Blogspot web design selling sports accessories (VSM24)

Blogspot Theme for Selling Sports Accessories (VSM24)

The Blogspot theme for selling sports accessories (VSM24) is designed specifically for users in the sports accessory business. The interface has been optimized to display the most useful information for users. Additionally, it is equipped with many beautiful, modern, and lively features.

Key Highlights of the Blogspot Theme for Selling Sports Accessories (VSM24)

This is a Blogspot theme designed for selling various items such as sports equipment, fitness accessories, outdoor gear, men’s and women’s fashion, and sports-related products. For users engaged in selling these items, this template with numerous advantages should not be overlooked.

The layout of the Blogspot theme VSM24 is compact, featuring a simple yet professional design. This template includes essential features such as a shopping cart, payment forms, and product information, all organized in the most logical layout.

Theme VSM24 is designed to provide the perfect user experience. It offers fast page loading speed suitable for most devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. This ensures the best shopping experience for customers.

Other Features of the VSM24 Interface

When using the VSM24 interface, users can notice several standout features compared to other templates, such as:

  • A professionally designed form with attractive displays of product images and price information. Performing actions on the interface is easy and doesn’t require much time.
  • This Blogspot theme offers high customization capabilities. Users can easily adjust the interface to suit their purposes and needs without much effort.
  • A modern and beautiful layout with SEO standard support, making it easy for users to perform SEO for Google ranking or indexing, optimizing search results and increasing conversion rates.
  • Easily incorporate video links or Google Maps to enhance the store’s credibility.
  • The VSM24 interface helps users improve their PageSpeed Insights Desktop rating.
  • All orders and customer information are sent directly to your email, ensuring no orders are missed.

The Blogspot theme for selling sports accessories (VSM24) is an effective selling tool that sports accessory businesses should not ignore. The interface provided and guaranteed by VSM Company will undoubtedly meet your expectations.

  • This Blogspot theme for selling has been optimized for fast page loading speed with a PageSpeed Insights score of 66 on Desktop.
  • It includes a professional contact form with complete price and quantity information.
  • The Blogger/Blogspot interface is optimized for SEO, ensuring good display and indexing on Google.

Key Features

Feature Test
Layout Version 3
Widget Version 2
Responsive Check
Mobile Friendly Check
Google Structured Data Check
Breadcrumb True


This Blogspot selling theme

Upgrade Features

Feature Test
Easy-to-edit layout True
Blogger contact form True
Device-friendly True
On-Page SEO Standard True
Google Page Speed 66/100 Check



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