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Seeding is an important step in the process of promoting and reaching products to more consumers. This is one of the effective assistants of marketing campaigns from any company, large or small. And to be more proactive in each stage, you need to understand what seeding is as well as understand the benefits and notes when performing this service.

What is seeding service?

So what is seeding? Seeding is a service to promote your products in which it plays an important role in the success of any project. In the Vietnamese sense, seeding means sowing seeds. Here, the target customer will be considered as the sowing fruit and the person extending that service will be the sower.

Seeding is now available in every forum. Popular social networking platforms are also considered fertile ground to plant the seeds on. And if you do not invest in every piece of land, your activity will also be little known.

What is seeding service?
Find out what is seeding service?

Managers certainly use this method to impress and attract the attention of many different customers. And after hitting their interest, the corporate company will also maintain a steady consumer capital.

What are the benefits of seeding?

What is seeding service?
What are the benefits of seeding?

After understanding what seeding is? Readers need to understand that seeding is in fact not only brand promotion, but also has many hidden benefits behind it.

With the internet, with modern technology, digital marketing forms including seeding have saved a large amount of budget for businesses. This is also the main reason why many people love the seeding service so much.

Besides, the seeding service helps your products, through the articles, quickly reach the target customers. By looking for external suppliers, they will analyze the factors to bring the best results for the company or business.

Not only that, doing seeding like this also forms a close network between sellers and buyers. Stimulate the exchange of information as well as connect the two sides more. Even with high interaction, your article can be on the top without any form of PR.

Seeding also unintentionally creates a better identity for consumers. That means you are well known and can grow with a solid foundation. In addition, the business will also become more popular in the search bar.

The seeding service is What?
What are seeding service notes?

To do seeding in the best way, not simply understanding what seeding is, you need to note the following points:

Focus on sowing the seeds at the golden time on each social platform to attract more attention. However, you must care about what age your target audience is and at what age they usually join social networks.

After performing seeding, you should not neglect to observe the response afterwards. Notice whether it is positive as well as positive or not adjust the direction and time of the interaction.
Before doing seeding, you need to be sure of the steps you need to take. Especially when it comes to customer orientation.

Do not ramble on too many different content, this will distract consumers because they do not know what you really want to sell. Instead, invest in a strong point you can develop later, it’s not too late.

Natural seeding is the best and the service provider knows how to get a good amount of seeding for you. Customers’ criteria are becoming clearer and stricter, so genuine interaction is what they aim for.

Information can receive many different opinions when public, so determine the mood as well as the worst-case response situation. Even if you can’t completely solve it, at least you’ve reduced the risk a lot.

If it is possible to analyze a product based on proven factual information, the consumer inadvertently has another protective outer layer to trust the item.

What are the main platforms of seeding service?

What is seeding service?
What are the main social platforms of seeding?

Currently, the seeding service is operating mainly on many social platforms. In that case, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook are the most used channels and tell you clearly what and how to see.

At Facebook, seeding will take place by leaving positive comments and reviews to make many people look at and curious. The psychology of seeing many people commenting with good words also helps us to feel somewhat reassured.

Seeding by commenting a lot will bring a good attraction effect to the article. This is considered an effective form of PR to attract standard customers.

With instagram, even if there are many comments, it is difficult to show up at the top of the homepage. Therefore, to build trust for consumers, the seeding service will focus on the number of likes and followers of the homepage. In addition, views also play an important role.

Switching to the Tiktok platform, the seeding service will also support likes so that customers will be surprised to see so much interaction. Besides, the top rated comments with positive words will create a good effect for readers.

On the Youtube platform, what is a seeding service that will give customers trust through the number of subscribers on the channel. Not only that, this seeding process is also reflected in the likes and views of each video. The professionalism and quality are also clearly shown through these two factors.

What is the principle of seeding?

In order not to create the opposite effect from what you initially imagined, the business company needs to follow the standard rule as follows.

Step 1: Brand identification before targeting the target customer, investors need to design a quality seeding service with concise and concise images and words. And whether seeding is interested or not depends largely on the “face” of the product’s design.

What is seeding service?
What is brand identity in seeding?

Therefore, think carefully about the slogan that is impressive and trendy today. However, everything should stop at a fun level, not too much in words. If you haven’t thought of it yet, the service team will provide you with many options.

Step 2: Sharing brand feelings seeding will be more effective when you know how to lead the story as well as the most realistic feelings into each customer’s comment. Should not show excessive status, easy to make people see this is just a form of like sentences.

What is seeding service?
What is action attack in seeding?

Step 3: Attack with direct action Once you get the attention of real customers, attack them with clever buying lead. Of course, no one will share the product publicly right on the buyer’s cmt. You need to carefully message them in the inbox for more dedicated advice.

Address for providing quality and reputable seeding services

What is seeding service?
The address of the seeding service

Currently, there are many addresses that provide seeding services, but not all of them can guarantee the rules and consider the above notes. And to ensure a professional process, you can go to VSM VM and cooperate with the unit.

VSM is a reputable brand specializing in providing digital marketing services in the market. With extensive experience in the field, VSM is committed to building a quality seeding system on the platforms that customers require with a stable number of daily visitors.

Besides, the cost of the unit is very suitable for the consumer’s finances. VSM is committed to selling at the right price with all seeding packages provided at the company to maintain cooperation with customers. If the wrong price is found, the customer will be refunded 100%.

In addition, the unit also has a 24/7 customer support service system to answer all questions. So, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to call if you have a marketing-related problem.

All seeders on the social networking platform provided by the unit are real users. Building a participant system to specialize in likes and follows, this will help customers trust and feel secure in your business.

In addition to the above advantages, the unit also supports marketing consulting for businesses. VSM can provide information to guide and map out a healthier channel development.

What is seeding service?
What are frequently asked questions regarding seeding?
  • What is seeding service is always interested by many customers. They want to know when linking to the unit if there is a problem. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:
  • Like and comment are real people? All articles are seeded by real nicks to increase the reality for users. The unit always has a mutual exchange system available.
  • Is it safe to use the seeding service? All are performed by a professional, quality system that does not affect the business. Besides, you will not face problems such as losing your nick due to fraud, spam too much…
  • Does the seeding service have multiple packages? Each seeding on different platforms will have different packages. You can choose according to your personal needs accordingly. Please consider your request carefully.


Above is the information about what seeding service is that you need to know. Hopefully, through some sharing in this article, readers will understand the concept as well as the benefits and other principles when using this service. And to have it done with a professional process, contact VSM company today.