Facebook Business is a manager that helps you manage accounts connected via Facebook and Instagram apps at the same time. In fact, this tool acts as the server responsible for storing all digital content on Facebook. Join VSM to learn about the features the tool brings to users through the following article.

What is Facebook Business? 14 important settings to know when signing up

What is Facebook Business concept?

The concept of Facebook Business is a business manager
The concept of Facebook Business as a business manager

Facebook Business or Business Manager is also known as business manager. Facebook Business is created through a personal account. With each individual account, only 1 separate Facebook Business account is allowed for that business.

Immediately after registering for Facebook Business, the account holder will have 2 forms of parallel operation including individuals and businesses. The business manager becomes an effective right-hand man to help the company monitor its operations better. Includes the following jobs:

  • Create and manage Fanpage
  • Set up all the information for the ad account
  • Manage privacy settings
  • Manage decentralization settings on Fanpage
  • Create a business advertising account

Why should it work as Facebook Business?

In fact, you are entitled to use your personal account for Fanpage activities and running ads. But many experts say that it’s best to operate as a Facebook Business rather than a personal account. The reason is as follows:

Firstly, Facebook Business always gives priority to updating information and features for business users. Specifically, the ad manager of a business account is always entitled to upgrade before individual users.

Manage all business activities on Facebook
Manage all business activities on Facebook</ td>

Second, Facebook has good support for Facebook Business accounts. Users will constantly receive instructions and advice from Facebook experts. In addition, in case of needing folding support, business users will also receive a quick response.
Third, the convenience of Facebook Business account users is that all fanpages are neatly located in the Manager interface. From there, the business account will manage and monitor operations more effectively and accurately.

Finally, for you, you are using a personal account and running ads. However, if you have not started Facebook Business, it will be easy to create and perform the process of transferring information to a business account.

Facebook Business brings many benefits to businesses including reaching customers, increasing revenue
Facebook Business brings many benefits to businesses including reaching customers products, increase sales

How to create a simple new Facebook Business account

After understanding the practical benefits of Facebook Business, if you want to create a business account, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Log in to your personal Facebook account then go to the link: https://business.facebook.com/.

Step 2: On the interface that appears, select “Create business”. Continue to fill in all the information including your business name, your name and Email and press the “Continue” button.

Step 3: Fill in the detailed information according to the required table of business activities of the enterprise and press the “Submit” button. Thus, you have been able to use your Facebook Business account for business activities.

Create a Facebook Business account in 3 easy steps
Create a Facebook Business account in 3 easy steps

14 important settings on Facebook Business business account

After creating the Facebook Business business manager, you will proceed to set up some important settings in this tool. Specifically, 14 settings to help businesses better manage their digital operations include:

Facebook Business Page

Facebook Business Manager has many of the features mentioned in the first section. For example, creating and managing Fanpage, decentralization … so we only briefly mention to go to the next content.

Facebook Ad Account

A Facebook ad account gives businesses the ability to run sponsored ads on Facebook. But with Facebook Business, you can easily create new advertising accounts, especially businesses with many separate advertising websites.

However, when you create an ad account on Facebook Business business manager, you will not transfer ownership. Accordingly, the business manager when creating Facebook Business will own the same account forever.

Facebook ad accounts deliver sponsored ads on Facebook chnhs
Facebook ad accounts that deliver sponsored ads on chnhs Facebook

Facebook Business Groups/Users

Usually, when you’re serious about Facebook marketing, you’ll love working with a team. Here, you can hire a store manager on Facebook or Instagram and grant access to your business’ product catalog.

Additionally, the person creating the new post also has access to the business’s ads at the Facebook Business group/user. The way to do it is quite easy when you just need to choose the person/partner you want to grant the permission to.

Facebook Apps – Facebook Business

Inside the business manager you’ll get useful benefits including adding, reviewing and assigning Facebook apps. This app allows viewers, fans to interact with the business without having to post on Facebook.

Facebook Business app allows fans to interact with businesses
Facebook Business app allows fans to interact with business

Instagram Account

Hint for those who don’t know this, Facebook owns Instagram. So, in recent times, these two social networking platforms have integrated a lot for each other.

