Surely all of us have heard of or have attended Workshops. But do you know what Workshop is? What are the forms and benefits that it brings as well as how to organize the Workshop effectively? Let’s answer questions about the Workshop through the following section of the article.


What is a workshop?
What is Workshop?

What is Workshop?

What is a workshop, it can be simply understood as an activity of discussing, exchanging or sharing about a certain field. The field can be broad or specific depending on the organizer of the workshop.

During the workshop, participants as well as the host and organizers can gain more information, knowledge or even certain skills. Each person participating in the workshop can share the knowledge they know to develop better together or find the most accurate answer.

The moderator, also known as the speaker or speaker of the workshop, will exchange information and interact with each other. A speaker is commonly known as a speaker.

What is a workshop?
What is Workshop?

Usually, the duration of the workshops lasts a few hours (about 2 to 4 hours). The activities of the workshop can be understood similarly to meetings or interactive exchanges to clarify the topic or provide more knowledge to the guests.

Workshops do not have any binding rules or restrictions on participants. The size and organization of the workshop will depend on the organizer based on their financial capacity.

The space to hold the exchange is not based on any standards and regulations. Just the organizers and participants are comfortable in the process of exchange and interaction.

Common workshop forms

Currently, workshops are not only a popular activity in our country but also around the world in any topic or field. Whoever you are, you can join the sharing sessions to gain more knowledge or skills that are really useful to you.

Workshops in our country today, the speakers are usually experts or professors, doctors in the field; people who are successful with their profession and life to give advice and solutions to the participants of the exchange. Currently, workshops are divided into 3 popular categories: knowledge sharing, marketing and practical instruction. These 3 types have 2 types: traditional and modern workshops.

Currently popular workshop formats</ a>
The most popular workshop forms these days

The reason the workshop splits into two small categories is because of science and technology and the growing internet age. Modern workshops today are often marketing or knowledge sharing workshops. The hands-on workshop is usually a traditional workshop. Because modern workshops often involve many participants, the space is large.

Traditional workshops are usually for students, students or staff in the company. The traditional workshop exchange helps participants deeply understand the issues, learn situations as well as skills. This knowledge is usually done by senior professionals or experienced individuals.

With large-scale modern workshops often at conferences, the center can accommodate up to 500 guests. These workshops are professionally staged with modern equipment, helping participants feel comfortable during the exchange process. Nowadays, modern workshops can also be held online through online software.

Workshop knowledge sharing

These workshops are often hot topics of interest to many people. Or exchange a problem that has many different perspectives and solutions so that everyone can discuss with different perspectives.

Knowledge Workshop< /td>
Knowledge Workshop

In this knowledge sharing workshop, the speaker is an extremely important person. The information that they say and mention must be the most correct, must have relevant experience and knowledge. Some current knowledge sharing workshop topics that are of great interest to many people include:

  • Share soft skills
  • Social problems
  • Thematic knowledge workshops: environment, IT, Marketing, financial management…

Workshop marketing promotion

Workshop marketing promotion is the exchange, big events. Marketing workshops are usually organized by organizations, companies, businesses or celebs. The number of people attending this marketing and promotion workshop can reach hundreds of people.

Workshop marketing promotion</ td>
Workshop marketing promotion

The form of marketing promotion through the workshop requires planning, the content needs to be carefully prepared. The preparation of logistics takes a lot of time and requires absolutely no errors, so for the workshop to take place successfully, promoting the marketing effectiveness that companies and businesses choose a unit specializing in preparing workshops.

Workshop tutorial

Workshop with hands-on instruction, you will certainly be guided and practiced. Usually these tutorials take longer than usual. That is, the workshop is not only 1 session but 1 course. Each session also only lasts an average of 2 to 4 hours but will take place at least 1 session.

Normally, this type of workshop will have 03 sessions so that practice-oriented participants can get used to or even understand and master that skill. In the practical workshop, the number of participants is limited because this will provide a more effective exchange and guidance session.

