Insight is considered to be the source of creativity, an important factor for effective marketing strategies. In the era of explosive information technology, in order for advertising campaigns to reach consumers, marketers need to know the insights of potential customers. So, what is insight in Marketing? What is the role and characteristics of insight? The following article will help you better understand this issue.

What is Insight in Marketing? should be pocketable

What is insight in Marketing is a matter of interest to users
Insight in Marketing is a matter of interest to users

Insight in Marketing?

What is Insight in Marketing? This is one of the most frequently asked questions today. In fact, Insight in Marketing is the tacit understanding of customers. Businesses will analyze the situation, trends and behavior of customers so that they can deeply understand the wishes of customers even though customers do not say it.

Determining insight is not complete and absolute. The more time and effort marketers spend understanding and analyzing data and values, the higher the level of accuracy. This will help businesses easily reach potential customers, thereby increasing brand awareness and revenue for businesses.

The role of Insight in Marketing

What is Insight in Marketing that makes so many businesses interested and learn? Why are many units willing to spend a lot of time and money to analyze and learn about customer insights? The reason is because of its particularly important role in marketing campaigns such as:

What is the role of insight in Marketing?
What is the role of insight in Marketing?

Insight helps build a flexible, effective communication strategy

The first important role of insight is to help organizations build flexible and effective communication strategies. Currently, advertising information appears rampant, so viewers often choose carefully. If you find the right insight, the business can introduce the product, why should you use the product to hit the right customer psychology. The more appropriate the communication strategy, the faster the ability to reach customers, bringing better sales effectiveness.

In addition, thanks to insight, businesses come up with unique and attractive communication strategies to increase their competitiveness compared to competitors. Your products and services will become prominent, attracting potential customers, thereby increasing consumption and expanding the market. In particular, accurately identifying insights helps businesses bring customers new and impressive experiences.

Customer insight helps businesses build better products

What is the role of insight in Marketing? In addition to relying on the Insight feature to build a communication strategy, it also helps businesses improve their products and services.

Based on Insight, you can understand more deeply and in detail what customers think, customers want, and feel about products and services. Through that, businesses can adjust and develop products in a better direction.

Basic features of Insight in Marketing

What is the basic characteristic of Insight in Marketing? According to insight research, there are the following outstanding features:

  •  Insight in Marketing is not simply data: Many people think that a huge source of data will be a good insight to help you achieve the desired marketing effect. However, if you do not know how to flexibly exploit and analyze data, you will not be able to find the right customer insights.
  • Insight has no absolute accuracy, not an obvious truth, but it is suggestive. The business unit will suggest to customers the need for products and services that are appropriate to their economy and circumstances. The more unique and fresh the Insight, the more it stimulates customers’ curiosity.
  • Insight directs users to the company’s products. This feature of customer insight means that products can be born before the needs of users, it has aroused the latent needs of customers. Through the introduction of products that can tailor user needs and behavior.
Basic features of Insight in Marketing
Basic features of Insight in Marketing

Customer insight building process

What is the Insight Process in Marketing? Normally, to build insight for customers, markers usually follow the following process:

Step 1: Define goals, build a team

To find customer insights, you need to clearly define your business goals. This means that when starting a marketing campaign, businesses need to outline specific goals to be achieved by their units such as: promoting the brand, introducing products or improving the services they provide.

The goal sheet should be clear, detailed and specific. In addition, the marketer will have a plan and assign specific tasks to each member. This will help the unit quickly achieve its marketing campaign goals, saving maximum time and effort.

Identify potential customers through insight
Identify leads through insight

Step 2: Identify leads

Each product or service will have different potential customers. After defining the goals, the business will determine the potential customers of its unit. Identifying potential customers will help businesses know the desired product needs, motives and product changes to create the best consumption effect.

Step 3: Collect data and create detailed profiles

What is the important process of Insight in Marketing? Undoubtedly the process of collecting data and creating detailed records is the most important process. The richer and more unique the data source, the better and effective the customer insight.

You can collect data from a variety of sources. First, the marketer will collect the available data of the business through: website, social network, mobile data, customer care, evaluation and comments from customers with the products they provide. In addition, marketers can collect data from competitors or survey the market.

The information collected must be obtained from reliable sources. In addition, marketers must categorize to avoid duplicate information, constantly update new information to understand and use them more effectively.

Data collection and analysis data
Data collection and analysis

Step 4: Analyze data to create Insight in Marketing        </ h3>
As social networks develop, the source of information that businesses collect is huge. Businesses can collect the same volume and different quality of data, but data analysis will be a decisive factor in the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.

You should research customers to predict customer behavior and needs when making a purchase. In addition, businesses must differentiate between customers to develop communication plans as well as the most appropriate messages.

Step 5: Act on insight

After analyzing and finding insights, customers need to act on that insight. Based on the product and the target, the business will have different specific actions. However, in the course of action, businesses must focus on issues such as: observing the market and following new trends, putting themselves in the thoughts and behavior of consumers, researching and mastering the market.

There are many methods to research insights accurately and effectively
There are many methods to research insight accurately and effectively

Exact and effective insight research method

Research Methods  What is Insight in Marketing? In fact, marketers have a lot of methods to research accurate and effective insights. Here are some of the most popular methods you can refer to:

  • Observing consumer behavior to get an honest, objective view
  • Surveying and interviewing competitors’ customers to assess competitors
  • Attend to events, trade shows
  • Relying on social networks to collect information, find out the objective and honest opinions of customers about products
  • Focus on a specific group of people to study their reviews of the product.
Through knowledge of insights that each business can give target and build an effective advertising strategy
Through insight knowledge that each business can set goals and build an effective advertising strategy

The information shared above has helped you answer the question “What is Insight in Marketing”. Through the knowledge of insights, each business can set goals and build the most effective advertising strategy. Good, unique insight will determine the effectiveness of brand promotion and revenue of businesses.