At its simplest, you can share posts from Facebook to Instagram, even stories or ads. Now, Facebook has added the Instagram app to the business manager, for users to specify who wants to have access. Doing this will allow the licensee to create posts, advertise or manage a store.

Commerce Account

A commercial account on Facebook Business can be understood as basically Facebook or Instagram. In the commerce management system, you have full control over your store, catalog, or run ads.

WhatsApp Account – Facebook business

Starting in 2021, you can connect your WhatsApp account to the business manager. It can be said, WhatsApp is similar to Facebook Messenger, so if you have a business WhatsApp, then obviously manage this application.

Next, WhatsApp has a very powerful Inbuilt Data Source, which will be accessed and initialized in the business manager. This makes sharing widely with others more convenient.

WhatsApp accounts contain large data sources
WhatsApp accounts contain large data sources

Facebook Pixels

Facebook pixels is a tracking code with the function of tracking customers visiting the website according to Facebook pages. In particular, you can set up pixels to edit the code for conversion tracking. This has created new opportunities to open up custom audiences for better campaign planning.

Custom transitions – Facebook Business

When you install a pixel, you automatically generate custom conversions, which are URLs for you to track who visited. From these, you can see the activity going on and the target audience you want to target.

Offline conversion

Offline conversion happens when you are working offline. Therefore, when someone walks into a business location and chooses to buy products in the store, it is an offline conversion.

If you collect some customer information, such as emails, convert offline. To see how many customers see your business’ Facebook ads, you just need to upload the data to Facebook right away.

Catalogs – Facebook business

If a business has products online and sells on social networking sites Facebook, Instagram, it must have a catalog. Specifically, a product catalog is like a list and inventory of the products you’re selling. These tasks are also easily done on the Facebook Business manager.

Catalogs – Facebook business is a product catalog set up by a business
Catalogs – Facebook business is a product catalog set up by the business

Shared Object

Shared Audiences is one of the advanced features you need to know before using Facebook Business. You can leverage data sources to create new audiences like website visitors, Facebook favorites, and more.

With shared audiences, they can gain access to data from different ad accounts. For example, you are targeting fans of   who have 2 Facebook pages owned in 1 account/ad campaign.

You then share your Facebook fans with the ad account itself. So, if you use Facebook Business, you can “MIX or SHARE” any object when you want. In it, the business manager will be responsible for storing all records of this item.

Business Asset Group – Facebook Business

The enterprise asset grouping feature allows users to take the entire asset and then aggregate it into groups to grant access. Below, we will suggest some cases where you are allowed to use this setting such as:

If your business has many different brands/websites

Here, you can own multiple pages, ad accounts with different content associated with those brands. The business assets feature allows users to separate Facebook assets into brands.

If there are multiple locations like franchising

If you have multiple franchise locations, you’ll obviously manage pages, ad accounts, etc. Business Property Groups allow users to separate Facebook content into specific locations. However, this setting is quite modern and is usually true for people with many assets.

Business lines

The business line feature is quite similar to the corporate asset group, but it is suitable for businesses with many divisions. For example, a business has a sales team, product, market, etc. The content of the work is different.

Some notes when using Facebook Business

Although it offers many outstanding advantages, when using a Facebook Business account, please note the following information for easier management:

When decentralizing permissions, you need to carefully consider the most appropriate permissions. In particular, you need to pay attention to admin rights because you can change all settings and general information of the account. Therefore, you need to consider choosing the correct personal account to give admin rights so that they have the same rights as you.

Grant access to the correct Facebook Business account
Grant Facebook Business access to correct personal accounts

With an ad account in Facebook Business manager, don’t abuse multiple visa tags. Because this is easy to be questioned by Facebook and the possibility of the account being disabled is quite high.

Recently, we shared the latest information about Facebook Business and the outstanding features of the account. You can create new to operate in this form to build business operations for your business more efficiently. In addition, setting up the above tools also makes managing, tracking and monitoring work more convenient than ever.