POSM is a fairly familiar term, it is used to display at the meeting point between products and customers. Creating a quality, impressive POSM is also a way to attract customers and affirm the product brand in the market. So what is POSM? These types of POSM are used effectively today. All will be right in the post shared below by VSM.


What is Posm?Learn about posm
Posm? Learn about posm


Is a term used quite familiar but not everyone understands what POSM is.

What is POSM?
What is POSM?

POSM is fully written as Point Of Sale Materials, also known by many other names like POP, POPM. This term is a collection of items and tools to support the display and advertising of products at points of sale. This is also an effective form of promotion and is widely used in supermarkets, sales centers and agents nationwide today.

To better understand what POSM is, you need to find out how POSM is currently divided into several formats. From the perspective of both buyers and sellers, POP is currently divided into two main formats:

  • POS – Point Of Sale: this format refers to promotional items used by product sellers to introduce, market and persuade customers to choose their products.
  • POP – Point Of Purchase: this is a format that can be understood in reverse because it shows where customers go to buy the product they are using.

Either way, POSM has been asserting its position in the business field, promoting the overall development of the economy..

Benefits of professional POSM design

VSM helped customers learn what POSM is. Used and developed quite popularly in today’s trade, what benefits does POP bring to stores, companies and businesses?

POSM plays an important role in marketing strategy
POSM plays an important role in marketing strategy

Identify and assert brand

Benefits are easily achieved if your business has a professional POSM design that will help affirm the brand as well as help customers identify the product brand more easily. Brand recognition and affirmation is an important method in marketing strategy. Synchronous POSM design will make customers always remember a quality product, a professional and reputable unit to trust.

Promote sales effectively

The ultimate goal of advertising and marketing campaigns is to increase sales performance and POSM is no exception. If your business invests in these publications with a beautiful design, concise but full of product information, it will stimulate buyers.

Besides providing information, when designing POSM, many businesses also send messages to customers. This is an impressive way to advertise and reach all customers. Although the main purpose of POP is advertising, it is also a powerful tool to convey messages.

Provides many other handy benefits 

The feature of POSM is that it will follow you throughout a journey in a certain business strategy. Therefore, only one investment for professional POP, you can reuse it many times.

POSM is a collection of promotional items and tools with the advantages of being compact, easy to install and move; long-term use and high efficiency. Those are convenient features for companies, businesses when using POSM will experience.

VSM explained what POSM is to customers, and the practical benefits that this tool brings. However, there are probably many of you who do not have a clear picture of what POSM is, although you may have encountered POSM many times.

This is a tool that can be said to exist in many forms, richer than what you are imagining after learning the concept of POSM. Below, VSM will explore with you the “world of many shapes and sizes” of POSM, specifically as follows:

Advertising Poster

This is the most widely available type of POSM today. Poster is understood as an advertising product with a design including content, colors, images according to an idea to introduce a product or brand.

Advertising Poster
Ad poster

This type of POSM is often pasted in the windows or along the walls of sales locations to make it easier to reach customers. From the information contained in the poster, customers will get the most important information about the product.

Booth in POP

So what is booth in POSM? Booth is understood as the area used to display the most unique and impressive products of the store or business. This place may be for display only or will have staff in charge of product advice or sales.

Depending on the purpose and size of the store or business, the booth is designed with the most suitable size and model. This is a tool that is used in a variety of ways from commercial centers to supermarkets or shops, sales points at schools, etc.

Tent card

Tent product promotion card
Tent product promotion card

If you are wondering about a beautifully designed, luxuriously designed piece of paper that has information such as menus, promotions, products, etc. is it PSOM then the answer is correct. This is the Tent card, it is used for consultants to suggest about programs or products. The raw materials for the production of Tent cards are paper, formex or wood,..

Ad Hanger

Another popular type of POSM that VSM wants to share with customers is the advertising Hanger. It is a kind of advertising hanging on supermarket shelves. This is an item that helps users clearly identify the product’s location as well as easily get the product if there is a need to own it. Advertising hanger can be in the form of iron clamps, cloth or plastic strings, etc.

Sticker sale

With cute shapes and stickers, this can be considered a POSM item. It is a type of sticker or illustration affixed on products, product counters to announce sales and promotions. The cute and lovely shape makes the buyer’s psychology more happy and eye-catching.


This is understood as a cooling system for display products or can be understood as a small display box located at the main shelves displaying goods. It is designed to be extremely simple and not too fussy. Usually the showcase is designed with transparent white color and has product pictures to highlight the product more.

Product Showcase
Product showcase

Besides the popular types of POSM that VSM has just introduced above, POSM also has a lot of other widgets and tools that customers can learn more by themselves. Examples are Standee, Wobbler advertising, Danglers marketing, Divider, Tester, Check-out counter

What are the things to pay attention to when designing POSM?

Principles of professional POSM design
Principles when designing professional POSM

So with information about the concept, benefits and types of POSM, surely customers have got an overview of this tool . So for stores and businesses, what should be paid attention to when designing POSM in marketing campaigns? Here are some general principles when designing a professional POP:

  • Clarifying the brand identity of products, companies, and businesses
  • POSM needs to be conveyed a short and clear message but must make customers remember right from the first reading
  • Encourage the selection of striking or contrasting colors for effect
  • Position placement must be in line of sight, reach many customers, and can be changed to a new location after 3 months.

So with the above useful information, surely customers have completely understood what POSM is. This will definitely be the best cost-effective advertising tool. Take advantage of the benefits of this tool for better business performance.