Surely many people in the marketing industry have also heard the term Proposal. So what is Proposal? How important is Proposal in Marketing? When we use Proposal All things to know about marketing will be answered in the article below. Please read along to learn more about this term!


Proposal Concept

What is Proposal? Proposal translated into Vietnamese means proposal. Simply put, a proposal is a new, interesting idea about a problem or strategy.

Proposal is quite common in modern work
Proposal is quite common in modern work

In Marketing, what is Proposal? That is the presentation of that creative idea or proposal in the form of a formal text with clear content. You can imagine this is a form for you to convey creative ideas to partners or customers.

Proposal can be presented as powerpoint, word or excel. The purpose when providing Proposal is to convince them to satisfy, accept and promote the use of the idea. Its content usually deals with 5W – 1H (Who/ what/ when/ why/ where – How) issues.

What is the structure of Proposal?

Proposal is very important so it needs to be presented in a meticulous and methodical way. It requires the writer to be careful, attentive and observant to be able to write a highly effective Proposal. So what is the standard for writing a Proposal? Below is the main frame.

Writing Proposal should follow a standard structure to be professional
Writing Proposal needs to follow a standard structure to be professional

What is Proposal writing structure? – An introduction

The introduction should be invested, have creative points, and impress readers. Usually an introduction will include the following:

  • Proposal’s Table of Contents.
  • Title of the text.
  • Name of project, program, idea.
  • Introduce the highlights about the company, yourself, the people involved in the project.
  • Purpose of Proposal.
  • Program content.
  • Program framework and detailed plan.
  • Exact contact information

What is Proposal writing structure? Client-centered section

If the introduction is the momentum for you to move on to the customer’s mind. Then this is the highlight that decides whether you will stay in their thoughts. Client-centered is the key to the success of a Proposal.

Here, you will have to show your customers your difference, your understanding of them and what you will bring to them. Here are the things you need to pay attention to in this section.

  • Why did you create Proposal?
  • What customer insights do you know? How do you know that?
  • Why should customers join or invest in this project? What benefits will they receive? What benefits does your business get?
  • The time and place of the program.
  • Activity frame of the program and expected completion time.
  • Project budget.

When you put the customer at the center, show that they are important to you. This will help them feel respected, feel your sincerity.

In this section you need to focus on clarifying the most practical benefits that both get from the program. Do not lie, hide or say things that are not positive. This is an important factor persuading readers to invest in you.

What is Proposal writing structure? A detailed description

This is considered the most important part, the focus of a Proposal. In this section you will describe in detail, specifically what your proposal does for the project. You will have to demonstrate that your idea can solve the customer’s concerns.

Description is very important in Proposal
Detailed description is very important in Proposal

This part you will focus on implementing content and how to do it. Here the problems that you need to solve will be related to the word “HOW”

  • How would your proposal solve the problem?
  • The best solutions you bring.
  • How will customers feel after using it?
  • How much do they have to spend to use it?
  • Swot model for that project.

Your Proposal will attract customers if you come up with the right solutions. In this section, all information must be detailed, clear and accurate. You need to give evidence, proving the advantages of this project. You need to show that it has a high chance of success, really potential, to make the partner accept the investment.

What is Proposal writing structure? Part Positioning, proving capacity

This is the last part of the structure of a standard Proposal. If the above sections are highly persuasive, this section is intended to build lasting trust. You need to cite experiences to demonstrate your company’s ability to benefit customers.

You need to define your position in the marketplace. somehow make them feel like they are the best and most suitable choice. This section includes the following:

  • Indicate the company’s strong and highly specialized resources.
  • Can list excellent achievements that your company’s team or individual has achieved.
  • Projects that have been implemented and the values that the project has brought.
  • Describe relevant experience in the field.
  • Certificates, awards that your company has won.
  • List the big, reputable partners that you have worked with to increase trust.

This is also an equally important part. Partners can decide to invest immediately if they feel that you are too excellent and bring high value to them. In short, all of the above are important.

A proposal that conquers customers is indispensable for any content. So, what is Proposal? Surely you have understood the stub when reading through the above content. As long as you ensure the above structure, you are one step closer to success in conquering customers!

What are some mistakes to avoid in the proposal?

When writing a Proposal you need to pay attention to rare mistakes to avoid painful failure. It is certain that no other partner can spend the time or money to accept or correct the following mistakes:

Need to avoid the mistakes below to ensure a good-looking Proposal
Need to avoid the mistakes below to ensure a beautiful Proposal
  • Greed, redundant content. This will keep customers from knowing what your main purpose is. One thing’s for sure, they won’t take the time to sift through it. Maybe they’ll put it aside immediately and have no need to read it again.
  • Too focused on my achievements. This will make them feel that you are too boastful, only saying what you have but not what you bring.
  • The presentation is messy, difficult to read, difficult to understand, languid, and lengthy. This is probably the factor that causes your proposal to “die prematurely” even before it has been posted on the board.

What is an important note when writing a Proposal?

It’s certainly not easy to write Proposal. Because the higher its importance, the more careful you have to be. We’ll bring you some much-needed tips when writing Proposal.

  • Sophisticated, refined language.
  • Clear, specific, sharp evidence.
  • Succinct, concise, easy to understand, correct sentence structure.
  • Content must be consistent, consistent from top to bottom.
  • The matter is on point, not wandering or greedy for ideas.
  • The plan must be detailed, the time must be specific, everything must be directed towards authenticity and believability.

You need to keep all the above notes in mind to avoid basic mistakes. Although the mistake you make in Proposal is not big, it also becomes a minus point in the eyes of your partner.

Write concise, clear Proposal, subtly selective language
Write concise, clear Proposal, delicately selective language

The secret to scoring with customers in Proposal?

What is the secret to creating goodwill and scoring with customers in Proposal? You can do this by paying attention to the following aspects.

What’s the secret to scoring in Proposal? – Create emphasis

Let’s edit the Proposal differently for each different customer. Suppose the two projects you do are similar, but you should not use the same Proposal. Make a difference for yourself. Only the difference will remain in the hearts of others for a long time.

What’s the secret to scoring in Proposal? – Good attitude

Even if the proposal is presented in the form of a letter, you also need to be polite and open. Formal and friendly when necessary, in the right place, in the right circumstances. Attitude is an extremely important factor in building a relationship between two parties.

What’s the secret to scoring in Proposal? – Ask questions

The question is the element that creates interest when reading a text. Not only that, but this also makes readers and listeners feel like they are exchanging and interacting. This will definitely be a great bonus for your Proposal.

What’s the secret to scoring in Proposal? – Personal ego

Express understanding and empathy for the problem they face. You can also point out the common interests of both to draw closer to the relationship.

What’s the secret to scoring in Proposal? – Create value

This is the most important factor. No matter how close and polite you are, if you don’t bring any value, you will be eliminated. Therefore, you need to focus on exploiting the value that you bring in accordance with the needs of customers.

Focus on building trust with customers with practical evidence. Do not just if out or typing, you should use Powerpoint, images, videos.

What’s the secret to scoring in Proposal? – Be careful

You should check and review it many times before sending it to the customer. Because sometimes there will be problems or small errors that you do not pay attention to. All your manipulations must be directed to the most perfect, perfect possible.

Proposal is one of the most important factors for success
Proposal is one of the most important factors for success

So, what is Proposal? This article has explained quite clearly and thoroughly. Hopefully, through the information that we provide, you will have more experience and luggage for the journey of marketing activities and conquering customers. Thank you for following our article. You can refer to more marketing knowledge at the website: