Canva Pro 150k for lifetime, use first pay later, 2-year warranty

Canva Pro is a perpetual website and a graphic design tool. Canva utilizes a drag-and-drop format and provides access rights to users with Canva accounts. Canva Pro is known for its vast collection of millions of images, design templates, videos, graphics, and fonts. Canva Pro allows users to have permanent access without any additional costs. Businesses and designers always prioritize having a sufficient supply of high-quality images. The introduction of affordable CANVA PRO PURCHASE by VSM meets these essential needs, helping companies and web designers overcome various challenges and difficulties during their work process.

Canva Pro Accounts

Why Buy Canva Pro Lifetime Account for 299k – 2-Year Warranty

The regular price of Canva Pro may seem high for students who want to make their articles and marketing materials more appealing. The original price of 149k/month only provides one month of usage. However, with Canva Pro, for just 299k and a 2-year warranty, we can enjoy long-term and cost-effective usage. This is one of the reasons why you should buy a Canva Pro account. VSM guarantees reliability and quality as described.

Benefits of using Canva Pro for a lifetime

Canva is an application used to design and edit photos conveniently.

With the Canva application, there are about 500 letters for users to easily choose according to their needs.

1.Easy and Quick Design

Canva is a convenient tool for designing and editing images. With Canva, users have access to approximately 500 fonts, making it easy to choose according to their needs.

2. Impressive Videos and Creative Designs

Canva’s designs make your videos and visuals more eye-catching. They make your posts more attractive, dynamic, and appealing to viewers. This is one of the features that sets Canva Pro apart and attracts more attention from users.

3. Design with Over 500 Fonts

Canva allows easy insertion of text and images. With a wide variety of fonts, users can choose the one that suits their purposes.

4. Rich Library of Designed Images

You can create images in your own style or use pre-designed templates available in Canva’s image library. With a vast selection of high-quality images, Canva Pro users can choose the most beautiful and suitable ones to make their content more vibrant.

5. Share Designs on Social Media

After completing and perfecting your designs, you can share them with family, friends, and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Zalo.

Advantages of using Canva Pro for a lifetime:

  • Canva is fast, which helps save time and enhance productivity, especially for small companies where marketers have multiple tasks.
  • Canva Pro is convenient with its auto-save feature, and since it operates online, it can be used on any computer. It also offers collaborative features for teamwork.
  • Canva provides a diverse range of resources and has received high praise for its improvements, making it a hot choice compared to its initial version.
  • Canva Pro for a lifetime offers longer usability compared to other pricing options.

Is Canva Pro really good?

Canva meets the essential needs of content marketers and graphic designers. Its image quality is highly rated, earning it a 5-star reputation among users. Trust and use it. Purchasing Canva Pro from VSM not only saves you money and time but also ensures reliability and quality. If you enjoy being creative with images, why not give Canva a try? Purchasing from VSM will provide you with a trustworthy experience, warranty, and reputation.

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Canva Pro perpetual license according to Canva's policy.
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Should you upgrade to a Canva Pro account?

It depends on your usage needs and the features you want to use. If you require advanced features and advanced design capabilities, upgrading to a Pro account may be a good decision. However, if you only use Canva for basic purposes, you may not need to upgrade.

The cost of upgrading from a free account to a Canva Pro account is typically around $12.95 per month or $119.40 per year when billed annually. However, prices may vary, and there may be different promotions and discounts available depending on the timing and location. We recommend checking the official Canva website for details on the latest pricing and offers.

Yes, Canva offers a free version with a wide range of features and design tools. You can use Canva for free to create and edit graphic designs, posters, invitations, social media graphics, and more. However, the free account has limitations on features and the number of exclusive images you can use. If you want to access more features and have access to exclusive images, you may consider upgrading to a Pro account.