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Up to the present time, businesspeople around the world, including Vietnam, have recognized the importance of Google SEO. In particular, creating a Google Maps address is a crucial element that you need to complete to develop online marketing and directly generate profits. This demand will be thoroughly addressed by through its affordable, fast, and professional service, which saves you a significant amount of time.

Introducing the Advantages of’s Service Page is a reputable website offering cost-effective Google Maps address creation is a reputable website offering cost-effective Google Maps address creation is a multi-platform social media communication service provider, created and operated by VSM company. With years of experience and reputation in the online marketing industry, VSM supports trustworthy Google Maps address creation services with unparalleled advantages:

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  • Simple registration.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-manage website.
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Furthermore, offers many attractive promotional programs aimed at long-term cooperation with customers in building a strong online marketing platform.

Guide to the Steps of Creating a Google Maps Address on

For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use’s Google address creation service, you can refer to this video:

Accessing the Service Page for Google Maps

First-time users of’s service need to register an account and log in to access the homepage. On the main interface, look for the Menu icon with three horizontal lines in the top-left corner. From here, continue with the following steps: Menu > Service List > Google > Google Map.

Google Maps address creation page on

Google Maps address creation page on

All new order creation operations will be performed on the “Purchase Service” tab. The “History” tab is used for managing and tracking purchased orders.

How to Read and Analyze Google Maps Address Creation Servers

For each service order to create a Google Maps address, you can only buy one server for one address. At, there are two servers for you to choose from: real address and virtual address.

The real address is a physical address that matches the storefront or company image you provide to create Google Maps. You only need to register once, and it can be used until the store/company no longer exists. The warranty period for this server is 30 days.

The virtual address is a non-existent address in real life, often used to increase credibility when SEOing Google. This server has a lower success rate when executed, and it is prone to be removed when Google scans it. Please note that for this server, the execution time will be longer, about 5 days. If you encounter issues with address registration, will refund the buyer. Additionally, this server does not come with a warranty.

Depending on your intended use, choose the appropriate server and proceed with the steps below.

How to Fill Out the Google Maps Address Creation Form

Creating a Google Maps address will be faster if you follow the instructions correctly

Creating a Google Maps address will be faster if you follow the instructions correctly

To have process the procedure for registering a Google Maps address for your store, you should accurately and completely fill in the required information, including:

  • Google Maps name: Enter the exact name of the Google Maps, which must match the store’s name on the signboard in the image you provide.
  • Choose a server: Choose one of the two servers, either Real Map or Virtual Map.
  • Signboard Image Link: This field only appears when you choose the Real Map server. Users need to provide a front image with a signboard, left, and right of the store.
  • Address: The exact address, including house number, street name, etc.
  • Phone number pinned on Google Maps: Enter the phone number that you want to display along with the store’s information when searched on Google, and contact the fan page for verification.
  • Website or Fanpage Name: It is recommended to use the official website or fanpage name to effectively SEO Google in the future, without the need for additional updates.
  • Operating hours: The opening and closing hours of the establishment.
  • Contact phone number in case of registration errors or missing information: During the verification process with Google, if there is missing information or errors, this is the phone number that will contact you to rectify.
  • Gmail: Email address, must be a Gmail address, used to receive access rights and manage the created Google Map address.

Additionally, the Discount Code section is optional. The total price will be automatically updated after you select the server.

If all the information is accurate and there are no errors, press “Purchase” to proceed with the Google Map address registration.


Quickly create Google Maps addresses with

Quickly create Google Maps addresses with

There are many service providers in the market advertising Google Maps address creation services, but receives high praise from customers due to its extremely affordable prices and lightning-fast order processing speed. Whether you’re buying a virtual map or a real map, can meet your requirements within the specified deadlines, with the most beneficial warranty terms for users in Vietnam.

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