Instructions to increase reputable Shopee followers in just 10 minutes

Instructions to successfully increase Shopee followers in just 10 minutes, reaching 50k followers per day is not difficult with great help from reputable provider

For the people of Vietnam today, Shopee is considered the most useful e-commerce platform with a huge number of shoppers. Online shops all want to have a high number of Shopee followers, making it easier to build trust with customers and facilitate smooth order closures. Understanding this demand, provides automatic Shopee follower buying services for business owners, helping to save time and advertising costs.

Is Buying Shopee Followers from Trustworthy?

Unlike self-operating services, is a website created specifically to support social media interactions in Vietnam, established by the marketing company VSM. has been around for a long time, providing services for boosting TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, Shopee, and more to users nationwide. supports increasing Shopee followers with quick and simple steps, at a low price supports increasing Shopee followers with quick and simple steps, at a low price

The advantages of include a diverse list of services, professional website design without ads, and multiple convenient payment options such as Internet Banking, e-wallets, prepaid cards, and gift codes.

Positive feedback from loyal customers for includes high-quality followers, minimal drop-offs, a warranty, and a user-friendly management interface.

To get the most accurate Shopee link for conducting a transaction on, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Log in to your Shopee seller account using the Shopee app.
  • Step 2: Go to the main page of your shop.
  • Step 3: Select “Share” in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Step 4: Choose “Copy link.”

After completing these steps, you can close the Shopee app and proceed with your desired follower purchase on

Step-by-Step Guide for Increasing Shopee Followers Through

If you are a new user of, you may refer to this video tutorial on how to purchase Shopee follower packages:

How to Access’s Shopee Follower Page has a neat website design, organizing essential categories in the Menu located in the top left corner of the main interface. If you are using a mobile device, follow these steps: Register and log in to > Menu (top left corner, three horizontal lines) > Service List > Shopee > Follow Shopee.'s affordable Shopee follower buying page’s affordable Shopee follower buying page

Here, you select the “Buy Service” tab and proceed with the steps outlined in the following sections. The “User History” tab is used to check previously paid or ongoing orders.

How to Choose the Right Server for Shopee Follower Purchases

In each service on, including increasing Shopee followers, the website offers various servers for you to choose from. Each server comes with its own description, highlighting its advantages and operating methods.

For Shopee Follower Increase, you can consider Server 1, which is super-fast and adds 50k followers per day, or Server 2, which increases at a slower rate of about 100 – 500 followers per day. Both servers guarantee genuine Vietnamese followers, minimal drop-offs, and enhance the credibility of your shop’s channel.

Control Shopee followers with ease with's support

Control Shopee followers with ease with’s support

Of course, the prices for faster servers and more followers, up to 50k, will be higher. Warranty terms may also vary slightly.

How to Fill Out’s Shopee Follower Service Order Form

To complete the Shopee follower package registration, users should fill in the form with the following details:

  • Enter Username or Shopee Link: Paste the Shopee link as instructed above.
  • Choose Server: Select a server that suits your needs and is marked as “Active.”
  • Quantity: Choose the number of followers to increase, following the minimum/maximum limits announced by each server.
  • Price Per Interaction: Automatically updated based on the server.
  • Discount Code: Apply’s discount code (if available).
  • Total Price: Automatically updated based on the server and quantity.

Buyers should note that orders cannot be canceled or refunded after clicking “Buy.” Therefore, before making a payment, ensure that all information is accurate.

Important Notes to Know Before Using’s Shopee Follower Services

Read's notes carefully before purchasing Shopee follower packages

Read’s notes carefully before purchasing Shopee follower packages

Currently,’s Shopee follower service has the following terms to ensure safe, fair, and effective transactions:

  • Absolute prohibition on purchasing followers from other providers simultaneously with’s follower packages.
  • If you want to minimize drop-offs, be patient and wait for follower increases a few hours after clicking “Buy.”
  • The warranty for follower drop-offs is 30 days.
  • Each order can purchase a maximum of 50k followers.
  • In the first 20k followers, the number of followers will increase rapidly, and then gradually slow down.
  • Changing your username on your own is strictly prohibited. If followers stop increasing due to a name change, no refunds will be given.


Control Shopee followers with ease with's support

Control Shopee followers with ease with the support of’s Shopee follower service has been verified by internet users as effective, providing the exact number of followers ordered and delivering them quickly within a short time frame. In addition to boosting Shopee followers, you can also purchase likes for popular items on the Shopee store at competitive prices. Boost your credibility with, saving you time and costs.

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