In the current digital age, online marketing has become a very effective method of doing business. However, if you want to achieve the most optimal and sustainable results, you need to use SEO tools. So what is SEO? Find out in the following article.

What is SEO?

SEO is known as an acronym for the phrase Search Engine Optimization which means search engine optimization. This is a set of methods to help websites improve their search engine rankings.

What is SEO?Get an overview of SEO
What is SEO? Get an overview of SEO

Currently, there are many search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex,… However, the number of people using Google is the largest. So, SEO is understood as SEO on Google.

What is SEO is the most searched question on the net
What is SEO is a question that is searched a lot on the internet

SEO will help your website climb to the top of the first 10 positions on Google. These rankings will be the most clicked by users. Because according to the survey, up to 90% of users do not click on the second page to search. So the target of SEO is not Google but your customers.

What is the role of SEO in business?

Online sales and business are growing day by day. Because consumer buying behavior has changed to online shopping. Therefore, SEO becomes a very important tool.

Helps attract a large number of potential customers

When consumers buy something, they will do a search on Google. At this time, if your website does not have high rankings, it will definitely lose a huge number of potential customers.

So, SEO will help your website rank on search engine results pages. This will give customers more confidence when making a purchase.

SEO helps attract a large number of potential customers
SEO helps attract a large number of potential customers

Significantly increased brand awareness

Thousands of customers every day will come to search engines to query about the products and services they are interested in. If your website does not have high rankings, the brand will not be known by many people.

Therefore, SEO is considered a tool that helps the brand level to be significantly increased. Users will definitely remember your brand every time they need it and immediately visit your website.

Helps save advertising costs for businesses

Advertising methods such as making billboards, running Google Ads or Facebook Ads are all quite expensive. For click-based ads, you have to pay for virtual clicks.

Meanwhile, SEO has a much lower investment cost. Besides, what this tool brings is extremely long-lasting and lasts with the website. The visits from SEO results will not cost anything.

SEO methods commonly used today

After knowing what SEO is, you need to know the SEO methods to be able to implement it successfully. The two basic methods most commonly used today are as follows:

On page SEO 

On-page SEO is known as a method of optimizing display elements on a website. The purpose of this method is to help the website increase its rankings quickly on search engines.

On-page SEO activities performed include:

  • Analyze the keywords that potential customers search about the product or service the website is aiming for. This helps businesses understand what customers want.
  • Implement building content for the website to become more quality. Articles need to be optimized for H tags. Besides, the title and Meta Description are full of content but must be very concise. Writers should avoid repeating words, spamming too many keywords.
  • Title tags, Meta tags and H heading tags must be optimized.
  • Keywords that must be inserted correctly with the image content will also help increase the quality of the website.

The more successful you implement On-page SEO, the more your website will become search engine friendly. This will help the website rank up quickly and be known by many people. However, you need to have experience to be able to perform these techniques well.

Current popular SEO forms
The most popular forms of SEO today

Off page SEO 

What is off page SEO is also a question that many people are interested in. Because this is the method done outside the website. The purpose of Off page SEO helps the website increase the number of links to other websites. Because many search engines rely on this to evaluate your website.

In a word, Off-page SEO is the activity of attaching website links on external landing pages such as forums, social networking sites,… Users will click on the link to access the website. This will help increase the number of visitors significantly.

However, you need to refine the content and choose the right place to place the link. Because if the Off page SEO technique is not done carefully, it will create great risks. Google will penalize if your website spam links in too many places.

Some SEO basics

The form of SEO used today is very diverse. Therefore, users need to know to be able to perform most effectively. The article will provide some basic forms right below:

Overall SEO

Overall SEO is known as all the work that helps the website to be optimized according to Google’s guidelines. This form helps your business develop the website in all aspects.

The search keywords will be ranked at a steady rate. This will help attract a huge number of potential customers. For overall SEO, you need to use low-competition long-tail keywords. Besides, users who search for long-tail keywords have greater product interest.

Overall SEO brings a long-term marketing strategy to the company. In addition, it reduces the risk of being penalized by Google and effectively increases revenue. Therefore, this form is used a lot by businesses.

SEO keyword

Customers still use different keywords to search on the Internet every day. Therefore, the main keyword is an intermediary bridge to help customers and businesses come closer together.

Keyword SEO is the optimization of a word or phrase related to a website to meet the standards of search engines. This helps your brand to be on top of the results page. Therefore, customers will have easier access to the website.

Therefore, you should plan to create a set of keywords that are suitable for business purposes. At the same time, they must also meet the needs of customers.

SEO Social (SEO Social)

SEO Social is also one of the forms used by many businesses. This form is used by the popularity of social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, … to introduce products.

You will post videos or images of products and services on these social networking sites. The number of daily visitors to these sites is huge. Besides, if the product is of good quality, the customer will share and leave a comment right below the post.

In addition, if your website can be linked to major social networks, the indexes will be increased. Google will rely on this factor to highly appreciate the website. Therefore, SEO work will become easier and save time with very high efficiency.

SEO Social makes SEO work more time-saving
SEO Social makes SEO work more time-saving

SEO Image (SEO Image)

Images are also a factor that greatly affects the effectiveness of SEO. If the website image quality, it will greatly increase the interaction for users.

Therefore, SEO website needs to perform image optimization. That is, you need to put your website’s image on the top of search pages. This will help the website increase traffic effectively without advertising.

SEO Local

Local SEO is also an optimal form to help your website achieve high rankings. This is done through customers searching for the business’s product keywords locally.

Example: You run a hotel business in Hanoi. Therefore, you will want customers to search for your unit through the phrase “cheap hotel in Hanoi”.

Besides, SEO Local also uses Google Map so that users can find the location of the business easily. This also helps the website become more professional.

What are the basic steps of the SEO process?

SEO brings a lot of benefits to businesses. However, the process of implementing SEO is not simple and requires a lot of time. So, let’s start with the following basic steps:

Keyword planning 

This is the first job and cannot be ignored when implementing SEO Web. If you do not have a plan or choose the wrong keywords, it is easy to fail. To do this, you need to know the needs of your customers.

You can also use research and analysis tools to choose the right set of keywords for your product.

Focus on developing website content

Content is considered the most important factor determining the success or failure of SEO. Search engines will often focus on the content of the website to evaluate the ranking. Therefore, you must build and regularly update quality content.

To do this, you need to remove duplicate content. Besides, keywords, images need to be included in nature. You should pay attention not to try to give too many keywords that can cause spam and mess up the content.

The most basic SEO process
The most basic SEO process

As mentioned above, backlinks are a very effective SEO technique. Therefore, you have to make links from many different sources such as forums, blogs, other websites, … This will bring a huge number of customers for businesses.


Above is some information to help you answer the question of what SEO is. Hopefully businesses will have more useful tools to be able to pull customers to them and increase profits.

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