As technology is increasingly developing, new business models are formed to meet the needs of individuals and businesses and bring “enormous” profits besides traditional methods. In which, dropshipping is a model that many people appreciate for its effectiveness. So what is dropshipping, what are the pros and cons of this model and what are the successful experiences? Please take a moment to follow the following information to better understand it.

what is dropshipping
What is Dropshipping? Is it profitable in business?

About what dropshipping is

Many people must have heard about the dropshipping business model when starting a business or building a business strategy. However, not everyone understands what dropshipping is.

Many economic experts highly appreciate this model in the era of technology development. Indeed, right from the start this model has shown high profit potential for business people. Up to now, this model has gradually been widely used, bringing a large source of income for many people.

In a simple way about dropshipping, this is a retail business model where business people do not need to import goods to sell. Accordingly, merchants only need to find customers, manufacturers or other wholesalers who will send goods to customers to complete the order.

The dropshipping business model does not need to spend capital to buy products. The profit from this model is the price difference between the manufacturer’s listing and the price quoted by the dealer.

what is dropshipping
What are the experiences to succeed in dropshipping?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of operating the dropshipping model?

Dropshipping model is becoming more and more famous and applied in business. Not only help businesses have more profits but also quickly build a brand in the market.

What are the advantages of the dropshipping business model?

To be able to become a model chosen by many individuals and businesses. Dropshipping possesses many outstanding advantages that cannot be ignored such as:

  • Expand your business in different locations: A dropshipping store or business can be easily moved anywhere. As long as you have the internet, you can reach customers and manufacturers to manage and expand your business.
  • Flexibility in business location and time: No need to fix a sales location, nor to stay at the store all day to approach and serve customers. This model will help you to do business at any place and time as desired.
  • Fast delivery, easier to create sympathy with customers. Most customers when making a purchase want the product to be delivered on or before the scheduled time. With the dropshipping model, there is no need to make deliveries through an intermediary, so the items will quickly reach consumers.
  • No need for capital, you can still start a business: When you choose the dropshipping model, you can try your hand at business passion without worrying about capital problems because you don’t need to import goods before sell.
  • No product inventory: No need to have stock in stock, which is great for those just starting out in business.
what is dropshipping
What are the outstanding features of the dropshipping business model?
  • You can trade any item that you feel has high profit potential.
  • Save costs when starting a business: As you know, business is a long process to be able to make a profit and build a brand. The dropshipping model will help you scale down, save on decoration and store management costs when doing business.
  • Minimize risks for sellers when you only need to set up and update product information and data according to the data provided by the supplier. No need to import goods, so you can limit a lot of unnecessary risks in business such as: inventory, damaged goods, expired goods, lost goods,…

What are the disadvantages of the dropshipping business model?

Besides the outstanding advantages, this model still has some insignificant problems such as:

  • Finding a reputable manufacturer that provides quality products at low prices is not easy: Since you do not directly import goods, you will not be able to control the quality of the products. Therefore, if you make a mistake in choosing a manufacturer, it can have a significant impact on your business.
  • The profit of dropshipping model is stable but not too high: This business model is very competitive, so the profit is not too high. But when building their own brand, this revenue is quite stable and long-term for business people.
what is dropshipping
What are the difficulties of a dropshipping business?

What is the right audience for the dropshipping model?

Are you wondering if you are a good fit for this business model? Or are you trying to find out what is the right audience for dropshipping? The suitable subjects given below will help you know whether to do business with this model or not:

  • Students: This is a very suitable audience for this business model. Because they have a lot of free time, want to support themselves and want to start trying to make money. However, they do not have much capital to do business in the traditional way, so this model becomes extremely ideal.
  • Officers: Office workers often have a lot of free time, so taking advantage of online sales will help you have more income.
  • Those who are just starting a business: Have you just started a business or are trying to see if you are suitable for this job? Let’s start with dropshipping to gain more necessary experience. This is the “baggage” for you to conquer any market when doing business.

How to succeed with dropshipping model?

After learning what dropshipping is, there will be a lot of people who want to give it a try. Because doing business through this model is extremely simple and very low risk. But to be able to succeed and get high profits from this model, you need to have certain experience.
Here are some shared experiences from experts and those who have had success with this model, you can refer to to learn and apply:

Need to learn about the market before starting

This is an important step that directly determines the success of an online business. By choosing products that have the potential to develop and bring high profits in the future will help you have a stable source of income when doing business. So how to know what is the potential item of the dropshipping model?

what is dropshipping
What is the secret to success from the dropshipping model?

To be able to find the right product, you can follow the following suggestions:

  • Select the items that you have knowledge or love to trade, list these items to start choosing.
  • Use Google’s tools to find out which products are being searched by consumers. Through these metrics, you will know what consumer buying trends are and find the right business item.
  • Refer to items on e-commerce sites to find products that have the potential to bring high profits. You should choose products with prices that are suitable for your target audience to increase profits.

Choose the right manufacturer when doing business

What is the role of the manufacturer in the dropshipping model? The manufacturer will affect your brand and reputation when trading products. The dropshipping model does not require import, the seller has no control over the quality of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reputable manufacturer to ensure product quality and price, and earn more profits.

You can go through different platforms to search for manufacturers. Here are some suggestions to help you make the best decision:

  • Good quality products, highly appreciated by customers: Prestige is the foundation for your business to be sustainable and receive support from customers.
  • Any item sold on an e-commerce platform has a rating system. From there you will know which products are popular and of good quality.
  • The response speed of the manufacturer needs to be fast, professional workflow and flexible and quick handling of situations when there is a risk.
  • Suppliers must ensure prompt delivery of goods so that you can build customer trust.
  • Manufacturers should have a written contract to ensure that there is clarity in the rights and obligations of both parties.
  • Place an order from the manufacturer you intend to choose to check the quality and service before making a decision.

Choose a platform to create your online store

What is the most effective platform in dropshipping business? Depending on the business item, you can choose from different sales platforms. Omnichannel selling is still the optimal choice to bring the best effect.
Besides, you can choose e-commerce platforms like Lazada, Shopee, … or social networks to create stores and sell products. These channels also help sellers have effective business strategies by boosting effective conversion rates.

Advertise products to customers

What are the effective methods of product promotion for the dropshipping model? You can go through many different methods such as facebook ads, google ads, … to reach potential customers more easily, helping to increase the efficiency of closing orders.

what is dropshipping
What is the process to sell through dropshipping?


Hope the above information will help you better understand what dropshipping is and gain more experience to succeed in business. If you need support and learn more about this model, chat with us for support and construction advice. Wishing you much success with your plans.