Wanting the web to have high rankings, people refer to SEO Web. Similarly, if you want a YouTube channel or video to be on TOP 1, that’s the job of YouTube SEO. If your video content is really attractive, YouTube SEO will make it very simple to increase views, increase subscriptions or attract traffic from YouTube. So, what exactly is YoiuTube SEO? How to achieve high efficiency? Please follow the following article.

SEO YouTube: Summary of the most basic strategic content

What is YouTube SEO? Why YouTube SEO is needed?

Youtube SEO is a technique of optimizing information along with a video to make this video more search engine friendly. Thanks to Youtube SEO, videos get high rankings on Youtube’s search results page.

SEO YouTube brings videos to the top of search results
YouTube SEO puts videos on top of search results

You know, YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine in the world. Not only that, 55% of searches on Google target YouTube videos. Successful YouTube SEO means you are ahead of these users. That brings countless benefits to businesses as well as individuals owning Youtube channels.

For businesses, YouTube SEO helps promote brands, reach new customers, build trust and increase conversion rates.

Meanwhile, if you are building a personal brand or aiming to make money with YouTube, knowledge of YouTube SEO becomes even more important.

YouTube’s video ranking criteria

In order to bring out the videos that best match the user’s search needs, Youtube builds an extremely complex and sophisticated algorithm. In particular, the better the video meets the following criteria, the higher it will be ranked in the search results.

Youtube ranks videos on many criteria, if you know them then your SEO is really effective
Youtube ranks videos on many criteria, if you know them, your SEO will be really effective

If you want SEO Youtube to be successful, you should understand and implement SEO according to the following criteria.

User retention

Audience Retention is the percentage of users who watched a video. The larger this value, the more useful and attractive the video is to many people. The more people spend time watching videos for a long time, the higher the user retention rate.

Total watch time

As the name suggests, total watch time is the total number of seconds a user spends watching a video. This factor is extremely important for YouTube evaluation and ranking because it is proportional to the video quality. Total watch time is even more important than user retention.

For example, a 15-second video viewed for 11 seconds/time has a high retention rate but a relatively low total watch time. Meanwhile, a 10-minute video only has a 50% retention rate, but if the total viewing time is 5 minutes, YouTube will favor this video more. The reason is because the ability to make money from advertising of this video is higher.

Optimize keywords

Keyword optimization simply means mentioning keywords in the Titles, Descriptions or Tags accompanying the video. In these ways, YouTube’s automated system can understand the basic content of the video, thereby evaluating and ranking the video more accurately.

Channel strength

The stronger the Youtube channel, the higher the video is rated. YouTube is based on 3 main factors to evaluate the strength/weakness of a Youtube channel which are:

Channel Reputation: Judging by the title, description and duration of the video. In addition, being mentioned by reputable channels or sources also helps to increase the prestige and power of a Youtube channel.

Number and frequency of posting videos on the channel: The number of videos posted  on the channel proves the channel owner’s investment as well as their long-term intention to stick with Youtube. The more often the video is uploaded, the more it shows that the YouTube channel is active and strong.

Channel Subscribers: A strong Youtube channel with a large following. This proves that there are many people who love and wait for their products.

Reputable channel, regularly releasing videos and being watched by many people will highly rated
Reputable channel that regularly releases videos and gets many followers will be ranked high rank

Video content and quality

Video content and quality are also video ranking criteria that cannot be ignored. In particular, videos need to have useful, fresh content, diverse ways of expression, to satisfy the search needs of users.

With that, don’t forget to pay attention to image quality. Clear videos, engaging images and sound extend total watch time and increase viewership. These two factors are really important if you want effective YouTube SEO.

User interaction with video

YouTube also ranks videos based on how users interact with them. The more viewed, long watched, liked and shared videos, the higher the rating.

User interaction proves that the video is really useful, makes viewers interested and wants to express their views and feelings. The interactive factors that need attention and development are: Views, viewing duration, likes/hates, comments, shares.

In addition, Youtube also prioritizes search results videos by geographical location, user language. Videos from Youtube channels that have been subscribed by users will be ranked higher.

So how should YouTube SEO? Suggest some effective strategies

Thus, if you want YouTube SEO to be successful, improve rankings effectively, what you need to do is build content, optimize keywords and attract interaction, … Because Youtube not only evaluates a single video but also connects it. , recommends videos with related topics, so you can apply one or more of the following strategies to target SEO.

YouTube video SEO strategy

If you are new to YouTube SEO, start with video SEO because this is the most basic and simplest strategy. You will optimize each video, make sure the Title, Description, Tag … associated with a target keyword group. This is similar to optimizing articles in SEO Web. As such, video SEO needs to be maintained regularly, accurately, with keyword research and appropriate content.

