Facebook Fanpage Creation and Professional SEO-Optimized Fanpage Design Services

Nowadays, whether it’s an established business or a startup entrepreneur, they all share a common desire to own a professional Facebook fanpage with high engagement, well-organized layout, and effective performance. However, the specialized tasks and marketing knowledge become obstacles that make self-building a fanpage seem impossible. If you are facing similar concerns, turn to VSM Digital Marketing for a solution in high-quality fanpage design, competitive pricing, and top-notch services, making it the optimal choice.

Facebook Fanpage Creation and Professional SEO-Optimized Fanpage Design Services

How to Create a Facebook Fanpage ?

In today’s digital era, almost everyone has their own Facebook account. Many businesses take advantage of this by creating fanpages to sell their products to customers easily and effectively. If you’re also looking to create a fanpage for your business but don’t know how, along with utilizing it to achieve the best business results, you should definitely not overlook the following sharing.

What is a Fanpage?

Before diving into the process of creating a fanpage, let’s understand what a fanpage is. A fanpage is one or more pages created from a personal or business Facebook account.

These fanpages typically gather people with common interests, needs, or desires, aiming to share, comment, or promote products.

Fanpage thường tập trung những nhóm người có chung sở thích
Fanpages typically gather people with shared interests.


Creating a fanpage brings several benefits:

  • Easy Promotion: Fanpages enable businesses, especially small ones, to easily promote their products to customers.
  • Updates and Offers: You can use a fanpage to share updates on promotional campaigns, rewards, and new products.
  • Convenient Product Exchange: A fanpage facilitates simple, fast, and convenient communication between sellers and buyers for product exchanges.
  • Effective Branding: Fanpages serve as a quick and efficient platform for businesses to showcase their images and brand identity.
  • Crowd Effect for Sales: Creating a fanpage can generate a crowd effect that aids in sales. Additionally, it allows for rapid community outreach and engagement.
Tạo fanpage giúp tiếp cận khách hàng nhanh và hiệu quả hơn
Creating a fanpage helps reach customers quickly and effectively.

Current types of fanpages available.

Before learning how to create a fanpage, let’s explore the different types of fanpages available today. Based on their operating features, there are six main types of fanpages:

  • E-commerce and product exchange fanpages: Created for buying, selling, and exchanging goods, as well as promoting and showcasing products.
  • Fanpages for celebrity enthusiasts: Designed for fans of famous personalities.
  • Community-oriented fanpages: Serving community activities and interests.
  • Fanpages for educational institutions, hospitals, academies, etc.: Established by schools, hospitals, academies, and other similar organizations.
  • Entertainment-focused fanpages: Providing entertainment content and activities.
  • Fanpages for tourist attractions and local destinations: Dedicated to promoting and showcasing various local attractions and destinations.
Tạo fanpage của các địa điểm tham quan, các địa điểm của địa phương
Creating fanpages for tourist attractions and local landmarks.

Distinguish between creating a facebook fanpage and creating a Group

Currently, so many people still do not really understand how creating a fanpage and group is different. Even many people mistakenly believe that these two types are the same.

Distinguishing between creating a Facebook fanpage and creating a group:

  • Regarding fanpages: All individuals who have liked and followed the page will see the updates you make on your page. However, they only have the ability to engage by rating, commenting, and discussing on the page’s newsfeed.
  • Regarding groups: In a Facebook group, all members have the ability to update, share, post, comment, and rate the group’s content. Additionally, group members can directly message each other.
Fanpage và group là khác nhau hoàn toàn
Fanpage and group are totally different.

How to Create a Facebook Fanpage ?

Step 1: Create a page

First, to create a fanpage, access your Facebook account. Then, click on the “More” option and select “Create Page.”

Vào tài khoản facebook để tạo fanpage
Access your Facebook account to create a fanpage

Step 2: Set up basic page information

The next step in creating a fanpage is to update the basic information of the page:

Name your fanpage: Typically, the name of the page is concise and targets the products or services you are focusing on. You can search on Google, enter the name of your product, and find out the top 10 results to choose the most attractive name.

Select a category: Choose the most relevant category related to your product. You can select up to 3 categories.

About section: The about section is like a general introduction to your fanpage. Therefore, choose descriptive and engaging language. Then, click on “Create Page” to create your fanpage.

Cập nhật các thông tin liên quan đến sản phẩm của doanh nghiệp
Update relevant information about your business’s products

Step 3: Update page information

Next, you will update the profile picture and cover photo for your fanpage.

This step is optional, but it is recommended to update these images to make a professional and impressive impression. It’s important that these images directly relate to the product or service you are targeting.

