Overall SEO is considered as a marketing strategy trend that attracts businesses to apply. Because instead of focusing on pushing the top 1 keyword, this form of SEO focuses on user experience and website quality optimization. So do not skip the following content to better understand this form of SEO.

What is overall SEO? This?

What is overall SEO?

Overall SEO stands for the phrase Search Engine Optimization, which is understood as the optimization of search engines from Google. This is a form of website optimization based on the analysis of keyword phrases.

What is overall SEO?
What is overall SEO?

All related keywords, when searched, lead to the website of the business. That is, regardless of the main keyword, the secondary keyword or the related keyword, it will rank high when users search on Google.

Overall SEO is the perfect choice for websites that sell a variety of products or services. Because it gives good coverage to the website, thereby improving the quality, increasing website conversions.

Difference of Overall SEO and Keyword SEO

Besides overall SEO, this form of keyword SEO is also very popular in today’s business market. However, keyword SEO only focuses on pushing the top of certain keywords, limiting the number of specific keywords. If users do not find the right SEO keywords, the website will not show up on TOP.

In what way is overall website SEO different from keyword SEO?
How is overall website SEO different from keyword SEO?

And overall SEO will cover and have more traffic, rank higher on Google’s search results table. However, this form of SEO will take more time and cost than keyword SEO.

For example: Instead of SEO a hot keyword like “Washing machine”, overall SEO will focus on many related keywords like:

  • Samsung washing machine.
  • Washing machine.
  • LG washing machine.
  • Panasonic washing machine,…

As a result, your website is displayed more when customers search for all keywords related to washing machines.

Why should businesses choose the overall form of SEO?

Overall SEO is the right way to advertise your business on websites. This helps businesses achieve high rankings in the short and long term. Specifically, this form brings great benefits as follows.

Why businesses should SEO overall
Why businesses should SEO overall

Reach large number of customers

Through total SEO, businesses reach a large number of customers from many different sources. In particular, these are customers who want to learn about services and products on the website.

Overall SEO always brings the best experience to customers for websites with quality articles, understanding buyer psychology. Through that, prestige and trust are built, leading buyers to be more interested in the products of the business.

Increase conversion rate

The next advantage is the high conversion rate through reaching the right potential customers. Initially from the visitor, to the person in need, to the customer to purchase, then it can be a regular customer. From measuring the number of customers looking to the business is increasingly crowded, helping businesses have high rankings on search engines.

Enhance website value 

Customers will start to notice your website when they search for related keywords and you always appear.

Overall SEO helps build images for the website
Overall SEO helps build images for the website

For example: Customers have a need to buy Honda motorbikes, they search for related keyword phrases such as: How much is a honda car, what type of honda car should I buy, what kind of gas-saving car, …. At this time, the frequency If your display on the top is too much, then surely customers will notice your website and visit to find out.

From there, improve the value of your website and potentially customers will choose your business’s products.

Sustainable competition

Currently, there are many ways to advertise brands such as Google ads, advertising via tik tok, facebook, youtube,… However, the overall form of SEO always stands high because it helps to optimize effective article content. fruit.

Because if you choose a specific form of keyword SEO, businesses will always encounter a keyword ranking situation and the cost of pushing up is not cheap. And the mass SEO of keywords will help you compete with fewer competitors, the website will be ranked, thereby developing more sustainably.

Overall SEO cost savings

When running ads, businesses must always maintain by running continuously to collect views or visits. Or keyword SEO also costs employees and SEO costs are not small.

Save cost with overall SEO
Save money with overall SEO look

Therefore, to save costs in the long run, overall SEO is considered the most optimal method. This form brings long-term interaction on the website even after the implementation plan ends. In particular, the ranking of the business remains from 6 to 12 months if in the case of less competition.

The results from overall SEO are shown over the long term. Therefore, the amount of money spent is considered the most economical compared to other forms of advertising.

How’s the overall SEO process?

