Setting Up Location and Attracting Customers with Google Maps

Google Maps is no longer unfamiliar to most of us. It replaces and even surpasses the functionality of a traditional paper map. In particular, if you are looking to promote and establish a professional and reputable image for your company or business, especially for stores, clothing shops, restaurants, hotels, or parks, it is crucial to pay attention to setting up and managing locations on this special digital map.

Set Up Google Maps Services

Google Maps and the Unmissable Benefits

Convenient, modern, and intelligent, a paper map is perhaps difficult to compare to Google Maps. So, what is Google Maps? What are its features? What are its benefits? Let’s find out.

Cùng tìm hiểu về Google Maps và vai trò của nó
Understanding Google Maps and Its Role

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is a free digital mapping service developed, managed, and maintained by Google. Google Maps is displayed online in a web browser at You can also use the map on the mobile application.

Ứng dụng thông minh và vượt trội hơn bản đồ giấy
Smart and Superior Features Compared to a Paper Map

With Google Maps, tasks such as location positioning, searching for places, measuring distances, finding directions, and updating traffic information become extremely simple. Google Maps displays maps of hundreds of countries and territories worldwide.

Some Features and How to Use Google Maps

Google Maps offers a wide range of utilities. Moreover, using this special digital map is simple and convenient. Let’s briefly introduce the features and usage of this digital map.

Google Maps can help you search for a specific place by its name, address, or keywords related to the location, such as street names, lanes, or areas…

To use this feature, simply enter the keyword in the search box on the application and click on the search icon or press Enter to start. After a few seconds, each place relevant to the search keyword will be displayed on the map with a corresponding red pin icon.

Tìm kiếm, xác định địa điểm nhanh chóng
Quickly Searching and Identifying Places

If the place you’re looking for is an office, a company, or a specific business location, when you click on the icon, you will receive additional detailed information such as business hours, phone number, website, star ratings, reviews, and actual photos of the place.

You can also “Save a place” (add a place to your favorites list) for quick searches in future instances or choose “Directions” to find the most convenient route based on your location and mode of transportation.

Viewing Directions and Getting Travel Suggestions

After searching for a specific place, you can “ask” Google Maps for driving directions. The application will provide a suggested route that is suitable for your mode of transportation and indicate the corresponding travel time and distance. The suggested route will be displayed in green or gray.

Chỉ đường và gợi ý di chuyển
Getting Directions and Travel Suggestions

To use this feature, after accessing the application, select the Directions icon, enter the starting point and destination, choose the mode of transportation (car, motorcycle, public transportation, walking, ride-hailing, or air travel), and press Enter. The application will provide the requested information.

After selecting a route, if necessary, you can view detailed turn-by-turn directions. This map will guide you on which direction to go, where to turn left or right, through either spoken instructions or corresponding written text.

Viewing Satellite Maps, Terrain Maps, and Traffic Updates

The map here can be displayed in various forms:

  • Standard map: Displays a simplified diagram of roads, buildings, etc.
  • Satellite map: Shows buildings and roads from an aerial view, providing a closer-to-reality image.
  • Terrain map: Displays detailed information about rivers, mountains, terrain, and landscape features.

When using Google Maps, you can easily switch between these modes by clicking on the corresponding icon. Due to the vast number of locations and the extensive space to be displayed, not every location has all three map types updated. However, it can be assured that Google Maps will continue to improve in the future.

Moreover, this intelligent map application also provides traffic updates and notifications for users. Specifically, when selecting the traffic feature, Google Maps informs you which sections of the road are flowing smoothly or congested, indicated by different colors. In this case, green indicates a clear traffic flow, transitioning to orange for moderate traffic, and the darker the red, the more congested the road.

Cập nhật tình hình giao thông hiệu quả
Efficient Traffic Updates

Street View Mode – Explore 360° Streets

Street View is a feature that allows users to experience the street scenery at a specific location through virtual reality technology. When entering this mode, you can observe a 360° image captured at that location in the past. Without having to be physically present, the surroundings are displayed vividly and interestingly. However, similar to the map modes, not every location has Street View available, and the displayed images may not be the most recent.

Chế độ xem phong phú, trực quan
Rich and Visual Viewing Mode

Sharing Your Current Location (Sending Location)

In addition to helping with searching and identifying places, Google Maps also allows you to share your current location with friends and family. To use this feature, you only need to make some settings, select “Share location,” choose the recipient for location sharing, or copy the shared location link to send to the recipient.