Cập nhật thông tin ảnh đại diện để thu hút khách hàng tiềm năng
Update profile picture to attract potential customers

Step 4: Further edit page information

After creating the fanpage, the link and profile picture will be set. You can customize and update additional information to make it easy for customers to contact you. Additionally, you can add a call-to-action button at the top of the page to provide convenience for customers.

Thêm nút hành động để đưa khách hàng vào phễu nhanh nhất
Add a call-to-action button to streamline customer engagement.

Measures to create a fanpage and attract more people to the page:

After creating a fanpage, the next thing for a business is to attract a lot of people to follow or like its page. The more followers you have, the more effective your sales will be:

Send invitations to like and follow the fanpage:

After creating the fanpage, go to the page’s management section and send invitations to your friends on Facebook to interact with your page by liking or following it. Additionally, you can ask your friends and family to share the page to gain more likes.

However, avoid sending too many invitations at once, as this can be perceived as spam. You can space them out and send around 50 invitations at a time.

Mời càng nhiều bạn bè thích và theo dõi trang càng tốt
Use hashtags to make it easier for customers to find you

Create engaging posts:

Creating the fanpage is just the beginning; the real work lies in nurturing and maintaining the page, which requires investing time and effort. Create compelling posts or videos that attract the attention and interaction of your audience. The more interactions and comments you receive, the higher your fanpage will be rated, making it more accessible to potential customers.

Engage with relevant groups:

Participate in groups that are relevant to your products or have potential customers. This not only increases the interaction on your fanpage but also allows you to share meaningful posts in community groups, attracting a larger audience and increasing engagement.


Tăng tương tác bằng cách tham gia các nhóm có liên quan đến sản phẩm
Engage with relevant groups

Follow posting schedules:

Establish a consistent posting schedule for your fanpage. For example, you can schedule posts to go live at 11 am on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This practice is highly regarded by Facebook and can leave an impression on your audience.

You don’t have to remember the posting schedule manually; you can use Facebook’s scheduling feature. Additionally, avoid posting continuously within a short time span. It is recommended to space out your posts by at least 6 hours to maximize effectiveness.

Utilize hashtags:

Create hashtags for relevant keywords related to your business’s products. This will help customers find your business more easily and improve the visibility of your posts when they search for related keywords.

Sử dụng hashtag để khách hàng dễ tìm thấy bạn hơn
Sử dụng hashtag để khách hàng dễ tìm thấy bạn hơn

Fanpage Locking and How to Handle It

Typically, when creating a fanpage for sales purposes, there is a possibility that the fanpage may be locked. Let’s go over some reasons why a fanpage can get locked and how to resolve it.

Reasons for Fanpage Locking

High block rate on the fanpage

This means that Facebook calculates the rate of business messages sent each day that are blocked by customers. For example, if you send 100 messages to your customers in a day, and 6 of them block your messages, the block rate would be 6%.

Fanpages are evaluated based on the following criteria

  • If the block rate is 1-2%, it is considered normal, and you can continue sending messages to customers without concern.
  • If the block rate is 3-5%, it is considered risky, so the business needs to identify the reasons and find solutions.
  • If the block rate is 6-8%, it is high, and if it exceeds 8%, your fanpage may get locked.
Fanpage có thể bị khóa do vượt quá tỷ lệ chặn cho phép

Fanpage may be locked due to exceeding the allowable block rate

Exceeding the allowed number of API calls:

Each message sent by the fanpage to a customer is counted as an API call. If you exceed the number of API calls allowed by Facebook, certain features such as commenting, messaging, sharing, or even the fanpage itself may be blocked.

If the customer interacts back, the message sent in response is not counted as an API call. Therefore, avoid sending too many spam messages to customers at once and wait for their response before continuing.

Violation of subscription messaging policy:

Subscription messaging refers to messages that do not contain advertising content. These messages are sent by the fanpage to customers starting from the last time the customer messaged the fanpage.

If a fanpage intentionally sends messages containing sales, promotions, discounts, etc., beyond the 24-hour window, it will be considered a violation.

Preventive Measures for Fanpage Locking:

Although there are various reasons for fanpage locking, there are also several preventive measures that businesses should consider:

Regularly monitor page analytics

On the fanpage, there is a section for monitoring customer interactions with the page. Businesses should regularly monitor this section to stay updated and avoid exceeding block rates.

Thường xuyên theo dõi và đánh giá tình trạng của fanpage
Monitor and evaluate the fanpage’s status:

Create customer groups:

Create customer groups based on shared interests and needs, allowing you to send relevant messages that attract attention and receive customer responses. Avoid being flagged as spam.

