Customers are always the most important element of Marketing and sales. Therefore, every business must create new customer relationships that can develop long-term. But how to build lasting customer relationships? Information about what CRM is and the role of CRM in Marketing shared below will be of great help to you!

What is CRM?Things to know about CRM in Marketing

What is the definition of CRM term?

Surely many businesses and units have heard of but do not understand what CRM is? CRM is an abbreviation of the English phrase Customer Relationship Management. In simple terms, CRM is customer relationship management.

Do you know what CRM is?
Do you know what CRM is?

For any business, CRM is the way that unit manages data, collects information, interacts with customers, etc. Thereby, business relationships are formed, boosting sales and increasing sales. brand reputation. The ultimate goal is to maximize profits for the business.

If you find it difficult to understand what is the definition of CRM? The example below will help you understand better. Facebook collects customer information through the interaction process on Facebook, Instagram. In addition, Facebook also has the ability to track users through the websites they visit with “digital traces”. Even if they are not logged into their Facebook account. From there, information about their preferences and consumer tastes will be statistically. Through aggregated data, businesses can run Facebook ad campaigns to reach the most potential customers.

The benefits of CRM for businesses you may not know

Doing business in the information technology age where you don’t know what CRM is, the benefits CRM brings. Then you will regret it when you lose a “lever” that effectively supports your business.

Optimize revenue, save manpower

Insight Technology Group said that businesses that apply CRM to customer management have achieved the expected results: Sales revenue increased by 42%; Sales time shortened by 25%; Sales cost savings up to 35%.

CRM helps businesses save costs
CRM helps businesses save costs

Thanks to the CRM system, businesses save on human costs. For example, Facebook’s Chatbot automatically responds to customer messages. According to the pre-installed script. Thus, businesses will reduce the burden on employees, allowing them to focus on finding potential customers more.

Most focused customer information statistics

Instead of collecting customer data by recording normally, CRM helps businesses collect data from different sources: Website, Instagram, Facebook, Ads, Messenger, etc.

Centralized customer information statistics thanks to CRM
Centralized customer information statistics thanks to CRM

Data about customers are classified from which source, their tastes, and their purchasing needs. As a result, businesses can easily classify customer groups for each product group. Along with that, advertising campaigns will be directed to potential customers, avoiding wasted costs. As soon as duplicate customer information is detected, the CRM system will merge so as not to mess up the data.

Improve customer satisfaction

Besides product quality, professional service is also a plus point for businesses to convince customers. Accordingly, the customer’s experience is calculated from the perception of the need to buy to the feedback after the purchase. Thanks to the information stored on the CRM system, businesses capture the behavior and preferences of users. Thereby, an experience journey map is built accurately and regularly, effectively supporting production and distribution.

CRM system improves customer satisfaction
CRM system improves customer satisfaction

Not only targeting new customers, the CRM system also helps businesses take care of old customers effectively. It will be difficult and time consuming for you to remember your guests’ birthdays and special days to congratulate and be grateful. However, the CRM system allows automatic reminders, SMS, and congratulatory emails. Thanks to that, your company will win the hearts of customers, ready to return to buy products or share with friends and acquaintances.

CRM effectively supports Marketing campaigns

Marketing Support is the perfect answer to the question What are the benefits of CRM? First, it must be said that CRM software is a huge data store for marketers. CRM stores data files that customers can exploit. From here, Marketing focuses on building a remarketing strategy with visitors who have stopped visiting and customers who have completed the contract.

CRM great support for Marketing campaigns
CRM great support for Marketing campaigns

CRM software helps businesses synthesize detailed reports on marketing campaigns. For example, for a campaign running Email Marketing, you can capture effective details about the number of Email opens, email abandonment, link clicks… Re-marketing at the right time with campaigns that stimulate purchases.

CRM is a solution to help businesses reduce marketing costs.

CRM automation applications help businesses contact and support customers promptly and accurately. Thanks to that, businesses can cut the cost of calls while still ensuring interaction with customers in accordance with synchronous standards. As a result, employees are less burdened and have more time to spend on expertise.

How to build and implement CRM in the enterprise?

Understand what is CRM? What are the roles and benefits of CRM? Then you will see that CRM is very necessary for businesses. So how to build and deploy CRM in the business to get effective customer relationship building?

Building effective CRM for business
Building effective business CRM

Define your CRM vision

To build a complete and professional CRM system, you must first understand the vision of the business. What is the goal of the CRM strategy? Besides, CRM needs to be suitable with the conditions and future plans of the business, avoiding the case where the strategy is not feasible.

Realign CRM to business vision

From the vision and goals that businesses build CRM strategies accordingly. If you don’t define your goals right from the start, CRM will be ineffective, even counterproductive, causing negative feedback from customers. And you should remember that customers are the most important factor in CRM.

Check CRM data

Leveraging enterprise customer data with the same data collected by the CRM  system, businesses can draw customer portraits. Along with that, the problems encountered when communicating with previous customers need to be studied in depth to overcome.

Understand what is CRM? You’ll find that you’ve taken a “detour” in customer relationship management so far. CRM system supports businesses to collect all data related to customers. Moreover, CRM synchronizes the data so that the sales system is unified and convenient.

Build an enterprise content strategy

An effective content plan is vital to CRM. Because customers access the business’s page because the website, facebook, Instagram, … provide the content and information they need.

Run a media campaign

Launch a campaign to let customers access the information they are looking for. This is a good way to increase customer satisfaction. Since then, the conversion rate of customer buying behavior is increased.

Hope the above article helps you understand what CRM is and what role CRM is for businesses. CRM is an effective solution to make the sales process of the business convenient. Above all, potential customers are exploited and taken care of, increasing the efficiency of closing orders. If exploited well, CRM is an effective right hand for businesses to sell effectively.