Business Email Service

Using a domain email address like establishes the business brand on the internet. It allows customers to recognize that they are contacting the right company for cooperation and communication, helping to build trust with customers. A business email enhances credibility, which is a crucial factor for every business.

Business Email Service

What is a Business Email?

A business email is an email owned by a company. It means having an email address that follows the structure of the company’s name or website instead of using extensions like or For example:

Each email ID not only establishes the identity of an individual or company but also serves as an advertising tool for the company. Registering email addresses for businesses is an advantage for your company to build its brand and facilitate the marketing process.

There are currently two types of business emails:

Type 1: Free business emails provided when using web hosting from a service provider. However, these are not dedicated emails as they lack domain authentication, which makes them more susceptible to ending up in spam folders.

Type 2: Business emails provided on one or more dedicated servers with specialized email software. These emails are integrated with email management software, have domain authentication capabilities, and can bypass filters up to 98% of the time.

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