Select engaging messages:

Invest in creating engaging and highly interactive messages to send to customers. Also, space out the sending of messages and avoid sending too many to customers at once.

These are some insights into creating a fanpage and important things to know when using a fanpage to maximize the effectiveness of your business activities. If you genuinely want to conduct business through a fanpage, invest time and effort from the beginning to achieve the best possible results.

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Facebook Fanpage Creation and Professional SEO-Optimized Fanpage Design Services
Create a Professional Fanpage:

We create a fanpage that meets on-page SEO standards, providing complete and necessary information. We conduct brand research and keyword analysis to maximize the fanpage’s reach to potential customers.

Index On Google

Your fanpage will be indexed on Google search, taking advantage of this opportunity. You can easily optimize SEO to rank your fanpage higher on Google. With well-researched keywords and titles, you can reach a considerable number of potential customers.

Support and Marketing Consultation:

Customers who create a fanpage with us will receive the first Facebook marketing package, which includes reaching 50,000 potential customers with accurate targeting. If you find marketing effective, you can easily advance and strengthen your marketing efforts in the future.


About ten years ago, when it came to digital marketing, people often only thought about building an official website for businesses or companies. However, nowadays, alongside the website, a Facebook fanpage has become an essential and equally important part of digital marketing.

To understand the strategic position of a fanpage in advertising campaigns, we should first understand the nature of a Facebook fanpage. Facebook is a social network with hundreds of millions of users worldwide, most popular in Vietnam. Facebook users in recent years include not only young people but also middle-aged and even older individuals. Vietnamese people have a habit of updating news, discussing social issues, and shopping on Facebook.

A Facebook fanpage is a dedicated page on Facebook, not a personal account, created to represent a famous individual, a business, a company, or an enterprise. Fanpages are equipped with functions such as tracking visitor traffic, managing business operations, and supporting advertising, which personal profiles do not have. Fanpage administrators can create quality content and use Facebook Ads to attract Facebook users and convert them into customers. The best Facebook fanpages also have an automated sales function, serving as an online store without the need for an external website.

In summary, if a professional, SEO-optimized fanpage is built from the beginning and proves effective, the digital marketing campaign becomes much easier. Particularly, a good fanpage requires less effort to maintain interaction. Sellers can conduct live streams, finalize orders on the fanpage. In fact, many successful advertising campaigns have been organized by large businesses solely through well-designed Facebook fanpages.

On the other hand, creating an SEO-optimized fanpage that can immediately start operating is not an easy task. Anyone can create a fanpage, but how to fully exploit its potential, understand the advanced functions that a fanpage provides, and apply them in practice is crucial. This is why both large companies and small businesses tend to use professional fanpage design services from experienced marketing teams.

If you browse the marketing market in online groups, you will come across thousands of fanpage design service packages offered by reputable advertising companies as well as lesser-known ones. So, how can you determine which company is trustworthy and offers a price that suits your fanpage usage needs and financial capacity? This is the top concern for customers when searching for fanpage design services for their businesses. In reality, there is no more effective way than researching and learning about the service provider’s experience and choosing based on customer feedback. That is why VSM Digital Marketing is proud to be a leading reputable provider of fanpage design services at present.

VSM Digital Marketing offers attractive fanpage design service packages at reasonable prices for all customer segments. The service at VSM goes through multiple stages, including free consultation and various support promotions to increase page reach. They assist customers in managing and maintaining their fanpages even after the contract ends.

Regarding fanpage design expertise, VSM Digital Marketing commits to building an effective and SEO-optimized fanpage that promotes a strong brand presence and delivers visible results in the shortest possible time. You will witness improvements in user engagement, rapid increase in conversion rates, and evident business growth. Fanpages designed by VSM Digital Marketing lay a solid foundation, ready for future communication campaigns.

Moreover, VSM’s fanpage design service also includes Google indexing support, ensuring that the page appears in search results. This makes it easy to bring the fanpage to the top position. As a result, the SEO-optimized keywords within the fanpage content will stand out and easily reach users both within and outside of Facebook, bringing significant traffic benefits to the business.

Each step in fanpage design is carefully planned and executed with professionalism and experience by VSM Digital Marketing. The company ensures repairs and improvements based on customer preferences, provides enthusiastic fanpage management guidance, and creates long-term trust with partners. That’s why VSM’s fanpage design service is highly regarded as a flagship in the digital marketing industry.

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Outstanding Advantages of Fanpage Design Services at VSM

As a leading company in the digital marketing industry, VSM’s fanpage design service possesses numerous advantages in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness for customers.

