The Board of Directors is responsible for evaluating the performance of executives. If the CEO concurrently holds the position of Chairman, he or she has the right to decide whether his performance is satisfactory or not.

Therefore, good corporate governance often stipulates the separation of duties between the CEO and the Chairman of the Board. In some countries around the world, the law prohibits the CEO and the Chairman of the Board of Directors from being the same person.

What is a must-have if you want to be a CEO?

It is no coincidence that CEO is a dream position for many people. Because to become a successful and talented CEO, in addition to the available professional knowledge and skills, a good CEO also needs the following qualities:

Ability to observe, synthesize and analyze 

CEO needs to have good observation, synthesize and analyze information in a reasonable way. With this innate ability, the CEO can select, evaluate, and motivate people (human resources) to develop strategies. Help the team overcome internal barriers to achieve more attractive goals together.

To become a talented CEO, you need to have many qualities
To become a talented CEO, you need to converge many qualities


In the CEO’s job, many problems arise and they are forced to make difficult decisions in the most pressing situations. No hesitation, hesitation, determination will contribute to creating a talented CEO.


As a leader, the CEO needs to be agile to steer a strong team through the volatile market. They need to timely detect the opportunity that comes and know how to seize it to make a big deal with their business.


In a talented CEO, there will always be creativity, and this is also considered the life of the business. The CEO will know how to apply his creativity to business development strategies and directions. Without creativity, the CEO will make his organization stand still, not accepted by customers and gradually lag behind the times.

high EQ

A good CEO is more than just someone who is smart, decisive, and responsive. A CEO can run a business well thanks to a dedicated and dedicated staff. Therefore, a CEO also needs to have a solid connection with people, know how to motivate and inspire.

The above information has helped you answer what a CEO is, the role and importance of the CEO in the business. Along with that are the necessary qualities to become a CEO. Thank you for reading the article and see you in the next topics!