Increase Facebook Likes, Like Posts.

Almost everyone who uses Facebook has heard of the following phrases: Increase likes, increase Facebook likes, increase post likes, cross-like, increase fan page likes, increase personal Facebook likes. So what are they and is there a way to quickly boost the number of likes when posting a new post or creating a new fan page? And how can we achieve that? In today’s post, we will share with you right away.

Buff Like Facebook

Ways to Increase Facebook Likes, Like Posts.

Currently, there are many free methods to increase likes such as like exchange, cross-like, like hacking, like buffing, buying likes, and many more. But do you know how to increase likes?

If you are looking for a way to increase likes for your Facebook with a moderate amount, this article is for you.

A/ Increase likes for free through cross-like systems

In this method, you need to register an account on cross-like platforms. There are many of these platforms available, just search on Google and you will find many.

How it works: When it comes to cross-liking, it is quite simple. It’s like you give me a like and I’ll give you a like in return. But this system manages your like count to fulfill the task of liking for others. For each like you give, you will receive virtual money that can be used to buy likes from other members in the future.

B/ Cross-like on Facebook

Currently, there are many groups on Facebook that exchange likes and subscriptions from Facebook to other social networks. You can join these groups and perform the tasks in the simplest way.

You can search on Facebook for cross-like groups to exchange likes and subscriptions for free or join groups suggested in the link above.

C/ Complete tasks to earn money for increasing likes

This method is also quite simple. Each time you complete a task within 60 seconds, you will receive 1,000đ. With this amount, you can purchase any service on the system, such as likes or follows. Currently, the system offers likes at a reasonable price, where you can complete one task and receive 1,000đ, which can be used to buy over 100 likes or more than 100 Facebook follows on the system.

On average, you can earn from 200,000đ to 300,000đ per day from completing tasks, and you can request to withdraw the money to an ATM or use it to buy likes or subscriptions on this system.

How it works: You simply need to complete tasks by visiting partner websites provided by VSM through Google. Stay on the website for 60 seconds, and you will receive a code. Use that code to increase likes for yourself for free. Each code corresponds to 100 likes, and each task takes 60 seconds. The more tasks you complete, the more free likes you receive.

D/ Like hacking using tokens

This method is quite popular, but in terms of security and reliability, it is not trustworthy like the free methods mentioned above. When you increase likes through hacking websites, these sites will require you to provide your Facebook account username and password for their use. They will automatically use your Facebook account to like posts for others without your consent. Information such as Facebook messages and other sensitive parts can be easily exposed. Therefore, if you choose to use these methods, we recommend using a secondary Facebook account without sensitive information.

Should You Buy Likes?

If you don’t want to waste time cross-likes or want to be 100% safe for your facebook, the 3rd buy like method is the fastest and most effective way. This way you will save a lot of time cross like for others and ensure absolute safety.

How it works: You only need to register an account on the like selling systems to manage the service you have purchased. When you want to buy likes, you just need to recharge the system then get the link of your facebook post to order like immediately, the like sales system will process and bring your facebook link to the like increase system. and they will run the number of likes you request very quickly.

Trustworthy Like Buying and Selling Website?

1/ This website sells likes and subscriptions at a reasonable price, starting from 10,000đ, you can purchase 1000 Facebook likes, Facebook follows, and fan page likes. The system supports multiple platforms for selling likes and subscriptions across popular social networks in Vietnam, such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. You can create an account and experience it directly at this Link 

2/ We have developed the seeding website with many modern features, including the ability to export purchased services to an Excel file. All purchases come with automatic warranty in case of drops if you choose the warranty option. The most powerful feature of this website is the task-based free likes, which allows customers to obtain many high-quality likes for free without having to buy likes, simply by completing tasks. In addition, also provides multi-platform likes and subscriptions services like the site. You can also experience the website at this link

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Buff Like Facebook

Benefits of Using VSM’s Automatic Post Like Service

Buff Like Facebook

Building Brand Value

Posts and images with a large number of likes always create a significant attraction and garner specific attention. Attracting purchases and post likes from customers or sharing them with friends helps promote your personal brand.

Value of Post Likes

It is the value that automatic post likes bring to you. Trust, credibility, and customer attraction. When customers are stimulated in the initial stage, their purchasing behavior is likely to be stimulated as well, making it easier to finalize orders.

VSM’s Post Like Service Pricing

Are you interested in learning about the pricing of VSM’s post like service? Contact us immediately for consultation and feedback on the necessary information. Our customer support channel is available 24/7, every day of the week. You can reach us through various means.


What is automatic personal Facebook post liking?

Automatic post liking, also known as auto like, Facebook auto like, or VIP like, is a service that helps you increase likes on your posts automatically after you publish them, whether it’s a text post, photo, video, etc. In general, when using this service, the number of likes on your posts will quickly increase. The purpose of increasing post likes is not only to enhance post reach but also to build trust in your personal profile.

Increasing likes on posts is no longer a difficult and labor-intensive task of sharing and begging for likes. With just a few hours, images, posts, videos, etc., can receive hundreds or thousands of likes thanks to the use of auto like. This is one of the services that many people particularly love and highly appreciate.

What are the benefits of increasing post likes? Why should you use VSM’s personal Facebook like service? With a small cost and a short amount of time when using the service, you can obtain likes equivalent to those achieved in months or even years. A massive number of likes brings numerous benefits, including:

Anyone who intends to make a purchase will research and evaluate the credibility of the store. In the case of online shopping, customers often rely heavily on the number of likes to assess the credibility of the shop and the quality of the products.

Therefore, when your posts, images, product listings, etc., have a large number of likes, customers will perceive your business as more trustworthy. And undoubtedly, pages with a high number of likes attract a significantly higher number of customers who complete purchases compared to pages with low interaction. This is something that many people have evaluated and acknowledged.

A post with a high number of likes will always generate curiosity and excitement, making people want to explore and discover the content. It suggests attractive products, high-quality goods, promotions, and more. In that case, customers will be stimulated to click and explore the content.

This is a prerequisite for successful sales – stimulating customers to view the products you are offering. Once customers have viewed the products, if they find them appealing, they will naturally be drawn in and engage by asking for price information, size details, or seeking advice. This helps increase natural interactions.