Fanpage Design Pricing for Business

Package 1
/ Page
Cost includes VAT
Standard SEO Onpage Fanpage Setup
Free marketing package with 10,000 reach
2 complimentary content posts
Basic image design
Free 1,000 fanpage likes
Logo and cover photo creation
Set full quyền Admin fanpage
5 five-star ratings for fanpage
Package 2
/ Page
Cost include VAT
Standard SEO Onpage Fanpage Setup
Free marketing package with 30,000 reach
5 complimentary content posts
Basic image design (2 images)
Free 5,000 fanpage likes
Viplike package: 50 likes/post/3 months
Full Admin rights set for fanpage
10 five-star ratings for fanpage
Package 3
/ Page
Cost includes VAT
Standard SEO Onpage Fanpage Setup
Free marketing package with 50,000 reach
10 complimentary content posts
Basic image design (4 images)
Free 10,000 fanpage likes
Viplike package: 100 likes/post/3 months
Full Admin rights set for fanpage
15 five-star ratings for fanpage
Package 4
/ Page
Cost includes VAT
Standard SEO Onpage Fanpage Setup
Free marketing package with 50,000 reach
15 complimentary content posts
Basic image design (7 images)
Free 20,000 fanpage likes
Viplike package: 200 likes/post/3 months
Full Admin rights set for fanpage
25 five-star ratings for fanpage
Package 5
/ Page
Cost includes VAT
Standard SEO Onpage Fanpage Setup
Free marketing package with 100,000 reach
Tặng gói 30.000 like fanpage
Viplike package: 250 likes/post/3 months
Starter Fanpage Care Package
Logo + Basic cover photo
50 five-star ratings for fanpage
Package 6
/ Page
Cost includes VAT
Standard SEO Onpage Fanpage Setup
Free marketing package with 500,000 reach (within 3 months)
Free 50,000 fanpage likes
Viplike package: 300 likes/post/3 months
Starter Fanpage Care Package

Logo + Basic cover photo
100 five-star ratings for fanpage


Facebook Fanpage Keyword Pricing

Fanpage Keyword helps you reach a large number of customers quickly and long-term without running advertisements. It helps increase brand recognition and strong brand coverage on the Facebook search engine. For this Fanpage, it requires creating a large number of fanpages with the same brand and service keywords that the customers are doing business with. You will use software to bulk post on Fanpages and manage a large number of Fanpages to convert customers. If you use this type of page, our support team will assist you in using it from A to Z until you become proficient.

Type 1
/ Page
Minimum order: 400 Pages
3 admin accounts for 200 Pages
Optimization of all 14 steps
Includes 10 standard SEO content pieces
20 likes per page + 10 days of posting on all Pages
Type 2
/ Page
Minimum order: 1000 Pages
3 admin accounts for 200 Pages
Optimization of all 14 steps
Includes 20 standard SEO content pieces
40 likes per page + 10 days of posting on all Pages

Do you need consultation regarding our services?

For the fastest response, please contact our consultants directly through one of the following platforms:


Contact us
Targeting and filtering customer files
Minimum purchase of 50,000 reach
Price starting from 10,000 VND/1000 impressions
Increase fanpage likes, post likes
Increase shares, comments on posts
Deposit money into the system for self-ordering
Contact us
Post includes: 1 image and content ranging from 50 to 300 words
Price starting from 149,000 VND/post
Minimum order of 15 posts
5 sample designs for customers to choose from the available templates
Maximum 3 rounds of editing
Unlimited editing for an additional 199,000 VND
5 sample designs for customers to choose from the available templates
Maximum 3 rounds of editing
Unlimited editing for an additional 149,000 VND
2 preview designs + 2 logo drafts for customers to choose from
Maximum 5 rounds of editing
Support for a maximum of 3 rounds of editing.



Why should Fanpage be designed?

In digital marketing, Fanpage is an essential part for any business, where they promote their products and services on Facebook. It is also the most popular channel for customer care nowadays.

Which Fanpage package is suitable depends on the customer’s budget and needs. Typically, there are packages available for different budget segments, ranging from low to high, to provide customers with the most suitable options. However, if you wish, you can contact VSM for personalized advice based on your industry and budget.

You should consider purchasing an additional package when you have additional needs for Facebook advertising or when you want to develop your personal brand. By doing so, your Fanpage can operate at its maximum potential.

We will have a suitable warranty policy based on the industry you are operating in. If there are any violations of Facebook policies or copyright infringements, we will provide an appropriate warranty policy during the service consultation.