Rated as the most important tip for Seo people. What is on-page SEO is becoming a hot topic of discussion in the growing technology era. So what is the benefit of this trick, how to optimize onpage quickly and effectively? These issues will be answered in detail through the following information, please follow along to understand better.

Find out what is onpage SEO?

Although gradually becoming a popular technique used by Seo people in the age of all information can be searched through the Internet. However, not everyone understands what onpage SEO is, especially those who are not professionals or just starting out.

What is onpage SEO that is chosen by so many businesses?
What is onpage SEO that is chosen by so many businesses?

In fact, on-page SEO is simply understood as a method that includes many different tasks and manipulations performed by SEOer to optimize the content and structure on the website. Thereby helping the website’s ranking on the search table to be increased, helping the website reach more customers.

Onpage SEO will be focused on creating and enriching the content of articles on the web. At the same time, optimize the HTML code, recreate the page structure to make it easier for users to access the information you want to share.

What are the reasons to build onpage SEO?

It is no coincidence that people spend time and money to build onpage SEO. In fact, doing this brings a lot of benefits to businesses, such as:

  • Determine directly the number of website visitors: onpage is what visitors can see on your website. Therefore, if it does not mention the content or questions the user wants to query, the effect will not be high.

Besides, the form of the website is not beautiful, it is difficult to find the content on the page, which also significantly affects the customer experience. On the contrary, if the interface is arranged beautifully and scientifically, but the content is not of good quality, the effect will not be as desired.

Therefore, optimizing onpage SEO will help ensure the quality of content and website structure. Thereby ensuring the number of visitors is always at a stable level for the business.

  • Content control effectively, easier for the Onpage process later: Building a business website is a long process that businesses need to invest a lot in terms of cost and enthusiasm. Therefore, if from the very beginning you have performed on-page SEO optimization methodically, you will save a lot of time and money later on.
  • Fast results: Contrary to Offpage SEO, daily tricks are easy to implement but highly effective when you can control the results of the website.
What are the criteria for performing on-page SEO optimization?
What are the criteria for optimizing onpage SEO?

 When to build on-page SEO to get the best results?

Currently, most businesses are implementing on-page SEO to reach consumers more effectively. However, what is the best time to build on-page SEO?

As mentioned above, onpage SEO plays an extremely important role in promoting products, services as well as customer experience. Therefore, businesses need to prioritize building on-page SEO first when implementing marketing strategies.

Right from the very beginning of building a website, you need to set up on-page SEO factors to easily manage and increase the effectiveness of your ads. In addition to building the website structure, you need to regularly change the SEO content, optimize the loading speed of the page, … and always maintain these jobs even though the website’s rankings have been as desired.

What are the objects that need to be done onpage SEO?

Although it plays an important role and is increasingly used in businesses. But is building SEO onpage a necessary job for all audiences?

In fact, not only new SEOers need to build on-page SEO, but everyone who needs to improve website rankings can do it. Especially for those who sell products and services, on-page SEO is extremely necessary to increase revenue.

What are onpage SEO ranking criteria?
What are onpage SEO ranking criteria?

What are the necessary standards when building onpage SEO?

Right from the start, on-page SEO needs to be built according to certain standards to ensure it reaches many users. Here are the basic standards that onpage SEO people need to meet in the construction process.

Optimize URLs when building onpage SEO

This is considered a direct determinant of on-page SEO effectiveness. So what are the things SEOer can do to optimize URLs when building onpage SEO? That is, they need to do the following tasks:

  • Do an accurate analysis of the standard length of URLs or Ahrefs to find short URLs that help your site rank better in search. Because short URL strings are highly ranked by Google, they will rank better than long URL strings.
  • Set up a canonical or redirect tag if there are 2 sites with similar content. This avoids duplication of content and determines to Google which pages you want to show users when they search.

* Note: The URL string of onpage SEO needs to ensure that it contains the main keyword, not too long but full of the main ideas. Moreover, the URL must also be related to the content of the article to increase reach. You can also include multiple keywords into the URL string, helping SEO with many keywords, saving time and money.

Optimize Title tag when implementing  What is onpage SEO?

Title is the first line of the article displayed on Google search results. It will decide whether your article is displayed on the top results or not.

Therefore, the title needs to be focused, attractive for readers to want to learn about the article. According to reviews, the optimal length for Title is between 50-65 characters (should not exceed 70 characters) and contain the main keyword.

However, please insert keywords naturally, not too forcefully and use negative or sensitive words. It is advisable to put keywords at the beginning of the Title because it will help increase the website’s ranking as well as the CTR rate.

When to perform onpage SEO optimization to get good results?
When to perform onpage SEO optimization to get good results?

What is the SEO content optimization standard onpage?

It can be said that content is the most important part when implementing on-page SEO. Because this is what consumers need to pay attention to and learn. Therefore, the content should contain appropriate keywords, providing complete and valuable information to the reader.

The content of the article cannot be copied or duplicated with other websites. Sentences must be concise, concise and easy to understand, keywords are evenly spread throughout the article. This will help readers feel comfortable and stay on your page longer when searching for information.

Optimize Heading tag when building onpage SEO

The relevance of the main items in the content is also what helps your website rank higher. When doing on-page SEO with the Heading tag, try to create the relevancy of the tags and the consumer-oriented content.

Depending on the content, you can build many different Heading tags to clarify what you want to convey to the customer. In the tag should contain SEO keywords but must be inserted most naturally, showing the main content of the article and expressed briefly.

Design TOC (table of contents) for easy reading

When doing on-page SEO, design an impressive TOC to attract readers. Make sure that TOC provides the best user experience, helping them find information quickly.

Moreover, TOC also helps your website to be scored higher by Google, increasing its ranking on the results table. So, don’t ignore TOC when optimizing onpage SEO if you want the best effect.

Optimize the main keyword in the article 

Keyword is the key to help readers visit your website more. However, do not stuff too many keywords in the article, prioritize the naturalness to make the article more attractive.

Always think about the user’s feelings to insert keywords accordingly. The keyword density of the whole article should be in the range of 2-5% and spread throughout the article. Thereby helping the article to maintain coherence, easier to understand when there is a connection between ideas.

What benefits does onpage SEO bring to users?
What benefits does onpage SEO bring to users?

How to optimize images and videos when building onpage SEO?

In addition to content, images and videos are also an important factor determining the effectiveness of on-page SEO. An article full of text will create a feeling of boredom, not too interesting and attractive, so users do not want to read for a long time.

Google’s website ranking is not only based on visits, but also on how long the user has been following the page. Therefore, you also need to optimize images and videos to help improve the website’s rankings.

You need to name the images and use the ALT tag to help the image get to the top of Google. Without the title and ALT tag, Google doesn’t understand what you’re referring to.

Optimizing the title and ALT tag helps the article to be found by users through images. At the same time, it helps to achieve better SEO efficiency. In the title and ALT tag you both need to put SEO keywords to increase rankings on search results.

What is onpage SEO speed optimization?

Quick access always creates sympathy for users when clicking on the website. Therefore, you need to optimize the speed so that users get the best impression and experience.

Why is it important to build onpage SEO in your marketing strategy?
Why is it important to build onpage SEO in your marketing strategy?

Hopefully the information we share above will help you know what on-page SEO is. This is an extremely important trick to help your website increase rankings on search results. To learn more about onpage SEO optimization criteria, visit https://www.vsm.vn/.

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