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One morning, you wake up and realize that you can’t log in to your Facebook account and have been locked out. One common reason for this is violating Checkpoint policies. You feel confused because you don’t understand what Checkpoint is. How can you solve this problem when your account contains important information and connections that money can’t buy? Don’t worry too much because VSM’s Checkpoint Unlocking Service is here to quickly resolve this issue for you.

Facebook Unlocking

What is Facebook Unlocking? Why is a Facebook account locked, and how can it be resolved?

Facebook is a widely used social network in Vietnam today. Almost everyone has at least one Facebook account for themselves. This article will explain everything related to Facebook account locking. Let’s continue reading.

The Popularity of Facebook in Life

In the era of technology 4.0 with global connectivity, social networks have become a familiar world. Currently, there are many social networks that users participate in, such as Facebook, Instagram, Lotus, Zalo, Tiktok, Youtube,…

Hiện nay trên thế giới có rất nhiều mạng xã hội
There are many social networks in the world today.

Each social network has its own strengths and weaknesses. As a result, it can become a preferred choice for many users. In Vietnam, Facebook can be seen as the most widely used and popular social network. Many people who are locked out of their accounts always try to unlock their Facebook accounts and continue using them instead of giving up.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg and first launched in the United States. Until now, it has become a global social network with a large number of users from almost every country.

Facebook’s company, from a small office, has now become a multinational corporation. There are many subsidiary companies under this conglomerate, so Mark Zuckerberg renamed the parent company to Meta.

Currently, Meta manages Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and many other brands. Each brand has its own strengths in various activities such as posting photos, videos, chatting, video calling,…

Among them, Facebook is a place where users can freely post status updates, photos, exchange information, express themselves, buy and sell, exchange, etc. Within the Facebook application, there are many subcategories to meet the different needs of users.

It can be said that Facebook is an indispensable social network in Vietnam today. It is used almost everywhere, whether in cities or rural areas, by young or old people.

What can users do on Facebook?

On the Facebook social network, each person can build their own personal page. In a figurative sense, that personal page is like their “own house.”

Facebook là mạng xã hội phổ biến hàng đầu thế giới
Facebook is the world’s leading popular social network.

Specific activities that users can do on Facebook include:

  • Posting photos, updating statuses, and checking in.
  • Reading news, dramas, interesting knowledge.
  • Following the Facebook activities of people that users are interested in.
  • Learning various things such as cooking, baking, English, communication,…
  • Watching videos such as comedies, movie clips, educational videos, talk shows,…
  • Playing games, as Facebook offers a wide variety of interesting games.
  • Commenting and interacting with friends and acquaintances.
  • Making friends and networking.
  • Searching for information.
  • Buying and selling.

In summary, there are many activities that users can do on Facebook. However, occasionally, if you violate certain rules, your account may be disabled. In such cases, you need to unlock your Facebook account to be able to use it.

The Troubles When a Facebook Account is Locked

During the usage, users may receive the notification “Your account has been disabled.” At this point, the Facebook account that the user is using has been locked for some reason. If you want to continue using this account, you need to unlock Facebook. There are several troubles that arise when Facebook is locked:

  • You are not accustomed to a life without Facebook. You will feel bored, unsure of what to do, and frustrated.
  • Your business activities relying on Facebook will be disrupted. Business opportunities will be lost as potential customers cannot find you.
  • You lose all your friends, information, and previously posted photos if you create a new account. It’s like moving to a new house without being able to bring your belongings and money.

There are many reasons that can lead users to find ways to unlock Facebook if their accounts are disabled. So, what is Facebook unlocking, and how can it be done? Please continue reading the following section.

Tài khoản bị vô hiệu hóa bởi nhiều nguyên nhân
Accounts are disabled due to various reasons

What is Facebook Unlocking?

For cases where a Facebook account is disabled, users need to use specific methods to unlock Facebook. Unlocking Facebook means restoring the account to its normal state.

Users have the right to access, manage, and freely operate their accounts on the Facebook social network. The method of unlocking Facebook is quite specific and users may find it difficult to do it themselves.

Therefore, using professional Facebook unlocking services is necessary. Of course, unlocking Facebook on your own is not impossible. If you are familiar with using social networks and technology, you can certainly give it a try.

Why is Facebook locked?

Now, let’s analyze the reasons why a Facebook account may be disabled. “Prevention is better than cure” is always the truth. By understanding the actions that can lead to Facebook account lockout, users can avoid them during their usage. This way, their Facebook accounts will remain safe, sustainable, and usable in the long term.

