In today’s 4.0 era, live stream is a keyword phrase that is no longer strange to us. Because livestream not only helps to directly record real moments, but also preserves users’ memories. So what is the livestream service? What are the benefits of choosing a live video recording service?

What is the livestream service?

What is a Livestream?

Livestream is understood as a form of live streaming of everything that is happening at the present time. All scenes, activities, events, … are broadcast and interact directly with people all over the globe.

Livestream is a live stream
Livestream is the form of live streaming

In addition, livestream is loved by many people because live tools are not too complicated. You can live with smartphones, tablets, ipads,… And just have an internet connection to be able to do livestreams or join other people’s live streams.

About the livestream service

Besides live streaming, if you want to have a professional livestream, you can find on-demand livestreaming services. This service was formed by the development of the internet and by the needs of users.

What is a livestream service?
What is livestream service?

So what is a livestream service? It’s an on-demand live streaming service. The time and platform of the livestream are chosen by the customer. When using this service, your events will be broadcast live. After finishing the livestream process, you can choose to save or delete the video as you like.

Livestream on what platform?

After learning what a livestream service is, let’s explore the platforms that are widely used in livestreaming. Currently, the form of livestream is popularly done on social networking sites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, …

To start streaming on these sites, you’ll need to download the Facebook or YouTube apps to your device. Then register a personal account according to the application’s provisions.

Livestream on multiple platforms
Livestream cross-platform

After you have a member account, you are free to livestream to record live moments. Performing brand advertising livestreams, online sales, game livestreams, sports, … depending on demand.

However, you need to pay attention to the terms when livestreaming, do not broadcast sensitive images, violent videos, … affecting community culture. Accounts that do not comply will be locked or administratively sanctioned in accordance with the law when using social networks.

What are the benefits of using a livestream service?

Currently, the livestream service is known to many people because of its convenience and reasonable cost. Specifically, the benefits that you get when using a live streaming service are as follows.

Many users want to watch livestream 

In fact, now customers want to watch a business’s livestream rather than read pre-recorded posts or videos. Because live will shoot close-up and most realistic of the business’s activities and products.

Livestream attracts more attention
Livestream attracts more attention

Or for event promotions, the live stream attracts a large number of viewers, giving customers the best view of the event.

Extend scope when going live

When doing livestream, festivals, meetings, or sales are recorded. Now everyone can watch your broadcast live. In particular, the audience size is not limited and the audience can watch at any time as required.

Professional Livestream

Livestream companies always fully meet the needs of customers with modern and professional livestream tools. Support full sound and light devices to ensure the most favorable live streaming process.

Professional livestream equipment
Professional livestream equipment

In addition, the live service ensures a stable internet connection for uninterrupted streaming. Because livestream companies are always ready for the worst situation to happen such as: Power failure, overloaded machine, …

Livestream diverse fields

Through the internet, you can use live streaming services in a variety of fields. Regardless of the opening event, conference, meeting, … all are professionally recorded live stream.

In addition, livestream is considered an effective form of marketing in business. You can livestream product ads, instructions on how to use, product creation process, …

What is the criteria for choosing a livestream service?

Looking for package livestream services is always the perfect solution for you. However, for the best live results, you need to pay attention to some criteria when choosing a livestream service.

What is the selection criteria for the livestream service?
What is the criteria for choosing a livestream service?
  • Choose a reputable unit: Please refer to a really reliable address to provide reputable and quality services.
  • Good customer reviews: Pay attention to the reviews of previous customers for this unit. Because quality service will be positively evaluated by customers.
  • Modern machinery and equipment: Choosing a livestream unit with modern technical equipment will make the live streaming process convenient, with sharp images and sound.
  • Enthusiastic service attitude: Enthusiastic and open livestream service provider always creates comfort.
  • Clear service price list, appropriate cost: Consult the cost before using the service to avoid trouble when paying.
  • Livestream contract: Reputable units always have a clear contract before starting work.

Choose for yourself a reliable livestream company based on some of the above criteria. Because if you’re not careful, you can hire an “amateur” live streamer that delivers a product that’s not worth the money.

What are the notes when using the livestream service?

When using the livestream service, you always receive unexpected benefits. However, if you are not careful, it can be ineffective or even lose money.

What should be noted when using the livestream service?
What to pay attention to when using livestream service?

So to make the livestream process most convenient, please note a few things as follows:

  • Need to sign a contract between the two parties to ensure the time, cost and quality of the initial commitment.
  • Many advertising companies are good, receive high money, but the quality of the livestream is not good. Therefore, do not choose a livestream service without carefully understanding the service package.
  • Clear agreement before signing contract, detailed quotation for each service.

In particular, what you are most interested in is a clear cost agreement before starting work. Because during the live recording process, there may be problems, causing costs.

The above is a summary of information about the question “What is a livestream service? What are the benefits when choosing a livestream video recording service? To use the most effective and methodical marketing service, quickly contact VSM . The company is committed to prestige – quality – professionalism in all services.