Blogspot web design for electronics sales (VSM81)

Blogspot Theme for Selling Electronics (VSM81)

Beautiful and SEO-Friendly Blogspot Theme for Selling Electronics (VSM81) in 2022

The Blogspot theme for selling electronics (VSM81) features a beautiful interface with a clear layout. It comes equipped with various professional and user-friendly features, making it easier for websites to reach potential customers and boost online business activities. This template is highly suitable for mini supermarkets, electronics stores, and home appliance shops.

Design of Blogspot Theme for Selling Electronics – VSM81

The VSM81 Blogspot template is beautifully designed, modern, adhering to the latest SEO standards, and capable of providing comprehensive product information and related news. Products are arranged with the right density in separate categories, making it convenient for viewers.

The SEO optimization capability helps the website display and index well on Google, creating opportunities for businesses to easily reach potential customers. The layout runs vertically from top to bottom, and for products, it displays them in horizontal slide format. This increases the number of products you can showcase on the homepage, making it easier for customers to follow.

Key Features of Blogspot Theme VSM81

The Blogspot theme for selling electronics, VSM81, is designed with many features to help businesses create an effective online sales channel, enhance their brand, and increase revenue.

Shopping Cart Feature

The VSM81 Blogspot theme focuses on electronics and home appliances, so sales support features are emphasized. All products displayed on the website include product images, names, prices, and discount percentages. Customers can easily make a purchase by clicking the “Buy Now” button.

In the product description section, there is also a direct contact function for product inquiries. This is a very convenient feature for customers and enhances online sales support.

Fast Page Loading Speed and Device-Friendly

The VSM81 Blogspot theme is user-friendly on all electronic devices, from computers and laptops to smartphones and tablets. Coupled with fast page loading speed, it provides a great experience for customers, as access is no longer limited.

Easy-to-Edit, Customizable Layout

Users can easily edit product information, prices, and update promotions regularly. Even the layout comes with customization features that can be easily adjusted with a few simple steps. Therefore, Blogspot VSM81 is suitable for various user groups.

  • This Blogspot selling theme has been optimized for fast page loading speed with a PageSpeed Insights score of 87, relatively fast on PC.
  • It includes a professional contact form with complete price and quantity information.
  • The Blogger/Blogspot interface is optimized for SEO, ensuring good display and indexing on Google.

Key Features

Feature Test
Layout Version 3
Widget Version 2
Responsive Check
Mobile Friendly Check
Google Structured Data Check
Breadcrumb True


This Blogspot selling theme

Upgrade Features

Feature Test
Easy-to-edit layout True
Blogger contact form True
Device-friendly True
On-Page SEO Standard True
Google Page Speed 87/100 Check



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