Today, under the continuous development of the 4.0 technology era, many professions and services were born. In particular, in the field of marketing communication, online promotion is growing rapidly. You heard about VidIQ and used by many people but you don’t know what VidIQ is, how is it used? How to use VidIQ effectively? Please consult with VSM VN through the article below.

What is VidIQ, how to use it and how to use it effectively?

Answer the question what is VidIQ and its uses and usage
Answer the question what is VidIQ and its uses and usage

What is VidIQ?

What is VidIQ? Then VidIQ is a Google Chrome extension. This is a utility product that helps users manage and optimize their YouTube channel. Utilities similar to VidIQ are collectively referred to as SaaS products.

VidIQ helps utility users to develop channels by supporting YouTube’s data analysis. From there, measure and provide parameters so that founders and agencies can make development directions and decisions. more expensive in the content creation process.

What is VidIQ?
What is VidIQ?

It can be said that VidIQ is not only an extremely useful utility but also brings a lot of value. Because it is not only a tool that helps businesses, organizations and individuals to comfortably use basic features, but also has advanced features to help save time at a priceless price. same cheap.

Uses of VidIQ widget

VidIQ is considered as a tool to help YouTube channels get more views and channel followers. Because it helps optimize SEO through titles, descriptions and hashtags. Therefore, content creators on YouTube in addition to creating quality products must also have friendly titles, descriptions and hashtags.

VidIQ will help you by the features it brings such as:

  • Help content creators research trending keywords on YouTube
  • Analysis of channel viewer data
  • Suggest the best times and days to post videos
  • Embed a short, easy-to-remember video URL/Link
  • Top Playlist
  • Analysis of interests, video genres that subscribers often watch
  • Basic data of competitors…

VidIQ tool is highly appreciated by many people thanks to its competitor analysis tool. Because through this utility, content creators can get a more general view, see their own advantages and disadvantages as well as those of competitors. From there, learn their lessons, help the channel develop better, attract more views.

VidIQ is appreciated by many people for its benefits
VidIQ is appreciated by many people for its benefits</span >

This tool makes it possible for you to see video content similar to your channel but those videos are highly rated and have many views. You can also track your competitors through VidIQ’s widget to help you develop strategies for your channel.

Another great use of VidIQ that is appreciated by many people is that it helps agencies or brands, organizations, and YouTube channel management companies save time in optimizing this entertainment video channel. Channel managers can export data so that channel activity can be monitored for best management.

How to use VidIQ effectively not everyone knows

When setting up a YouTube channel and becoming a content creator on this platform, for youtube channels you need to pay attention to 3D including: Deliverability – the ability to provide / transmit, discoverability – the ability to discover and distribute – Distribution capabilities.

The right VidIQ utility not only allows you to participate and perform digital marketing easily, but also better manage your YouTube channel as well as your customers. When the utility is used properly, the value it brings is enormous.

As shared, VidIQ is a marketing tool that helps users to analyze videos or analyze competitor accounts. It also provides meaningful insights about your channel to help you evaluate, make better decisions, and develop the right direction.

How to use VidIQ not everyone knows
Instructions on how to use VidIQ not everyone knows</ td>

Getting started with the VidIQ widget is super easy because what you need to do is the first step is to connect the widget to the YouTube channel you want to integrate. The utility will check and import data: video, number of followers, interaction, title, channel description, video description, Link URL, views… 

The utility will arrange the multipart data in the form of columns that are easy to follow and compare to get an overview of the channel. Then, through statistics, you will have views, changes and choose the appropriate method. You can make changes to the description, tags, and title to help older videos expand their audience. You can also learn more about additional features.

However, you can now create an account on VidIQ and import your channel for free to start optimizing all your uploaded YouTube videos. Drive traffic by updating hot search keywords and recommending optimal content descriptions for you.

Pros and cons of VidIQ that you need to know

Any utility, software or product has certain advantages and disadvantages. VidIQ is no exception, it also has its own advantages and disadvantages, so depending on the purpose of use, there are different methods and uses to suit.

Pros and cons of VidIQ
VidIQ pros and cons

Advantages of widgets

  • As shared, the first utility that VidIQ helps channel managers is that it will aggregate channel subscribers, video comments through statistics.
  • VidIQ also has statistics on the number of channel likes and dislikes, videos or followers, views per hour… Another feature of the tool that is appreciated by many people is video analysis.
  • Added Channel Audit tool on the left menu. With this additional tool, you can create and edit videos more efficiently.
  • VidIQ always updates the latest trends as well as current hot trending phrases. User tools help users save time. At the same time, it helps you to create appropriate content, minimizing errors in the content development process.
  • VidIQ is easy to use to help create better marketing and PR processes.
Advantages of VidIQ widget
Advantages of VidIQ widget
  • Helps users reach the target group and niche that content creators want through a natural search process that doesn’t cost you much fee.


  • VidIQ tool, if you want to use it for maximum effect, you must buy the complete package. For businesses or individuals who are just starting to build a channel, it will be extremely expensive.
  • This extension is only available in Chrome and not for other browser programs. .
  • If you do not know how to use and take advantage, the performance will not be high. It will take you some time to get used to the utility because the interface is not so easy to use.

Is it safe to use VidIQ?

VidIQ uses the platform that YouTube provides, the YouTube API. Using the plugin extension you will not need to worry because it does not violate YouTube’s terms of service. So using this utility is extremely safe because it has:

  • YouTube Certification for VidIQ
  • Created from a great organization
  • VidIQ supports Chrome extensions to access YouTube
Using VidIQ Extremely Safe</a >
Use VidIQ extremely safely

How to install VidIQ

To install VidIQ is extremely simple, you just need to go to Chrome and then visit the official website to install VidIQ. Then you choose to install and can use it immediately after installation.

The above is a summary of information about VidIQ to help you answer the question of what VidIQ is, the tool and how to install this utility. Hopefully through this article, it has helped you answer your questions and gain useful knowledge, thereby finding a way to develop your YouTube channel more and more effectively.