  On the last Friday of November 1965, many Americans flocked to the streets to shop for the upcoming Christmas and New Year in Philadelphia. This led to a very serious traffic jam, and from there, Black Friday was born.

However, no matter when it originated, Black Friday is now a day that is highly anticipated by many people around the world.

Black Friday will be the day when people go shopping for themselves and their families
Black Friday will be the day when people go shopping for themselves and their families

For stores, this is a day where huge profits can be earned. On the contrary, for consumers, they will have the opportunity to buy their favorite items, at a more favorable price.

How long does Black Friday last?

Although it is called Black Friday, it is not only on this Friday.

Normally, in Vietnam today, shops will usually start 1 week in advance. And how long this program will last will depend on the decision, the program that each store makes.

So, what is Black Friday? It is a special promotion program of each store, for its customers.

Black Friday time depends on store promotions
Black Friday time depends on store promotions

When is Black Friday 2021?

What Black Friday is, you probably already know. However, do you wonder when Black Friday 2021 will fall?

As mentioned above, Black Friday will take place on the 4th Friday, after Thanksgiving. Therefore, this year, Black Friday will fall on Friday, November 26. You should make a note on your calendar, to be able to hunt for products with the best value.

What’s the flip side of Black Friday?

Although it is a day that many people look forward to, today there are still many downsides to this day. That’s why people have to be really careful to avoid being scammed.

What are some of the tricks that are often used to scam on Black Friday, we can mention the following:

  • Take advantage of Black Friday to discharge inventory, poor quality goods, or goods that are about to expire.
  • Raise the price higher then apply a discount program to entice customers to come to you.
  • Abusing the promotion program, using photos of other shops to post to trick customers into transferring money first.
  • Send customers order links, but actually use them to steal personal information.
Black Friday also has a downside that you need to be aware of
Black Friday also has a downside that you need to be aware of

What are Black Friday shopping tips?

To avoid being cheated, the money is lost. Besides bringing back the best products at the most favorable prices, you need to immediately pocket the following Black Friday shopping tips.

Have a reasonable spending plan

As we all know, what is Black Friday? This is a day not only for buyers, but also for stores to make huge profits.

Usually, stores often take advantage of this day to stimulate shopping demand, add cashback incentives if spending reaches a limit, or upgrade cards for customers… To hit the promotion mentality of Vietnamese people. .

Therefore, make a list of the items you want to buy and plan to spend, manage cash flow in a reasonable way. Avoid buying things you don’t know when to use, or even never use them because of promotions.

Besides, please withdraw money from your card when spending, to better manage speed and shopping psychology than card usage.

Manage cash flow properly on Black Friday
Manage cash flow appropriately on Black Friday

Come and buy directly at the store

Next, to ensure the quality of the products, you should go directly to the stores to try and check their quality.

For goods that are clothing, it is necessary to check the seams, check the products for defects or color fading. For products that are food and cosmetics, check the expiry date and packaging for any problems. Be sure to double check before taking the product home.

Find out and compare prices before you buy

If you like a product, you can find out its price before and after the discount, for the best comparisons. As for the products you have not learned before, you can go to find out similar items to be able to compare more accurately.

This is absolutely necessary, because many businesses take advantage of the love of promotions of many people. Therefore, they often hang up to 70% discount signs, but this price has been raised very high compared to the actual price of the product.

Follow stores to get real sale prices
Follow stores to get real sale prices

Beware of advertising messages

During Black Friday, many people often choose this opportunity to scam and appropriate other people’s money.

Therefore, when you receive messages or links to receive promotions, please be cautious and ask again to avoid losing your account, or personal information.

Choose to buy products at branded stores 

Next, choose the units that specialize in providing branded products. This not only helps you avoid being scammed, from stores with low quality products. Plus, you’ll be hunting for premium branded products at the best prices.

Option to hunt for sale at big brand stores
Choose to hunt for sale at big brand stores

Choose the right Black Friday hunting time 

Usually, many people often go hunting at the end of the occasion, hoping for even more bargains.

However, if you want to find the best quality and satisfactory products. You should go when the program has just started, because actually the first occasion you will have the right size and besides, there are many choices.

Find out what to buy

Facebook is now no stranger to most of us, so if you have a need to buy a product on Black Friday, first learn about the products first.

First, find an address with products that you love the most, track the feedback on the products of old customers. From there, you can stay up to date with the best products and products that you’re planning to buy.

Then, come Black Friday, you won’t be confused by the flood of store deals. Your job now is just to go straight to the store you have researched, and buy the product you have selected at a discounted price.

Find out what to buy in advance so you don't get confused by promotions
Find out what to buy in advance so you don’t get confused by promotions

Products not necessarily purchased on Black Friday

What is Black Friday? That is the day you have the opportunity to own the products, at extremely preferential prices. However, not every product has the best price on this occasion.

Let’s take a look at some products that are not necessarily purchased on Black Friday as follows:

Winter clothes

During Black Friday, a lot of people will see a variety of winter clothes, which will be on sale with up to 80% off. However, usually the products on sale are models from the previous year or outdated products.

Therefore, you should not be too eager to buy winter clothes on this occasion. The time to buy winter clothing at the best price, will be the end of December, with the latest models off by up to about 50%.

The best time to buy winter clothes is the end of December every year
The best time to buy winter clothes is the end of December

Eating voucher

If you notice, all the food vouchers sold on Black Friday will be stores that are not really too big. What’s more, sometimes the advertised image and the reality will not be exactly the same.

Therefore, only buy food vouchers for this day at reputable stores, or from official channels and sources of stores.


You may not know, the real biggest jewelry sale is in March or May of each year. Therefore, no matter what products you love, if you don’t really need them, you can save them to buy later.

Black Friday is also not the best time to buy jewelry
Black Friday is also not the best time to buy jewelry


What is Black Friday for the furniture? Should we buy them today? And the answer here is no.

In fact, you should know that companies usually launch new furniture products in February every year. Therefore, the best time to buy furniture at the best price is in January.

Above are the shares to answer the question What is Black Friday? And decipher all the information related to this date. If you also want to buy branded items at a discounted price. Definitely don’t miss the big promotion on the upcoming 11/26.