In the era of explosive information technology, Google is considered the most popular search engine. This tool page opens up opportunities to reach a large number of customers for businesses on digital platforms, thereby bringing many benefits to businesses. So what is google adwords?

Learn what google adwords is?

You do not know what google adwords is? Google Ads is a new age advertising form with many advantages and high efficiency. Specifically, this is a commercial service that Google provides to those wishing to promote its products, services or brands, etc.

What is Google adwords? Basic knowledge you need to know!
What is Google adwords? Basic knowledge you need to know!

When implementing this method, your product ads will appear in priority positions on the search results page, on websites belonging to the Google display network, etc. At the same time, you will pay a fee if users click on it. advertisement.

This is a quick and easy way to advertise on Google and its advertising partners, no matter how big or small your budget.

What are the benefits of google adwords ads?

After understanding what google adwords is, let’s see what benefits this form brings to online marketing and business activities.

Get strong support from Google

This is the first benefit that you will get when using the Google Adwords advertising platform. Specifically, Google will provide the most effective and fastest support for advertisers through other tools such as Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, etc. Besides, Google always timely updates new policies, so it helps you. reduce fraud.

Helps you reach the right customers

According to recent statistics, up to 80% of users often look up information on google before investing in buying a product. Therefore, google adwords is a tool that will help you reach customers early, creating a huge competitive advantage.

What is Google adwords? basic you need to know!
Use google adwords to help reach the exact target customers

Target it properly and give you visibility for your ads. From there, the ad reaches people with specific interests. Those are the people who are interested in your services and products. It also shows customers relevant ads.

Optimize cost and ensure efficiency

The job of Google Adwords is to target the exact targets, so it will help you improve the order conversion rate, bring high revenue and maximum profit. The special thing is that you will be completely free of charge if the customer has not clicked on the ad link. This way you can be confident in the effectiveness of the money spent.

Google also allows you to change the budget, limit the amount of advertising costs per day, understand how much money has been spent on advertising at the moment to make reasonable adjustments. Therefore, advertising costs are always optimized and bring the highest efficiency.

Hurry and simple dominate, control

If your merchandise is compliant with Google’s policies, your ad will appear 5 minutes after the campaign is successfully set up. You can also refresh your content ads, add keywords, match costs, or adjust segments whenever you want.

Google Adwords allows you to set up a camp in any language, in any segment you want to target.

What is Google adwords? Basic knowledge you need to know!
Google adwords helps your product appear on the first page of search

Exactly updated reporting and statistics system

With Google Ads, when running an ad, if someone clicks on the ad, you totally know. You can also track what visitors do after clicking on the ad. From purchasing products, downloading apps or placing orders.

You will understand the process of running your ads which campaigns are effective. Then you also quickly know which campaign you should invest in or its placement. Your return on investment will be increased pretty quickly.

So is Google Adwords an effective form to implement?

At the present time, we can see that there are quite a few good platforms for you to choose from to advertise your products. Channels like Facebook and Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Promoted Pins, etc. Even Google isn’t the only search advertising platform. Besides, there are also Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads or Microsoft Ads.

What is Google adwords? Basic knowledge you need to know!
Google adwords is an effective advertising tool for businesses

However, Google Adwords is always appreciated because of its great ability to reach customers through this advertising channel.

Importantly, Google is a platform with a long history and worldwide popularity. Audiences using this toolbar to search for products are of all ages. Therefore, in order for your products to reach potential customers in a short time, Google Adwords is a tool worth your investment!

What are the common types of ads in google adwords?

Knowing what types of google adwords are will help you better visualize how this system works.

This form reaches people who use the main function of Google, a search engine. Advertisers can place their products associated with a certain keyword. When customers search for that keyword on Google, the ad will be displayed in the best position in the results. With this form, you will get the following benefits:

  • Drive Goals: Search campaigns can help businesses sell more, increase leads, attract website visitors (Generate Traffic).
  • Exact Relevance Targeting: Target people who are actively searching for your related products and services.
  • Easy to set up: Ad campaigns are not difficult to create, do not require special operations.
What is Google adwords? Basic knowledge you need to know!
Adwords google adwords on platform apps

Ad in GDN form

This is the optimal form that will “follow” the usage behavior of customers with banners, helping to increase brand recognition. When a person visits one of the sites in the Google partner network, images of the products and brands they have visited are displayed.

Ad on Videos

This form is highly appreciated when it allows you to run ads on Youtube’s platform. So what are the benefits of google adwords form?

The most obvious benefits of this type of approach are better targeting, broad and measurable reach. That way you can see all the necessary metrics like clicks on views, view rate, clicks, reach and frequency, engagement, performance of that ad.

Advertisement in Gmail

We can often come across Gmail ads about products such as real estate, insurance, courses, travel, resort … Gmail ads will reach you through 2 popular forms: via natural mail or appear in the Social and Promotion tabs.

What is Google adwords? Basic knowledge you need to know!
Google Shopping Ads Appearance

Google Shopping Ads

This new form is considered the hottest and also the optimal advertising trend of Google. They are intended for websites and online stores that want to promote their products. Promising shopping and search experience like top e-commerce sites like Ebay, Amazon, etc.

How much does it cost to implement Google adwords?

Normally, the minimum budget for a first campaign is VND 900,000 and for new ad accounts after using up the above amount will be given a promotional voucher code worth VND 600,000 to continue the advertising campaign. fox. his fox.

However, you should note that this voucher code does not apply to cash, but can only be used in services provided by Google but more specifically Google AdWords. To optimize performance, you can break down the above amount by time, choose where to show your ad, age, gender, keyword impression, match type, expanded ad model.

What is Google adwords? Basic knowledge you need to know!
Although the cost is higher than other types, the efficiency is always optimal

How should beginners get started with Google Adwords?

After understanding the benefits as well as what are the types of Google Adwords, many of you want to immediately deploy this attractive type. However, as an inexperienced person, how would you start? Do not worry! All operations are very easy if you understand the basic steps below.

  • Step 1: First, you need to set up your account goals. This is an important step not to be missed when getting started with Google Ads. Depending on the goals of each business, set an appropriate ad account target.
  • Step 2: Develop your client’s personas/personalities by defining who your ideal customer is, their profession, and what they’re looking for and on what device.
  • Step 3: Conduct keyword research with keyword tools (SEMrush, Ahref,…) to detect competitors and keyword search volume.
  • Step 4: Divide your AdWords account into different ad campaigns and ad groups. Each ad campaign and ad group has related keywords and ads.
  • Step 5: Once you have listed keywords related to your site, you can place keyword ads on Google.
  • Step 6: Create ad content. Content will include relevant keywords, compelling headlines, clear calls to action, and ad group extensions.
  • Step 7:  Design a mobile-friendly landing page. The content of these pages focuses on the benefits and features of the product or service you are selling. Make sure you add good quality photos, clear forms, and calls to action to those pages.
  • Step 8:  Place the Google Analytics code on your website to track conversions.


What is Google Adwords and what are the benefits? Hope the above article has brought you the most detailed answer. It can be affirmed that Google Adwords is definitely one of the most effective ways to run online ads to help you drive website traffic faster. It also helps you build user awareness of your website and personal brand quickly.