Facebook bị khóa mang đến nhiều phiền phức cho người dùng
Facebook lockout brings various inconveniences to users:

Using a fake account:

Many people have a habit of impersonating others, especially celebrities. They use someone else’s image to publicly operate on the social network. This goes against the principles, and if Facebook detects it, they will lock the impersonating account.

Spamming posts and messages

Some people excessively post content or send messages for purposes such as selling products or transmitting information. Posting too much within a day or sending too many messages to different users in a short period can lead to Facebook categorizing the account as spam and locking it.

Joining too many Facebook groups

Facebook sets a maximum limit of 200 groups that a user can join. If you exceed this limit, there is a possibility that your account will be disabled. In this case, you need to find a way to unlock your Facebook account to continue using it.

Sending too many friend requests

Many new users create accounts and eagerly send friend requests to have more connections for interaction. Inadvertently, they end up sending friend requests to a large number of strangers within a short period. This action can also lead to the account being disabled.

Kết bạn quá nhiều cũng dễ bị khóa và bạn cần phải mở khóa Facebook trở lại
Other reasons for Facebook account lockout include:

Being under 13 years old

Facebook will lock accounts that they suspect to be created by users under the age of 13. When creating an account, it is important to provide accurate information about your age or provide necessary proof to ensure compliance with Facebook’s policies.

Being reported by others

Facebook has a reporting feature, and if your behavior upsets others and they report your account, Facebook can issue warnings and lock your account if there are too many reports. Unlocking a Facebook account in such cases can be quite challenging.

Suspicion of unauthorized access to your account

During the use of social media, many people encounter situations where their Facebook accounts are hacked. When Facebook suspects that your account has been unlawfully accessed, they will automatically lock it to ensure security.

Frequently changing passwords within a day

Frequently changing passwords can raise concerns for Facebook that your account is under attack. They will temporarily lock the account, but you don’t need to worry too much. Unlocking a Facebook account in this case is relatively easy.

Your Facebook account is affected by malware

There is also a risk of your Facebook account being affected by malware. If Facebook detects malicious software on your account, they will temporarily lock it as a measure to protect your account.

Engaging with harmful content. If you frequently click on suspicious links or engage with explicit and harmful content, it can also increase the chances of Facebook disabling your account.

Phần mềm độc hại có khả năng khiến tài khoản của bạn bị khóa
malicious software can get your account locked

You log into Facebook on too many devices

A seemingly normal action but is on Facebook’s blacklist. That’s logging into accounts on too many devices. This action may cause your account to violate security guidelines. Therefore, when using it, you should limit the number of login devices.

How to solve Facebook is locked

To resolve a Facebook lockout, here are some simple and easy methods:

  • Identity verification: You can unlock your account by going through an identity verification process as requested by Facebook. It is advisable to provide highly authentic information for review. These procedures may be slightly cumbersome if you are not tech-savvy.
  • Change password: If Facebook locks your account and prompts you to change your password, you should set a new password. This situation often occurs when Facebook detects multiple unauthorized login attempts.
  • Scan for viruses, install antivirus software: If Facebook detects malware on your account, along with locking your account, they will advise you to scan your computer for viruses.

The above are some simple lockout cases in which Facebook proactively helps you verify and regain access to your account. However, there are more severe cases where Facebook may decide to permanently disable the account.

In such situations, it can be difficult for you to unlock your Facebook account on your own. It is recommended to seek assistance from specialized centers that deal with Facebook unlocking. They will have effective methods to help you recover your account as soon as possible.

Bảo mật tốt để ngăn chặn nguy cơ bị khóa tài khoản
Ensuring good security measures can prevent the risk of Facebook account lockouts:

I hope that this article provides you with useful knowledge about unlocking a Facebook account. Social media is an integral part of our lives. If you want to use it safely and sustainably, it is important to adhere to the principles set by the social network. I wish you effective and enjoyable use of Facebook.

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Checkpoint 956
Requirement: Account owner verification
Identification method: Safe box image with attached chain
unlock 282 cc
Requirement: Account owner verification
Identification method: Facebook requires document submission or avatar
Unlock 282 kcc
Requirement: Date of birth information
Identification method: Facebook requires document submission or avatar
trình tạo mã cc
Requirement: Account owner verification
When logging into Facebook, it requires a new phone number for verification
2Fa kcc
Requirement: Date of birth information
When logging into Facebook, it requires a new phone number for verification
Facebook Recovery
Requirement: Account owner verification
If you have lost login information or your account has been hacked

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