In order for the overall SEO strategy to bring high results, SEOs need to follow the standard SEO process. From there, it is also easier for the Seoer to do the job and help the website optimize the best keywords.

Overall SEO with 7 steps
Overall SEO with 7 steps

If you do not implement SEO steps yourself, but hire someone to do it, you should also know the following steps to easily check and monitor the process.

Step 1: Keyword analysis

The purpose of this step is to choose keywords that are searched by many customers, appropriate and highly effective.

Then, analyze the competition with competitors to assess how easy or difficult the keyword is to find, how competitive is it? What is the competitor’s web structure like? Their web attracts customers from what special?


  • Use keyword search tools like Google Suggest, Google Keyword Planner, ahrefs,…
  • Classify keywords by brand, category, product,…
  • Determine how competitive your keyword phrases are.

Step 2: Optimize Technical SEO

Next, the technical SEO optimization step is extremely important. Because this step helps your website not to encounter technical errors that affect the SEO process. Besides, this step helps Google read your website better. All Internal links are arranged scientifically, easy to see.


  •  Check the website with tools such as: Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Website Auditor,…
  • Check plugin settings to help SEO.
  • Optimize all existing articles on the web, can refer to the Silo structure.

Step 3: Build content for the web

In this step to build the article content to provide the information that the reader is looking for. The right article with the right intentions and needs of customers will direct them to pay attention to the brand and possibly choose to buy.


  • Select keywords to determine what information readers want to find.
  • Make a specific outline for the article.
  • Write content according to outline, optimize keywords and related factors.

Step 4: SEO the entire website

This overall SEO step will help your website be optimized, closer to users and have a high conversion rate. In particular, Google will easily index the keyword, thereby giving a reasonable ranking for the target keyword.

Implement website optimization is an important step
Optimizing website is an important step

How to do it:

  • Check if tags like: title, meta, description, keyword, heading tag,… are in the right position, are they optimized?
  • Implement optimal article content structure, optimize the entire web.
  • Directs searchers through internal links and images.

Step 5: Optimize SEO for website

This is a particularly important step to help the website’s articles appear on other reputable websites. From there, Google will easily detect and confirm the quality of the web. In particular, SEO optimization helps the rank of the faculty in the article to increase dramatically.


  • Make a plan to build an SEO-standard Entity
  • Implement backlinks at reputable and high-quality websites, websites with many visitors.
  • Create advertising PR articles and host Guest Posts for the website

Step 6: Check, improve and optimize results

When you do this check, you will see the customer experience and your ranking on the top. If the results are not as expected, you proceed to improve the unsatisfactory points and optimize for the best results.


  • Collect data using tools such as: Google Search Console, oogle Analytics,…
  • Based on rank and traffic to analyze good and bad performance points.
  • If not, improve to get the desired result.

Step 7: Be persistent in optimizing the website

For overall SEO, it requires businesses to have perseverance and continuous implementation of optimization steps. Because the number of keywords of this form of SEO is very large, if you are not patient, you will not get the expected results.

Notes on overall SEO

In order for the website optimization process to go smoothly and to attract a large number of visitors, you need to keep a few things in mind after the overall SEO.

Important note for overall SEO
Important note for overall SEO
  • Build article content with accurate information, creating high reliability.
  • The article layout is easy to read, short paragraphs combine with appropriate illustrations.
  • Research carefully the overall SEO steps, build a clear plan before starting to implement.
  • Build a variety of articles with content related to the website’s products and services to attract visitors.
  • If hiring SEO services, choose a really reputable and professional unit.
  • Clearly discuss the cost, the number of keywords, the time to the top before signing the contract.
  • Check the SEO process regularly to fix it quickly if the results are not as expected.

The article is a collection of all the information for the question “What is overall SEO? Why should businesses choose this form of SEO? Hopefully, the above sharing will help you in the process of implementing SEO for your business. And if you are looking for reputable and quality SEO services, please refer to the website: https://www.vsm.vn/.

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