SEO Video is the most basic strategy
SEO Video is the most basic strategy

Youtube recommends new videos to users in the upper right corner of the screen. These videos are related to the content previously searched, followed and interested by users.

The recommended SEO strategy is aimed at getting your video into YouTube recommendations. From here, if users find the content necessary and interesting, they will visit and follow your video.

To perform suggested SEO, we also optimize the video according to the keyword groups and tags of the video. However, the special thing is that keywords and tags will be taken according to the video you want to be suggested. As such, it is not difficult to implement a YouTube recommendation SEO strategy.

However, because of its simplicity, anyone can do it, so its competitiveness is also very high. Therefore, you should only apply additionally without focusing too much on SEO in this direction.

SEO Playlist YouTube Strategy

Playlist on Youtube is a collection of many videos of 1 or more channels selected according to a certain criteria. 1 video can be included in multiple Playlists at the same time. Users, Youtube channel owners are the creators of these Playlists. With Playlist, you can pull the reach, view, and engagement of multiple videos at once.

You can also follow the SEO Playlist strategy
You can also follow the SEO Playlist strategy

SEO Playlist YouTube is highly effective but not simple. You need to invest, build a reasonable Playlist. Only then will users be interested and follow all videos. Music and movie lists are the top suggestions to build a Playlist that is watched by many people.

YouTube channel SEO strategy

YouTube channel SEO is considered a difficult goal. Therefore, if you have enough knowledge and understanding of YouTube SEO, you should aim for this strategy. To be successful, you need to spend money, effort, time and, of course, constantly adding knowledge.

The SEO starts from the channel name to the keywords used by people. The goal is that the channel’s video reaches the top of search results by keyword. Youtube channel SEO will be more effective if the number of subscriptions and interactions on the video is large. That only happens when the content and topic of the video is really attractive and invested.

Overall YouTube SEO strategy

The last and probably the most used strategy is overall YouTube SEO. This is a strategy that combines all of the above strategies. For overall SEO to be successful, knowledge, planning and investment are indispensable. This will certainly be a long-term strategy, taking a little time, but can give the YouTube channel a long-lasting ranking.

7 basic steps to implement YouTube SEO strategy

After defining the strategy, the work can be implemented in the following 7 steps.

Step 1: Keyword research

There are many ways to do keyword research. You can write down some ideas, build potential keywords and then use YouTube’s Search Suggest feature. Specifically, type a word or phrase related to the video or channel and follow the suggested keywords. These keywords are being searched a lot so you should not ignore them.

Research keywords using YouTube's Search Suggest
Research keywords using YouTube’s Search Suggest

You can also refer to and get keywords on HOT “Most Popular” videos in the same field. Looking at the title, description and tag you can identify this content. In addition, YouTube Report can also give you keywords that are being used by users to search for videos on Youtube.

Step 2: Identify the most effective YouTube SEO keywords

If you don’t have many subscribers yet, start SEO for low-competition keywords. Low competition keywords appear in few videos and vice versa.

Combined with that, choose Youtube SEO keywords using Google. Type keywords on Google and see if the search engine shows videos or not. In addition, you should also pay attention to the number of monthly searches. The main keyword should have 100 – 1000 searches/month on Google. In addition, you can use Google Keyword Planner to identify the main keywords that need SEO.

Step 3: Build a good video to increase Audience Retention

As mentioned above, the longer users watch the video, the more effective SEO is. This is based on your creativity, investment and dedication to the video.

Step 4: Optimize video towards 5 elements

The 5 factors that need to be optimized and encouraged by users are: Comment, Subscribe, Share, Like, Click View. You can comment or make a call right in the video to target this.

Step 5: Optimize YouTube SEO with Title, Description and Tags

Insert keywords and ensure the length for Title, Description and Tag. In particular, the title should start with a keyword and be at least 5 words long. Description should be at least 250 words long, with keywords appearing in the first 25 words. Use Tags as the main keyword and related keywords and video topics.

Optimize keywords on Title, Description and Tags
Optimize keywords on Title, Description and Tags

Step 6: Promote YouTube videos

There are many ways to promote videos. You can: Post videos on forums, social networks, link videos to emails, embed videos in web, blog, add to playlists… Apply logically, naturally and regularly to get quality growth. .

Youtube SEO also needs to build backlinks. Promotion is also a way to create backlinks. You can also build backlinks from newspaper websites as well as buy additional Backlinks. However, you must definitely choose reputable units if you want to get the desired YouTube SEO results.

Some of the above YouTube SEO related shares hope to help you navigate and know what to do to get a Youtube channel to support your business as well as earn extra income. Applying these in combination with quality content, you can be sure that you will have great success on this largest video sharing social network in the world.

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