What is email marketing and how does it play a role in the business process of the business? When do businesses need to conduct Email marketing to get the best effect? How can you ensure the best email marketing effectiveness while saving costs for businesses? Please follow the following information, VSM.VN will help you answer all the above problems.

What is email marketing and its benefits

What is email marketing that many businesses choose?
What is email marketing that many businesses choose?

Learn what email marketing is

Known as an advertising campaign that helps reach customers extremely effectively. Email marketing is increasingly being used by businesses today. To advertise products, services or promotions to customers. So what is the actual email marketing tool?

In the simplest terms, Email marketing is a form of reaching customers through electronic mail (Email) of the business. The letter contains content advertising products, services and promotions to attract old customers and bring in a large number of potential customers.

The ultimate goal that businesses aim to implement when implementing this strategy is to build a brand and build trust with customers. Therefore, with outstanding functions, Email marketing helps increase sales effectiveness for businesses.

Email marketing is considered one of the most effective marketing channels today. If you know how to implement an email marketing strategy, businesses will receive unexpected results from it.

Why should businesses choose Email marketing?
Why should businesses choose Email marketing?

What are the benefits of businesses when using Email marketing?

It is no coincidence that this advertising channel is chosen by many businesses to reach customers. In fact, it brings a lot of benefits that you may not know about, specifically as follows:

Cost saving but highly profitable 

As technology develops, there are many different advertising channels for users to choose from such as: google ads, facebook ads,… However, to get good results at these channels you need to quit. quite costly.

In contrast, Email marketing does not cost as much as these channels. You can almost use it for free, and it only costs money to implement automatic mailing.
According to current statistics, more than 138% of people buy through this advertising channel and the ROI (profit rate) is up to 3800%. This is truly an attractive advertising method that no business can afford to miss.

Besides, email marketing strategies often take place in a short time. Businesses can stop, change or adjust the campaign accordingly, effectively saving costs. This is the ideal choice for businesses that are just starting up or have a small budget.

Strategic results can be calculated 

You can evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy through detailed statistics. Important metrics such as customer reach, email clicks, % of customers making a purchase,…

Accordingly, you will control the behavior and habits of customers in shopping. At the same time, improve new campaigns to optimize performance when implemented.

Reach the right target customers that your business is targeting

In the email marketing strategy’s marketing list, all of them are subscribers to receive emails from businesses. When they agree to receive, they have become potential customers when interested in your products and services.

At this time, email is the bridge for businesses to turn them into real customers. It is also this that helps Email marketing have a much higher conversion rate than other advertising channels.

What are the benefits businesses get from Email marketing?
What are the business benefits from Email marketing?

Help customers know more about your business brand</ h3>
This is always the goal that businesses aim to be able to compete with other units. Email marketing will help you do this most effectively. So what is the way to build a brand through email marketing?

Regularly sending emails to customers will help maintain brand recognition, build loyalty with old customers. At the same time increase the awareness of potential customers about the company’s products and services.

More importantly, Email marketing helps create close relationships, improve service quality, and create professionalism in the eyes of customers.

How to implement simple Email marketing 

Compared to other advertising methods, Email marketing is very easy to implement. Marketers just need to build attractive content and beautiful vivid images / videos according to the letter template and then send it to customers.

Reach customers in a short time

The profit of the business depends a lot on the advertising campaigns. Therefore, the timely nature of the speed of reaching customers’ advertising messages is extremely important, especially for promotional events.

Professional email marketing will help you send thousands of email templates in a short time. Customers can quickly access these messages and participate in buying products if needed.

Besides, Email marketing has the function of automatically sending emails according to the schedule. This helps businesses to announce advertising campaigns to customers effectively and create professionalism.

Make customers comfortable, not uncomfortable when viewing ads

Advertising messages, or messages on Facebook are always annoying for users. But with Email marketing, this situation will not happen.

