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VSM often receives the question: “Why do I invest so much effort in managing Facebook, spend money on Facebook Ads, but see no improvement in brand reputation and sales?” The common issue for business owners today when conducting online marketing is the ineffective use of the diverse features of Facebook. That’s why VSM Digital Marketing has designed and introduced Facebook Services, providing customers with comprehensive solutions to develop a strong brand and achieve prosperity in their business endeavors.

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With billions of users and a wide global reach, Facebook is a giant in social media with coveted customer data. Additionally, Facebook offers many features specifically designed for businesses and organizations, making it suitable for marketing campaigns. However, using Facebook effectively is not easy, especially in the current highly competitive landscape.

Typically, when building a brand and conducting business on Facebook, business owners start with a Fanpage. Building a strong Fanpage is a prerequisite for effective advertising campaigns. The Fanpage serves as a place to interact with customers and also fulfills the role of an online shop. To achieve these goals, a Fanpage needs to possess the following qualities:

  • High number of Likes/Followers.
  • Good engagement with Likes/Comments on posts.
  • Positive reviews with many 5-star ratings.
  • Good and stable Reach (audience reach).

These goals can be achieved by following a structured marketing process from the initial Fanpage setup. The challenge lies in the time and effort required. For online stores or small and medium-sized enterprises without a dedicated marketing department, managing and nurturing a Fanpage can be time-consuming, while their main business tasks keep them occupied. Therefore, the current trend is to rely on comprehensive Facebook services provided by specialized marketing companies.

To ensure the best results in promoting brand awareness and increasing sales through Facebook, customers can consider the Facebook services offered by VSM Digital Marketing, which include:

  • Fanpage Design: Creating a customized Fanpage based on industry-specific requirements and target audience.
  • Fanpage Management: Posting content, enhancing engagement, and executing planned advertising campaigns.
  • Facebook Ads Campaigns: Planning and implementing paid advertising on Facebook (including suggested ads, sponsored post ads, homepage ads), conducting transactions with Facebook on behalf of the customer.
  • SEO-Optimized Facebook Content: Writing and publishing content with targeted keywords and SEO optimization to improve the quality of the Fanpage.
  • Buying/Selling Likes, Follows, Comments, Reviews: Providing high-quality Likes, Follows, and genuine comments and reviews from seeders combined with advanced automation tools.
  • Fanpage Name Change: Facilitating a name change for the Fanpage as soon as possible.

All of the above-mentioned services are crucial and contribute to building a strong Fanpage, maintaining long-term engagement, reaching Facebook users, and successfully converting them into customers. VSM Digital Marketing has years of experience in online advertising, and its knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff ensures immediate and cost-effective Facebook services.

At VSM, the working process is designed to provide convenience and comfort for customers. The company offers service packages that encompass various activities as well as individual Facebook services, which can be negotiated according to specific needs. VSM’s secure transaction methods and strict information security policies inspire trust in both loyal and new customers. VSM Digital Marketing aims for sustainable cooperation, demonstrated through attractive incentives for customers with long-term service needs.

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vsm.vn takes pride in being a provider of comprehensive and fast online marketing services that fully meet the demands of customers in developing their businesses on the internet, particularly in the thriving trend of online selling. We offer professional solutions to assist customers in customer acquisition and efficient online business operations. vsm.vn is a strong partner for individuals, online businesses, companies, artists, and enterprises alike.


Why should you use professional Facebook services?

Anyone can create a Facebook account, so many people wonder if Facebook services are necessary. The truth is that Facebook services are essential when it comes to developing business through this platform.

Facebook Services | Reliable and Top-Quality Facebook Services in Vietnam
Account Registration

To purchase likes, followers, and other services, customers are kindly requested to register an account at Here to facilitate easier order management and service purchases on our system.

Service Reference

Upon logging into the system, you will have access to information about the quality of likes and follows from each server, as well as the most accurate pricing for each interaction. (Our system offers various types, so feel free to choose a package that suits your needs.)

Deposit and Service Usage

After reviewing the services, if you are interested and have a demand, you can deposit funds into the system to proceed with ordering the desired services. The system will automatically deduct the amount from your account balance when placing an order.


What are the advantages of Facebook services at VSM Digital Marketing?

VSM Digital Marketing takes pride in its meticulously invested Facebook services, aiming for the optimal advertising benefits for clients.


Is using the service safe for your account?

At VSM, we utilize a like and follow exchange system, ensuring natural and genuine likes, as well as a pre-programmed clone-like system for immediate engagement. When using our like services, customers only need to provide the link to the post they want likes on and specify the desired quantity. Our system does not require access to customer accounts, unlike other providers.

Ads can be affected due to policy violations or running ads through unreliable providers who engage in fraudulent practices, such as running bots or bypassing regulations. These issues can negatively impact your advertising efforts. However, when it comes to Facebook likes from our platform, our algorithm ensures that the likes come from accounts that operate normally, providing likes for you without compromising the quality and integrity of your advertising campaigns.

Within our system, we have filtered various types of likes, each with different pricing, and separate options for likes and follows. This allows customers to choose the package that best suits their needs. If a customer wants to buy genuine and organic likes, they can opt for likes from the Facebook buff group, which involves exchanging likes. If customers prefer quick results, they can choose the “like speed” option, which utilizes pre-programmed likes.


Do you need consultation regarding our services?

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