Google – one of the most popular search engine platforms in the world today. Google’s features are quite diverse and rich. One of the features that helps the statistical work of finding the most accurate keywords for comparison is google trend. So what is google trends? As well as how to use it? All will be shared by VSM in the most detail for you in the article below.

What is Google trend?Instructions on how to use it properly
Learn about Google Trend

What is Google trend

Google – one of the biggest information search technology platforms today. Whether you have difficulty in any matter from study, entertainment, business, travel, etc., just one click on google will help your questions be cleared up. Especially in the field of advertising, advertising or online business strategy in the current digital age, Google is especially important.

With the era of modern technology, and at the same time helping marketers, SEOs, etc. to understand trends and statistics, it is impossible not to know about google trends. This is one of the powerful tools for business people. So what is google trends?

What is Google trend? Instructions on how to use it properly
What is Google Trend?

Google trends is a feature that Google built. This is a tool, a service that helps users to calculate the number of searches from one or more keywords from Google. From that statistics table, users can compare keyword search trends over time in each country, ethnicity, and territory.

What is Google trend? Instructions on how to use it properly
Search keyword statistics tool from Google

The expression of the statistics table from google trend is usually the updated data in the form of a scientific table. It is this scientific arrangement that will help users easily identify the search level of keywords when increasing, when decreasing. From there, there will be reasonable business development strategies to earn high profits and develop the economy.

When you want to learn more about this tool of Google, besides understanding what the concept of Google Trends is, the next step is to understand what benefits this tool brings when using it. Below VSM shares with you some practical benefits of the Google Trends tool.

Keeping up with the prevailing trends is the deciding factor for success or failure in the SEO field. With Google Trends, identifying trending trends will be extremely simple.

What is Google trend? Instructions on how to use it properly
Statistics on trending trends

The homepage of Google Trends is designed with a full display of all the information about the trends that are trending around the world. That will help you research and analyze to come up with the most reasonable business strategies.

Monitor and measure performance

As described in the section What is Google Trends, this is a search engine measurement and statistics tool from Google. Therefore, users will have a table of results related to advertising and marketing data. From there, businesses, companies and individuals will know how their location is used, the number of people searching is low or high.

Expand developed market

What is Google trend? Instructions on how to use it properly
Expand market development

The next benefit when you use Google Trends properly is that it will be a tool to help you explore new business markets more effectively. Because Google Trends will provide a table of statistics by territory, country from which you will know which region your business’s products sell best in. From there, it helps in zoning the target audience to determine the location, a reasonable business environment, and a long-term strategy.

Quality SEO keyword category statistics

The fourth benefit of Google Trends that VSM wants to share with you will be a tool to help you find an effective SEO keyword table to build quality web article content. When identifying keywords will build quality articles from which can easily climb to the top position on the Google platform. And the number of people to reach will naturally be larger.

Identify and analyze competitors

What is Google trend? Instructions on how to use it properly
Competitor analysis

The ultimate benefit of Google Trends is to help users identify who their competitors are. After determining, you will analyze the opponent to see the pros and cons. From there, there will be reasonable strategies to help your business develop comprehensively and faster than competitors to become a leading brand.

So with these great benefits, what are you waiting for without learning how to use Google Trends.

Besides learning what the concept of google trend is, the most important thing to experience google trend is to know how to use this tool. google trend gives users a lot of features. Below VSM shares with you 7 ways to use google trends effectively, safely and quickly.

Create and optimize seasonal SEO content.

One of the top SEO trends chosen by many businesses today is seasonal SEO. That is, building trusted topics that have a consistent relationship with each other for updates.

What is Google trend? Instructions on how to use it properly
Optimize seasonal content

Based on the Google Trends tool, users can completely orient the keywords as well as the content that will be built in the near future. At the same time, based on this, it is possible to identify a group of keywords that will be at risk of losing rankings on google to switch to other content.

Building on an overarching theme

When using Google Trends, you need to use the overarching trending topic identification feature to get the best quality SEO performance. The most expected of SEO people is to catch up with trends to get the most traffic and search. Therefore, building thematic content will be the best way to achieve the above effect.

What is Google Trends? Then this is the search statistics tool on Google. From there you will get the most searched list of the day, week and last month. From that data, analyze and select topics to build content. Some current hot topics such as vaccines, covid, health, education, sports, health, …

However, one difficulty when you use Google Trends to search for topics is the ability to compete and get to the top. Because other businesses and units will also use this way of Google Trends. Therefore, use all your knowledge of what Google Trends is to deploy a content that your top competitors have not yet implemented. Who knows, this will be a breakthrough development to attract customers, increase revenue and quickly get to the top of Google.

Identify keywords with reasonable popularity

Calculating the number of keywords searched on Google is extremely difficult. However, this problem will be completely solved when you use Google Trends. This tool integrates the update feature, calculates the number of keyword visits by month.

What is Google trend?Instructions on how to use it properly
Specify keywords

Because of that, once you have a keyword statistics table from Google Trends, you should quickly exploit the keyword group with a stable search level in the past month. Or you can choose a group of keywords with fast growth in the past month to further develop with more diverse content and strategies.

What is Google Trends? It is not only a statistical tool but it is also a tool for you to develop business content with a reasonable strategy. Just one keyword Google Trends  will help you to compile the top search keywords and a series of other related results, From the Google Trends information set  gives you completely the ability to attach these keywords to your search results. its SEO strategy software. From there, it will help you build a search topic, improve your website traffic.

Evaluate the hotness of products in each country and territory

Another way for you to use google trends effectively is to evaluate the popularity of your products by country and territory. This is one of the most used features of this tool.

What is Google trend? Instructions on how to use it properly
Rate the hotness of each location

This review feature helps you get information about keyword search trends by location and country. It is the understanding of the market that will help advertising strategies determine the right audience and environment for products to reach consumers quickly and simply.

Analyze whether a theme is better for video

The statistics table of data from Google Trends that you have will see a number of keyword groups that are having a decreasing level on Google. Looking at it many people often mistakenly think that it is no longer interested. However, you should consider its popularity in other search sites, most notably Youtube.

Reality has proven that when a keyword has a low search volume on the web, but with Youtube, this keyword has a top search level. Therefore, when you see the statistics table provided by Google Trends, you should not immediately remove it from your content strategy. But look in other tools for new development directions.

Besides the guidelines for using Google Trends that VSM provides above, you can also search for some other uses. Features of Google Trends  are designed to be quite diverse and rich to help you take advantage of the benefits of this tool. Some other uses of Google Trends  you can search for, such as determining the reason for the decrease in traffic, comparing the hotness between units, statistics of hot keywords over time, ….


In short, what is Google Trends? This is a tool to help you statistics the level of data search on the Google platform. At the same time, VSM has also shared with you the practical benefits and usage of this great Google search engine. If you want to learn more, please refer to the next informational articles of VSM.