Chia sẻ vị trí để tiện tìm kiếm, gặp gỡ
Sharing location for convenience in finding and meeting up

Adding or Changing Addresses (Home, Office, Store)

To save time, you can save frequently used locations directly on the map. Home, office, stores, etc., are the most commonly saved locations. They serve as landmarks for you to easily find directions, measure distances, and perform various tasks.

Đặt vị trí để thuận tiện sử dụng
Setting locations for convenient use

Saving and Naming Favorite Places

Furthermore, you can use Google Maps to save the address of a particular place and organize them into logical lists, such as Favorite Places, Desired Destinations, Starred Places, or new custom lists, etc.

Using Google Maps Offline

In the event of a network connection loss, Google Maps allows users to download a portion of the map for convenient offline use. This feature is only available when using the app while logged in with a Google account. After accessing the Offline Maps section, select your own map and press Download to store and use it offline.

Lưu và xem bản đồ ngoại tuyến
Saving and Viewing Maps Offline

Voice Commands

Since Google Maps is used while navigating, it would be more convenient if you could control it using voice commands. Using this feature on a smartphone is straightforward. Simply tap on the microphone icon on the screen, grant access to the microphone, and clearly state what you are looking for, such as “Gas station,” “Vietcombank ATM,” or “Bus station.” This smart application will provide corresponding results.

Điều khiển bằng giọng nói rất thuận tiện
Convenient Voice Control

Reviewing Past Visited Places

If you frequently travel but find it inconvenient to remember places, you should use this feature. Essentially, it allows you to save previously searched locations and routes on Google Maps. Detailed information about the location and route will be displayed in the Timeline, which users can explore.

Xem lại địa điểm đã tìm kiếm và đi qua
Reviewing Past Search Places and Routes

To enable Google Maps to save and display the Timeline, you need to log in and use the app with your Google account. By doing so, when reviewing the Timeline, you can see statistics of the searched places over time, based on time and location.

Finding Nearest Places (ATMs, gas stations, cafes, hotels, airports, etc.)

Need to withdraw money, buy gas, or find a nearby hotel? Google Maps can help you in less than 5 seconds! Specifically, the app provides icons corresponding to your needs and presents the nearest corresponding places to your location. With these results, you can simply follow and choose, quickly finding the location and directions to the requested place.

Finding Restaurants with Takeout or Delivery Service

Even more convenient, Google Maps can classify and search for places based on shopping needs. Specifically, if the restaurant or eatery manager has set up delivery or takeout services, this app will aggregate, store, and recommend them to interested users. For users, simply select the suggested category “Takeout” to get a list of places that meet the requirements.

Tìm nhà hàng, quán ăn đúng như ý và nhiều ích khác
Finding Restaurants, Eateries, and More

Additionally, you can integrate Maps into websites and create and manage businesses on this map application. This special business feature opens up effective business development and brand promotion opportunities. Further details regarding this business aspect will be discussed in the following section.

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Creating a Business on Google Maps (Google My Business)

If you need to promote your business or store, consider using Google My Business. It is a dedicated tool for businesses to set up their location information, such as office, store, company, on both Google Search and Google Maps.

Đặc biệt, nếu là chủ doanh nghiệp thì đừng bỏ qua việc đăng ký và xác minh địa điểm doanh nghiệp trên maps bạn nhé
Especially if you are a business owner, don’t overlook the registration and verification of your business location on maps.

To set up a business location, you need to use a Google account to submit information and verification requests. Google will receive and evaluate these requests. If the request and location are valid, you will be granted administrative access to manage the relevant information about that location.

From there, make sure to update accurate information such as the company/store name, address, phone number, website, and operating hours. Additionally, don’t forget to upload images, content, and respond to reviews received from people familiar with the location. If done correctly, this process is referred to as Google Maps SEO (local SEO).

Google Maps SEO helps your location rank higher in Google Search and Maps results. This allows customers to find your location quickly and easily. Moreover, good SEO can help you reach new customers.

Integrate Maps for a more professional website

Furthermore, after managing your business location, don’t forget to integrate Google Maps into your website. This is a perfect way for customers to find your business when needed. Not only that, the presence of Google Maps also enhances the professionalism and credibility of your website.

Tích hợp Maps để website thêm chuyên nghiệp

To set up Google My Business and embed Google Maps into your website, make sure you have a good understanding of technology and programming knowledge related to website design. This task is not suitable for beginners in web design or those with only basic knowledge of Google. In this case, it is best to seek the advice and support of professional online marketing companies. The above information related to Google Maps is intended to provide you with a comprehensive overview of this application. VSM appreciates your support and looks forward to potential collaboration in the future.



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