You want to promote products, introduce offers to customers on Facebook? You want your posts, images, media information, etc. to be visible to many people – especially those who do not know the Facebook Page you are managing? Facebook Ads is the key to reaching millions of users of this famous social network. Let’s grasp and understand more about it in the following content.

What is Facebook Ads?

Facebook advertising in English is Facebook Advertising (abbreviation: Facebook Ads). It is a service to buy impressions of advertising messages (text, images, videos, links, …) on Facebook and the social networks associated with it.

What is Facebook advertising? Things to know before implementing
What is Facebook Ads? Things to know before deploying

Facebook’s advertiser is very well programmed. It allows the advertiser to set detailed characteristics of the audience the ad is targeting. Specifically, you can target men and women by gender, children/adults by age, preferences, interests, interests, religion, lifestyle, and geographic location. , … After setting, ads are displayed automatically.

Thanks to Facebook Ads, you can introduce products, promote information, announcements, incentives and promotions to potential customers who are using the largest social network on the planet. To run ads, users must set up an account to run ads by adding a form of payment for advertising as well as other related information.

In each ad campaign, the advertiser selects the bids at which the ads are shown and charged. The higher the bid, the more likely and how often the ad will appear. When the ad is run, the system will calculate the display results and give the corresponding advertising fee. This fee is usually calculated based on each ad click, total interaction, views or number of likes, etc.

Facebook Ads Awareness

You can set the display location as well as the type and content of each Facebook ad. According to the selected settings, ads can be displayed on the newsfeed (NewsFeed) or messages as well as on the left and right spaces of the screen, etc.

Most promotional posts have the same structure as regular posts. That’s why they make many people think that it’s the obvious content that appears on the news feed. The more natural the ad displays, the more interactions it attracts, the more successful it is considered.

Facebook ads are What to know before implementing
You can tell which ad content is through 1 simple detail

In essence, distinguishing Facebook ads is very simple. If you see the phrase “Sponsored” or “Sponsored” under the name of the Fanpage, it is the content that is being advertised.

Basic Facebook Ads taxonomy

To reach the audience effectively and naturally, Facebook opens up many rich and diverse forms of advertising and display. There are many ways to categorize ads. However, in this article, we will name Facebook ads by objective and by form.

Target advertising

You can select and set up targeted Facebook ads. Step-by-step advertisements build awareness, guide research, consider and ultimately decide on product selection. In the advertiser, Facebook also introduces similar terms and categorizes ads according to this orientation.


If the brand, product is still quite new, the fanpage is not strong, you should run ads to build customer awareness. Its content is an introduction to the product/business. Create simple, relatable content that targets goals like:

  • Brand awareness: Introduce your brand to everyone.
  • Local awareness: Introduce the place to people in the surrounding area.
  • Reach (Reach): Expand your audience by maximizing the number of people who see your ad.
What is Facebook advertising? Things to know before implementing
Ads build customer awareness about brand, store location, expand customer audience


When customers have gradually become aware of the product, advertising will aim to elicit experiences, likes, evaluations and positive emotions for products and brands. Tracking advertisers, Facebook Ads associated with this goal often contain terms like:

  • Traffic: Increase visits to the website
  • Engagement: Build interest, association, engagement with products and brands
  • Page Likes: Increase likes on Facebook (also the intention to actively monitor and update customer information)
  • Post Engagement: Increase engagement for a specific post
  • Offer Claims: Inspire a need for more information
  • Event Response: Generate interest about an event
  • App Install: Ads for quick installation of 1 app
  • Video views: Ads increase views for videos
  • Lead Generation: Target your ads to potential customers
  • Messenger Ads: Place ads on Messenger app.
What is Facebook advertising? Things to know before implementing
Ads increase engagement, increase traffic and more


When loved by customers, ads can target shopping behavior conversions. At this time, may be interested and use ads such as:

  • Conversion: Aims to bring customers to the website and drive behavioral conversions (order, purchase, download, post) sign, …) there.
  • Product Catalog Sales: An advertisement aimed at customers who have visited the website in order to remarket the product thereby stimulating purchase interest. products and increase sales
  • Store Visits: Mention the goal of increasing store visits on Facebook.

