Entity Service

As a business operating in the era of Industry 4.0 and actively pursuing online advertising, have you ever heard of the concept of SEO Entity? If this term is completely unfamiliar to you, it is highly likely that you are lagging behind your competitors in the race to rank high in search results and build a reputable brand. The high-quality Entity service provided by VSM Digital Marketing will be a solid stepping stone to give your brand a competitive edge.

Entity Services

Entity Service – Advanced SEO Methodology

If we trace the origin of the term “Entity,” in English, it means “an entity.” From there, the concept of SEO Entity emerged to verify the identity and credibility of businesses and the origin of their products on the Internet. This is a way to build a brand with a clear origin, synchronizing the identity across the most popular Blog Network and Social Network platforms.

One of the outstanding benefits of SEO Entity is enhancing the trustworthiness of a business website through the credibility of social media platforms and high-quality websites. Additionally, Entity is a method to build diverse and selective backlinks, surpassing the practice of indiscriminately purchasing backlinks.

Properly implemented SEO Entity also generates positive branding effects. Users will discover websites through trusted sources, thereby facilitating fast and sustainable user behavior conversion. The website structure of businesses employing SEO Entity also gains sustainability and is less affected by Google’s changes in page quality evaluation mechanisms.

In summary, in the long run, SEO Entity is a proactive way to create high-quality backlinks, increase brand recognition, and assert the position of a reputable and transparent brand. The ultimate goal of SEO Entity is to ensure the presence of a business with established credibility and a consistent image that leaves a professional impression. Above all, SEO Entity aims to boost website rankings on Google’s search results through legitimate, ethical, and sustainable methods.

The services offered under the Entity service category include:

  • Creating Social Profiles, with the number reaching over 200 different accounts.
  • Declaring schemas for businesses.
  • Brand synchronization (logo, banner, hashtag, e-commerce platform links, etc.).
  • Setting up Google Maps and Google Business.
  • Promoting social index and blog 2.0.

Industries related to science, healthcare, health care, real estate, and other related fields can all benefit from SEO Entity.

Since this methodology is still relatively new and requires knowledge of SEO, the Entity service is not yet widely implemented by many marketing companies. However, VSM Digital Marketing, as a pioneer in online advertising, quickly introduced the Entity service to meet customer demands.

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Why is the Entity service essential for businesses?

Although the concept of SEO Entity is relatively new, the Entity service has proven to be effective in numerous digital marketing projects.

The advantages of using VSM Digital Marketing’s Entity service:

VSM provides the best Entity service on the market today, with many package deals and affordable prices.

Elegant and creative design

VSM offers customers a library of thousands of pre-designed website templates. Additionally, VSM’s exclusive and entirely new designs provide customers with a wide range of choices. Websites designed and implemented by VSM ensure a modern appearance, product suitability, attract viewers, and easy management.


Simple operation and maintenance

With years of experience in website design, VSM plans in detail from basic to advanced features. Using VSM’s designed websites guarantees smooth operation and simple user interactions. We also consider the cost of website maintenance and upkeep, helping customers balance their finances and achieve the best results.


Prompt and dedicated support

VSM Digital Marketing’s services extend beyond homepage design. We always aim to accompany and take practical responsibility for the delivered products. VSM is committed to providing quick responses, technical support, resolving any issues that arise, and guiding customers on how to operate the website quickly and accurately.


Reasonable and competitive pricing

Pricing is always a significant concern for customers. Understanding the diverse needs of different customer groups, VSM offers suitable web design packages. Whether the price is high or low, we always ensure high-quality, user-friendly final products with a lifetime warranty. VSM Digital Marketing takes pride in delivering the best services at a fair price.