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Nowadays, even those who are not engaged in online sales through Facebook have heard the complaint “Facebook limits interactions” at least once. In response to this issue, Facebook representatives have introduced the option of purchasing advertisements for stores and businesses. However, after investing a large amount of money to “run ads” on Facebook, there is still no progress in business results, resulting in a waste of funds. To address this significant concern, VSM Digital Marketing has developed the Facebook Ads management service, offering a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.


Facebook Ads – A Mandatory Stage in Online Business in Vietnam

As of 2022, Vietnam has over 10 million Facebook users. The actual number may be even higher, especially with the increasing participation of older adults in this social media platform.

Facebook is not only a place to stay in touch with family and friends or stay updated with news, but it has also become a primary shopping channel for many people. E-commerce platforms like Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, etc., have to become long-term advertising partners with this giant. Consequently, businesses and enterprises in Vietnam need to ensure a large and stable reach on Facebook to ensure growth in their sales.

On the other hand, Facebook is currently focused on improving user experience by using algorithms that restrict the visibility of sales posts or business introductions without advertisements. Therefore, using paid advertising on Facebook to increase engagement is practically impossible. However, Facebook possesses a massive amount of user data, which, if utilized correctly and strategically, can lead to significant business progress overnight.

So why do many businesses hesitate to invest in running Facebook Ads and fail to achieve desired results? The amount of money spent on Facebook advertising is not small, yet the effectiveness seems to carry a significant level of uncertainty. Some individuals even attempt to run Ads for months on end but fail to reach the desired reach and improve their revenue. Experts point out that the lack of specific planning and failure to utilize data research is the reason for such failures.

Indeed, running Facebook Ads requires expertise in terms of when to run them, what content to include, and how to measure the success of Facebook Ads. All of these issues need to be addressed by professionals in the marketing field who possess the necessary skills to leverage the rich resources of Facebook. Therefore, if your business does not have a professional digital marketing team, outsourcing Facebook Ads services is the optimal solution.

VSM Digital Marketing is one of the top choices for many businesses when it comes to Facebook Ads support in Vietnam. With a team of knowledgeable and experienced staff in the marketing field, as well as a deep understanding of information technology, VSM provides effective Facebook Ads services at affordable prices for partners over the years.

At VSM Digital Marketing, the process of Facebook advertising is conducted systematically, following an optimized workflow developed through numerous large-scale projects. Customers receive quick consultations, identifying the strengths and limitations of running Facebook Ads from the first encounter.

Subsequently, VSM meticulously plans detailed strategies for Facebook Ads campaigns. Currently, there are three types of ads available on Facebook: basic ads, sponsored post ads, and suggested post ads. VSM Digital Marketing conducts industry research for partners, identifies target audiences through user behavior analysis, and selects the most suitable type of Facebook Ads.

Once the VSM Digital Marketing team reaches an agreement on solutions and budgets with the clients, both parties proceed to sign a contract with strict terms to safeguard their rights and interests. Throughout the Facebook Ads campaign, VSM ensures regular reporting to the businesses, enabling partners to track progress, monitor financial usage for Facebook Ads, and measure effectiveness. This allows customers to maintain an active role, provide feedback for improvement, and directly learn about the operation of Facebook Ads from VSM.

In order to provide long-term advertising sustainability for partners, VSM Digital Marketing considers offering flexible pricing for Facebook Ads services. The company can adjust the campaign scale based on the client’s budget. Therefore, both small and medium-sized personal stores and newly established businesses have the opportunity to experience the most professional and dedicated Facebook Ads services.

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Facebook Ads services were developed to address the issues of time, effort, and financial investment required for individuals without expertise and experience in social media advertising.


VSM Digital Marketing has received accolades from partners after years of implementing diverse digital advertising projects, including effective support for Facebook Ads.



Running Fee 15%
Unlimited advertising campaigns
Unlimited ad groups

Reporting: 1-1 accounting support with accurate calculations to help clients understand sales, costs, profits, etc.

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Running Fee 10%
Unlimited advertising campaigns
Unlimited ad groups

Reporting: 1-1 accounting support with accurate calculations to help clients understand sales, costs, profits, etc.

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Running Fee 8%
Unlimited advertising campaigns
Unlimited ad groups

Reporting: 1-1 accounting support with accurate calculations to help clients understand sales, costs, profits, etc.

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Why should you run Facebook Ads?

Why should I run Facebook Ads?

  1. To increase brand awareness: Facebook advertising provides you with the opportunity to create a strong brand presence on the world’s most popular social media platform.
  2. To increase website traffic: Facebook Ads help you reach a large number of potential customers in a specific area or target group.
  3. To boost sales: Facebook Ads offer you the opportunity to increase sales and business performance by reaching potential customers and influencing their purchasing decisions.
  4. To improve conversion rates: Facebook Ads provide you with the opportunity to increase conversion rates by reaching potential customers and influencing their purchasing decisions.

Before running Facebook ads, you need to prepare the following:

  1. Advertising objectives: Determine the goals of your advertising, such as increasing website traffic, improving conversion rates, or boosting sales.
  2. Target audience: Identify the target audience for your ads, such as age, gender, location, or interests.
  3. Ad content: Create compelling and informative ad content to help customers understand your products or services.
  4. Account synchronization: Synchronize your Facebook account with other sales channels, such as your website or online store, to ensure cohesive advertising with your business strategy.
  5. Advertising budget: Determine a reasonable budget for your ads and have the corresponding budget prepared.

There is no specific amount of money expected for a Facebook advertising campaign as it depends on various factors, including:

  1. Advertising objectives: Your advertising goals may require higher or lower costs depending on their complexity.
  2. Target audience: The cost of reaching a specific target audience may be higher or lower depending on its popularity.
  3. Advertising duration: Your advertising timeframe may require higher or lower costs depending on the level of competition.
  4. Audience size: The size of your audience may require higher or lower costs depending on its popularity.

However, the average budget for a VSM Facebook ad campaign starts at least from 30,000,000 VND per month.

To run effective Facebook ads, follow these steps:

  • Define advertising goals: Clearly define your advertising objectives, including the number of people you want to reach, the actions you want them to take, and the products or services you want to promote.
  • Identify the target audience: Use Facebook’s analytics tools to identify the target audience you want to reach.
  • Create ad content: Create engaging and memorable ad content that resonates with your target audience.
  • Choose ad format: Select the appropriate ad format that aligns with your objectives and ad content.
  • Set a budget: Set a budget for your advertising campaign and monitor daily costs to ensure you stay within your budget.
  • Track and adjust: Monitor the results of your ad campaign and make adjustments to optimize your advertising.