Company Formation Service

If you are planning to start a business and want to establish a company, you have probably searched for information about the procedures. After ten minutes of research, you realize that the paperwork process for this can be complicated, and you don’t know where to start. That’s why VSM Digital Marketing provides you with a comprehensive solution: an affordable and fast company formation service.

Company Formation Services

Information about Company Formation Service

Company formation service is a service that assists businesses with the procedures for obtaining a company establishment license. The service includes legal consultation, preparation of registration documents, and the necessary paperwork for setting up a new business. This is a useful and convenient service that helps entrepreneurs quickly obtain operating licenses in accordance with the business laws of Vietnam.

All the relevant documents related to the process of applying for a new company establishment license are available online, and anyone can study and follow them easily. However, when applied in practice, numerous issues can arise, causing inconvenience for those involved. The process of traveling, waiting for notarization, and supplementing documents can be cumbersome for newcomers.

Furthermore, even after obtaining the company establishment license, startup entrepreneurs still have many questions that need to be addressed. The most notable ones include the first tax reporting, digital signatures, and electronic invoices (which have become mandatory according to the latest regulations in 2022 for businesses). There are many steps that need to be taken and should be guided in detail by an experienced team to avoid multiple revisions and save time.

Therefore, the best solution for company formation is to seek a reputable support service. With an affordable cost, individuals in need can utilize company formation services. However, not all services advertised online can be trusted to deliver the expected results at a reasonable cost. Specifically at VSM Digital Marketing, company formation has never been simpler and more convenient with a wide range of comprehensive package services.

VSM Digital Marketing not only provides company formation services but also offers meticulous consultation for customers. The company takes responsibility for each contract in the process of company formation and is readily available to proactively answer inquiries. The document forms are always updated according to the latest regulations, accompanied by detailed instructions from a team of professional staff. VSM accepts applications quickly, ensuring the issuance of business licenses within 3 days. Moreover, the company is committed to avoiding additional costs and not leaving any unnecessary services unfinished.

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Many experienced business people still choose to use company formation services, and the reason lies in the convenience of these services.

Advantages of Company Formation Services at VSM Digital Marketing

VSM Digital Marketing offers attractive advantages when it comes to company formation services for its clients.


When should you establish a company?

When to establish a company depends on various factors, but some common reasons considered suitable for company formation include:

  • You have a proven and potentially successful business idea.
  • You have sufficient investment capital and funding to start and sustain the company’s operations.
  • You have researched and have a clear understanding of the requirements and procedures for company formation in the location where you want to establish.
  • You have assembled a team of employees and cooperative shareholders to support and grow the company.
  • You have a business plan and a financial plan to guide the company’s operations.

However, the most important aspect is that you believe in the success potential of your business idea and have proper preparation to start and sustain the company’s operations.

There are several reasons why users should use company formation services, including:

  • Time-saving: Establishing a company can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, but using company formation services can help users minimize the time and effort required.
  • Avoiding mistakes: Company formation services provide users with expert guidance on the formation process and necessary legal requirements, helping to avoid mistakes during the company formation process.
  • Cost-saving: Using company formation services can help users save costs, as they provide reasonable pricing and focus on the necessary legal requirements.

When setting up a company, you need to provide certain information and documents, including:

  • Company name: You need to determine the company name and check if it is available and suitable for use.
  • Company address: You need to provide an accurate and valid company address for communication and correspondence purposes.
  • Founder information: You need to provide information about the founder(s), including name, address, and identification number.
  • Identification documents: You need to provide identification documents such as a copy of identification card, household registration, or other personal identification documents to verify personal information.
  • Capital documents: You need to provide information about the company’s capital, including the amount of initial investment and the source of capital.
  • Rights and obligations of shareholders: You need to provide information about the rights and obligations of shareholders in the company.
  • Formation procedures: You are responsible for completing the company formation procedures, including registration, information verification and confirmation, and issuance of business registration certificates.
  • Fees: You need to prepare the relevant fees for company formation, including registration fees, maintenance fees, and other fees as required by each country.

Note: Requirements may vary depending on the country or jurisdiction where you intend to establish the company, so make sure to check and comply with the specific regulations and requirements of the location where you want to set up the company.

Company Formation Services

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