If you are passionate about making money and investing “idle” money in a reliable sales channel, Ebay Dropshipping is a pretty suitable choice. Not only is this a new trend in business, this form is also trusted by many investors because it gives good revenue and possesses more advantages than other forms of making money from selling online.

Ebay Dropshipping - A simple guide to making money on the platform

What is Ebay Dropshipping?

eBay Dropshipping
eBay Dropshipping

This is a form of sale where the seller does not need to participate in the shipping process. This form, although relatively new, was loved when it was born. If you are a retailer, keeping inventory and paying for these costs is quite large. Therefore, when doing dropshipping, sellers with orders only need to transfer to the supplier (cooperating) and then ask them to ship the goods to the customer to complete.

Many experts consider this form to be very convenient. You do not need to manage warehouse personnel, goods or fear the control of overdue goods. Investors only need to focus on marketing products, tracking orders and taking care of their customers.

Ebay Dropshipping business, you are the intermediary between buyers and suppliers and the profit you will enjoy will be the difference in price after deducting shipping costs and some other surcharges.

How does Ebay Dropshipping stand out?

Is the potential of this model as you expected?
Is the potential of this pattern as you expected?< /td>

Currently, dropshipping is a popular business trend and is deployed on many different platforms. Ebay as the world’s second largest e-commerce platform with tens of millions of visits per month promises to be a “piece of cake” that cannot be ignored in this form of dropshipping.

In the world, the form of Ebay Dropshipping is no longer strange, but in Vietnam, they are still quite new. This form of business is considered suitable for students, office workers, … want to have a decent source of income without investing too much time and money.

However, if you are new to Ebay Dropshipping, you should refer to the stories around this type of business and assess the loss – more to start building your working strategy.

A prominent example of this is the T-shirt for eyelash artists sold on Amazon. The price of this product is only $20/product and the dropshipping merchant took the pictures and information from this site and reposted it on eBay for a higher price, which is $30/product.

Ebay Dropshipping  is implemented when an eBay customer orders this item, you will return to Amazon to order it for $ 20 and then confirm with Amazon to deliver it to the customer’s requested address (buy via eBay).

In this case, Amazon is the supplier for you and you can absolutely earn close to $10 on this order without spending any money.

How to make money on Ebay

EBay order delivery process
The process of eBay orders reaching customers

Once you have a rough understanding of what Ebay Dropshipping is, the next step that an investor needs to take is to learn how to start a business. Specifically:

  • Step 1: Users need to create an Ebay Dropshipping account, a payment account like Paypal, Paygate or Payoneer to pay
  • Step 2: As an investor, you need to find your favorite product or product that is being sought by the market that is both easy to sell and highly profitable. Next, you must find a supplier to be able to negotiate the price, form as well as shipping time. Success at this step is 80% success.
  • Step 3: Choose a suitable sales channel, where your sales target is already oriented. You can choose to sell on eBay, Amazon or some prominent trading platforms
  • Step 4: After the customer enters your store and buys the product, you need to pay to Paypal, Payoneer or a Paygate.
  • Step 5: After all procedures are completed, you ask the supplier to deliver the goods to the customer. You obviously don’t need to spend capital to make goods, stock them or produce them and still make a profit.
  • Step 6: The supplier inspects and packs the goods you ordered. They will send you a tracking number for you to track your shipment and its progress. This helps you take better care of your customers and keep up to date with any issues to resolve (if any)
  • Step 7: You summarize your orders in the month to calculate profit – loss as well as give appropriate long-term business direction. If you are just starting an Ebay Dropshipping business, you should be careful in choosing a reliable, reputable supplier with a reasonable price.

Making money on eBay is not difficult if you invest in research and have a long-term selling strategy here. Taking advantage of this online business will promise to be a stable source of income in the future for you.

Ebay Dropshipping Business Secrets

Although eBay is a potential market for dropshipping business, not everyone can stay on this exchange for long. Tell you the “golden formula” to get the best profit here:

Choose good products for business

Choosing a good item is a success in selling
Choosing a good item is a success in selling form

If you look at a product on other e-commerce platforms and see high reviews and purchases, it’s a best seller. Find out what percentage of real and unbiased reviews are and then try it out for yourself to judge which is the best.

When listing good products on eBay, customers will quickly trust and buy from you.

To determine which items are trending now and in the future, you have to keep a close eye on them and even across other sales channels. This advantage helps you save time on product PR. You just need to focus on the representative image, product description and reasonable price to attract customers.

In addition to the featured products that are of interest to customers, eBay is also a place for you to launch and sell local items. Foreigners love to experience new and rustic products. Specialties from other countries are something different and not universal. An example of the success of domestic products is Vietnam’s Golden Star Cao. Many Vietnamese business people have become richer by providing this product to foreigners.

Understand how to create and use eBay accounts

How to create an eBay account for dropshipping
How to create an eBay account to sell dropshipping

To start a dropshipping business here, users need to know how to set up an account and the specific process. First of all, you must have an international payment card such as Visa or Mastercard or if you do not have one, you need to go to the transaction offices to make this card.

Next, you use your active phone number to make sure to receive calls (both domestic and international) to register. Finally, you create a valid and frequently used email address to keep up to date with every sales process.

Optimize your eBay dropshipping business

To be able to optimize costs and bring in the best profits, sellers need to well control the following factors:

Price control

Selling price is the first factor to help sellers attract customers
Price is the first factor to help sellers attract customers

Millions of customers come to eBay with the desire to buy the cheapest items but with the best quality. This can be an advantage but also a challenge for the seller. Not only do you have to pay the supplier fees, but you also have to pay the listing fee plus a percentage of the sales for eBay.

Setting a selling price to both attract customers and not affect profit much is something that must be a headache for every seller. Please seriously research, consider the price and calculate for the long term. the selling price of your product on eBay

Make sure rows are available

Thousands of people through Ebay Dropshipping sales make a lot of profit. They save inventory costs but must control the amount of goods that can be available and link with warehouse management to best meet customer needs.

The mistake that this dropshipping business makes is that it is not able to control the inventory, leading to the failure to deliver goods to customers. This makes potential customers feel unhappy and they may leave you to buy another store.

Regularly check the manufacturer’s inventory, you need to know which items are available, which items need production time and how long it takes to produce,… If the quantity of goods sold for inventory is too low, Your store is in danger of having to close early.

Good customer service

Customer care must be unique
Customer care must be distinct

Getting customers to buy is a success, but keeping them coming back to buy your product in the long run is really a strategy that generates high margins. The key that Ebay Dropshipping sellers share is that the seller must maintain a long-term relationship with the customer.

Building a sustainable and reputable brand is the first thing that sellers want to achieve. You must ensure stock availability, provide quality products while optimizing prices, and always be open to customer feedback.

Just one act of professional customer care will help you sell big orders in the future. As a smart investor, you should focus on taking care of and making friends with customers. Only professional care services bring lasting value to a stall or a business.

How do you get the money back?

Set up a Paypal account to collect money
Set up a Paypal account to collect money

All transactions on eBay, excluding dropshipping, must be transacted through international payment gateways and the most popular at the moment is Paypal. When you start posting products on eBay, the system asks you to enter your Paypal account to receive money. Therefore, in addition to international card payments, the seller should also prepare a Paypal account.

In general, the Ebay Dropshipping business form will be an interesting door for those who are starting a business without much capital. You just need to understand the basic processes of sales and find a product with a good orientation as well as invest more in customer service, then you will surely achieve many achievements in the future.