The factors to create a strong team include solidarity, the capacity of the members and the ability of the leader. In business, to refer to the ability of a leader, people often use the term Leadership. If you do not know what Leadership is, what is the role and what skills are needed? Let’s find out more details through the article below!


What is Leadership?

Leadership is the English name for “leadership”. Specifically, Leadership is the ability, role, leadership skills of an individual in the job of running an organization or a certain group of work.

Leadership means leadership
Leadership i.e. leadership

Leader is a group leader, commander, leader, capable of making a specific plan, setting direction and controlling a group or an organization office.

Companies with great leaders are creative, innovative, and agile. They also have a positive company culture with a sense of purpose and passion. Ultimately, effective leadership will improve your company’s bottom line, leading to reduced sales and a continuous improvement mindset.

What is the role of Leadership?

Understanding what Leadership is, here are the important roles of Leadership in the business:

  • Leadership gives the company and employees a certain orientation. Through that, employees will understand the direction the company is heading and who will follow to reach the destination. The ultimate purpose of this is to make the work more efficient.
  • In addition, Leadership is a lighthouse, a shining example for junior employees to follow. As a result, they will be more motivated, more enthusiastic about their work, constantly supporting and learning more experiences and new things.
Leadership plays an important role in business
Leadership plays an important role in business

What does a good Leadership bring?

The importance of Leadership is shown in different aspects. And a good Leadership will bring effects such as:

Create an inspiring vision

Simply put, it is the future direction that has the ability to bring great inspiration and motivation to the members of the organization. Make everyone turn to them.

Motivate employees

In addition to the ability to open an attractive vision, Leadership must also have the task of motivating and motivating all members of the organization, thereby effectively completing the set goals. A good leader will know how to link the following two expectations to motivate team members:

  • Expect challenges at work to lead to good results.
  • The expectation of good results leads to attractive rewards.
Leadership must be someone who knows how to motivate employees
Leadership must be someone who knows how to motivate employees

Manage and allocate work efficiently

Leaders must ensure that important tasks are properly managed and assigned effectively. In addition, team members must also set their own performance goals that align with the group’s shared vision.

What are the skills and qualities required of a Leadership?

Through the information just learned, it can be seen that Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards a common goal. So to become a good Leadership, what skills and qualities are required?

Communication is “key”

You should always be ready to communicate openly with each member of the business, directly or indirectly (email, chat) or participate in group activities, share ideas and do work together. This will make your team more cohesive as well as you will gain more trust from everyone. It will help get the job done efficiently and quickly.

Communication is a basic skill required for Leadership
Communication is a basic skill required for Leadership

Know how to manage time

For someone with good leadership skills, you need to know how to manage your time effectively. A good Leader, knows how to arrange scientific work, successfully completes all assigned tasks because they know how to use their time in the best way.

Assertive in everything

This is considered one of the very important leadership challenges that you need to pay attention to and try to do. When faced with a decision, it requires you to choose the option that you will make. You need to make the right and reasonable decisions so as not to affect the collective. Here are some things you should do to be able to make an accurate and timely decision:

  • Collect information to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each option.
  • Evaluate and select options that are suitable for your strengths. You can discuss further with senior management to get a clearer opinion.
  • Dare to accept failure, learn from experience so that you can better yourself.
Leadership requires assertiveness at work
Leadership requires assertiveness in work

When making decisions, leaders must always recognize and evaluate work correctly. Weigh both the advantages and the risks faced to effectively divide the work.


Integrity in the workplace often means being able to make ethical choices to help a company maintain a positive image. All businesses seek to hire workers with a spirit of integrity.

Having integrity as a leader not only encourages the most honest and fair practices, but sets a strong and positive example for your team members. A leader with integrity also demonstrates the following skills:

  • Diplomacy
  • Ethical
  • Trust
  • Professional
  • Security
  • Honesty
Integrity is required of Leadership
Integrity is required for Leadership

Empower employees

Leadership is now indispensable to believe in the ability of members. Only when you dare to confidently delegate authority will you have enough time to manage the team. And to do this, Leadership needs to do the following:

  • Make sure HR understands your ideas and goals.
  • Controlling progress, KPIs of employees on a daily and monthly basis.
  • Let the staff solve the problem on their own, you only support if there are problems with the work.


Being a trustworthy leader means people can trust and rely on you. A reliable person who always follows plans and keeps promises. Strong relationships built by a trusted leader create a resilient team that can overcome difficulties that may arise.

A trustworthy leader also means meeting deadlines, being candid, fulfilling obligations. And when you can’t meet a promise or goal, announce this early and always have a backup plan.

Leaderships are trustworthy
Leadership is trustworthy

Solve the problem

Good leaders must have the skills to solve problems that arise at work. In other words, the most important thing for leadership is not to find a way to avoid or accept the problem but to know how to face the problem, form and develop the skills to find and discover the problem. problem and problem solving.

Effective problem-solving requires a leader to stay calm and identify specific solutions for each step. Thereby, they can make quick decisions, resolve obstacles with internal and external teams, and ensure projects are completed on time.

Leadership dares to face and knows how to effectively solve problems
Leadership dares to face and knows how to effectively solve problems

Know how to boost employee motivation

To inspire work and ignite enthusiasm for all his employees towards a specific plan, leaders need to apply “expectation theory”. A good leader must be able to link the following two expectations together:

  • Challenging work expectations that lead to good results.
  • The expectation of good results leads to attractive rewards.

It is from those expectations that will motivate employees to work hard to achieve success. From there, the goals will be gradually completed according to the plan.

Tips for effective management

For leaders, Leadership is what needs to be met. And here are some tips to help you improve your Leadership skills:

Understanding what members do

All work of each member must always be captured. Make sure you know what they do, how they do it, are there any problems, etc. for every bad situation. To be able to do this, you need to allocate time, ask members to meet for about 15 minutes to find out. This will help you better manage your work.

A leader needs to understand and grasp the work of employees
A Leadership needs to understand and grasp the work of employees

Always help those in need

To get the job done in the best way, a whole process has to go through. So sometimes this road will have thorns and challenges that make your employees some difficulties. So as a leader, always be ready to help them when needed.

Become a role model for members

The leader is a role model for all members to follow. So all your gestures, actions and ways of handling problems will be recognized and considered as the norm by everyone. So if you want to do something, show people how to do it so they can do it.

Take responsibility

When you become a leader, surely with each job you will recognize the risks around. So, if there is a mistake, don’t blame the members but accept it as the management’s fault if it concerns you.

Leadership accepts and takes responsibility
Leadership dares to accept and take responsibility

If there are any problems, try to solve them as soon as possible. Listen to each member’s opinion and take advantage of your decision-making power. When there is consensus and agreement from all parties, outstanding issues will be resolved quickly and simply.

It can be seen that becoming a good Leadership is not easy, still not something that can be achieved overnight. In addition to the available qualities, you need to train yourself a lot of skills and knowledge. Hopefully the above information has helped you understand the basics of what Leadership is and what you need to do to realize your desires!