Ad by type

From targeting the above, Facebook ad runners can build ads with images, videos, carousels, …


Visual effects, support illustrations, effective product introduction. This is also the simplest and most familiar form of advertising on Facebook. However, when choosing and designing images, you need to pay attention to the size and proportions of the horizontal and vertical dimensions so that it is reasonable.

Facebook ads are What to know before implementing
A promotional post to increase likes with an image

Specifically, the recommended ratio of the photo is between 1.91:1 and 4:5. In particular, if the image has text, this content should only be equivalent to 20% of the image area or less. If the image has too much text, Facebook may not review the ad or deliver very slowly. In addition, you also pay attention to save the image as jpg or png is best.


You can also implement ads in the video format. Images, sounds and movements will make your ads come alive, engaging and fun! Facebook ad video content can vary widely.

Depending on the product, the information you want to advertise can be TVC, an introductory video or a product that is cropped for promotion purposes. With the posted video, you can embed it on the website, share it on a Blog or a website… Note: The size, image, background music, … of the video also need to meet Facebook’s standards to avoid muting or deleting the video. .

If you want your ad to display in a more unusual way, you can set it up in the form of a carousel. To put it simply, an ad includes many images and videos – each of these images/videos is associated with a link to a specific product or content. This series of images and videos will be displayed as a slide that can be selected by scrolling to the left and right and detailed by clicking on the corresponding image.

Facebook ads are What to know before implementing
Carousel ads allow viewers to view more content and images

Carousel ads offer visitors a variety of experiences. You can introduce multiple products at the same time through this form.

Dynamic products Ads

If you want to advertise products to customers who have interacted, searched, added products to cart or saved to favorites, you should use Dynamic Ads. This form allows displaying 1 or more products in a personalized way by displaying the products that are most interested by customers. This way, customers pay more attention and make purchasing decisions easier.

Instant Experience (Canvas)

Instant Display Ads or Facebook Canvas allows to display images, videos, text, Carousel (carousel carousel) and call to action … just like a simplified website. You can tell an interesting brand story through this format.

Facebook ads are What to know before implementing
Canvas format provides a rich experience for ads…

With this type of ad, viewers can scroll up and down, and swipe left and right to view each item. This type of ad displays and provides the best experience on mobile devices because computers make the content fully visible, so it is quite static. The product that is advertised the most and most effective instant experience is probably the mobile game.

Who should run Facebook ads?

Anyone can run Facebook ads but not all are successful. This type of advertising is also effective and ineffective under certain circumstances. In particular, if you are in one of the following two cases, you should learn and invest in Facebook advertising.

Run Facebook ads when the engagement conversion goal is low

If your business aims to provide, collect information, introduce offers and gifts without convincing a purchase (Low – Friction Conversions), then you should reach customers through advertising. Facebook report.

Prepare sympathetic content, customers will feel comfortable, trust when leaving information for you. AppSumo, Groupop or Fab are very successful sites using Facebook Ads in this way.

What is Facebook advertising? Things to know before implementing
In addition to sales purposes, Facebook ads are suitable for businesses that need to collect customer information as well as build brands

Run Facebook ads for long-term strategic goals

Facebook ads are also suitable for businesses that intend to develop their brands and make money in the long run. At that time, advertising not only promotes the brand but also maintains the identity and maintains the relationship between the business and the customer.

Of course, you can also use Facebook ads to sell, introduce Fanpage as well as many other purposes. The most important thing when running ads on Facebook is setting up an account, setting up a campaign, and building content that is attractive and interesting. It’s really not that simple and it’s not easy to do.

Facebook ads are What to know before implementing
Finally, for effective advertising, make sure you have enough experience or are working with someone who has enough experience in the job this

Facebook Ads help you target potential customers through detailed classification on many criteria. The speed of spreading quickly and the wide coverage of social networks brings efficiency to each campaign. This type of advertising is implemented by many people, but not everyone is successful.


If you are also interested in Facebook advertising, do a thorough research, you can implement it yourself but accept failure and waste money running tests on each campaign. In particular, if you feel that your knowledge and experience is not enough, it is best to choose professional advertising agencies. They will help you to have large, effective and successful advertising campaigns.