Customers can check email in their free time or can choose to receive / not receive different Emails from businesses anymore. This creates a more comfortable and pleasant feeling for the customer.

Should I use Email marketing to promote products?
Should I use Email marketing to promote products?

What is the best time to apply Email marketing?

Not every time email marketing strategy also brings the best results for businesses. Therefore, you should choose the following times to apply advertising strategies:

  • When businesses are looking for potential customers: For businesses that are just starting up or are looking to create a new lead file. This will be the perfect time to run an Email marketing campaign.
  • Building relationships with customers: If you are in need of building relationships with customers, use Email marketing to interact regularly.
  • When businesses need to advertise content: Use Email marketing to share useful information for customers, find potential customers.
  • If businesses want to increase brand presence with customers, use Email marketing. Always appear at the time when potential customers interact about product and service information, increase brand recognition.
  • When it is necessary to maintain customers: If the service is not good, the customers who are consumers of the business will decrease. Therefore, in order to retain old customers, email marketing will be effective at this time.
  • Marketing new products, services or promotions to customers.

Who should use Email marketing?

Many people are still wondering whether to choose an email marketing campaign or not. In fact, it is suitable for all individuals and organizations that want to sell, approach customers, and promote the brand’s image.

You can also use Email marketing to take care of your customers or find new customers. In addition, it also helps to bring new products, services, promotions to customers timely and quickly.

What is the secret to success in Email marketing campaign?
What is the secret to successful Email marketing campaigns?

How to create an Email marketing campaign?

How to build an effective email marketing campaign that saves money? Here are the steps to create a simple email marketing campaign you can apply.

Step 1: Build customer email database

To be able to run a campaign, you first need to create an email list of customers. Ensure the quality of the list if you want to successfully run the campaign.

Accordingly, there are 2 simple ways for you to get a quality email list including:

  • Put a question form on the landing page or website for customers to fill out when they have a need to learn about products and services. It does not take too much time, but this method will bring you a very good information gathering effect.
  • Get users to fill out the form: By offering campaigns that attract customers’ interest, you will get their emails on a voluntary basis. This helps you get quality new leads and increase conversions.

Step 2: Build a specific email delivery plan 

Once you have an email list, you need to divide the frequency of sending emails to customers each week. There are content that need to be shared regularly to effectively reach customers and increase revenue.

But there are emails that should not be sent too many times because if customers do not open your email for a long time, it will be sent to the spam folder. This will directly affect the results of your email marketing campaign.

Step 3: Build appropriate Email content 

Users will not spend too much time looking at emails. Therefore, you need to build content that attracts customers right in the title, content and images/videos.

You should perform email segmentation according to the reason why users receive registrations from businesses, new customers, customers who have purchased products, … Then build content suitable for each customer group to be able to continue deeper approach, building effective trust.

Building an Email marketing campaign should pay attention to what?
What to keep in mind when building an Email marketing campaign?

Step 4: Create a specific Email marketing campaign

Once you have the content and customer files, what is the way to create an Email marketing campaign? You will define the following to get a specific campaign:

  • Who will send these promotional emails to customers?
  • Reach your customers with a new theme and put them in a preview to make them more interested.
  • Design professional and outstanding emails, more attractive and professional in the eyes of customers.

Step 5: Effective tracking and optimization of Email marketing strategy

This is an important step to help businesses improve the performance of the campaign. However, what is the correct way to track email marketing campaign performance?

Regularly monitor the following metrics and record them to monitor performance:

  • Customer email open/forward rate.
  • Customer email click/read rate.
  • Which content emails are of more interest to customers?
  • Which emails help businesses get more profit?
  • Which interfaces are most used by customers to open emails.
Save costs, increase revenue with Email marketing</a >
Save costs, increase revenue with Email marketing</ td>

The above is information about what Email marketing is that you are interested in. To learn more about it or learn more about other advertising channels, visit https://www.vsm.vn.