Policy on AI Content and AI Image Services at VSM:

  • AI Content and AI Image services at VSM are used to automatically generate content and images with the aim of helping users save time and effort in content and image creation.
  • The content and images produced by this service will be ensured to be accurate and appropriate based on the provided information.
  • VSM will not utilize this service to create any unlawful, sensitive, or harmful content or images for others.
  • The content and images generated by this service will belong to the users and will be protected by copyright and intellectual property regulations.
  • VSM is not responsible for any content or images created using this service.
  • VSM is committed to safeguarding user information and will not share this information with any third parties.
  • If there are any issues or complaints regarding the content or images created using this service, users can contact VSM for assistance and resolution.

We hope that this policy ensures the safety, accuracy, and legality of AI Content and AI Image services at VSM. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.