What is the benefit of the Workshop?

  • Support self-discovery and learning skills. At the same time, it helps the speaker to increase creativity and wit because through the exchange process, in order for the exchange to become fun and comfortable as well as increase interaction, the speaker must create a pleasant atmosphere. and friendly.
  • Participants can practice teamwork and creativity. Because you are consulted, have to contact as well as exchange and work with strangers to get certain results through the workshop.
Workshop brings enormous benefits not only to the participants but also to the organizers
Workshop brings great benefits not only to the participants but also And for the organizers
    • Due to the limited time in the workshop, it is imperative that participants focus and think about the solutions and answers that the performers have to offer. solution posed. This is one of the factors that help motivate attendees to learn more or increase their ability to think, think and handle situations quickly.
    • Help shy, timid or introverted people open up and interact with more strangers through activities in the sharing workshop. In particular, practical instruction or knowledge exchange workshops will help you better in this regard.
    • Bring useful knowledge and skills and help participants remember more deeply by interesting communication that makes participants impressed.
    • For companies, businesses, organizations or individuals that organize a workshop for marketing, it will help you save a large amount of PR costs or boost sales if the workshop is successful.


The process of organizing a workshop

Workshop was introduced to our country only in recent years and is still unknown to many people. Therefore, here is the process of organizing a workshop to get the best results: preparation; conduct organization; sponsor search; speaker, coordinator for the workshop

The process of organizing an effective workshop< /a>
The process of organizing an effective workshop

Preparing for the workshop

First, to be able to organize any successful event or issue, the preparation stage is extremely important. The preparation step determines the success, sometimes up to 70%, so at the workshop preparation step you need to prepare the following issues:

  • Determine why the workshop
  • Determine the type of workshop you will organize as well as the number of people expected to attend
  • Choose the ideal venue as well as the manager, preparation logistics, speakers, and audience you want to target.
  • Make up ideas and content for the workshop
  • The estimated budget for the workshop as well as the costs that participants have to pay (can be free or paid).
  • Search for locations, get ideas for setting up decorations as well as arranging areas in the workshop.
  • Specify the expected time, the date of the workshop as well as the date to send the information to the potential workshop participants.

Initiating the workshop

After preparing all the content, decorating and preparing for the workshop, in the process of organizing you also need to adhere to the following:

  • Need to respect the opinions that the participants give
  • Try to answer questions during the workshop if possible
  • Promote healthy interaction between people in the workshop to gain useful knowledge together.
  • Schedule a certain time frame so as not to affect the content behind.
The stage of organizing the workshop requires coordination between the parties for the exchange to be successful
The stage of organizing the workshop needs coordination between the parties, the discussion new to success
  • A friendly and cheerful attitude must not be disparaging or inappropriate towards others, especially workshop participants.
  • Summarize the key issues as well as the opinions raised by everyone along with practical and useful solutions.

You need to note that each person present in the workshop has certain roles. Therefore, when organizing, you need to cover the whole as well as lie and know the role of each person to help support the workshop to succeed.

Search for sponsors

For marketing workshops or free workshops, a sponsor is required. Or for workshops on specialized topics, the sponsor is not only material: funding, location, etc., but the sponsor can also support you in terms of image and knowledge that they provide. Have.

Speaker and coordinator

As shared, the speaker of the workshop is very important and has certain knowledge about this exchange. The speaker or the organizer are the key actors in the workshop.

Speakers and facilitators are very important in the workshop
The speaker and facilitator are very important in the workshop< /span>

The moderator or speaker must follow throughout the operation and organization. Therefore, the requirement for coordinators is a high ability to cover, coordinate with many different departments to solve unexpected problems.

The above is a summary of information to help you answer questions about what a workshop is as well as information related to the workshop. Hopefully, through this article, you will have a better understanding of the workshop and be able to participate in or organize successful exchanges.