Interior website design (VSM541)

Owning an interior website design (VSM541) will help you create a unique online store with many products presented in a comfortable, unlimited and stylish way. How to sell h…

Interior Design Website (VSM541)

Owning an interior design website (VSM541) will help you create a unique online store with a wide range of products presented comfortably, without limits, and in various styles. Modern sales methods will bring high business efficiency as the trend of people using the internet increases day by day.

Homepage Module

The homepage interface is harmonious, beautiful, and designed in a new, modern style with full features.

  • Main navigation toolbar – Menu (Main Menu + Submenu)
  • Featured products categorized by items such as sofas, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Project news and new article updates.
  • Company introduction information to build customer trust.

Product Module

Products are displayed in full and sorted by category to make it easy for customers to track and search.

  • View detailed information for each product.
  • Integrated feature to add or remove products from the cart.
  • Edit product quantity.
  • Calculate costs.
  • Place orders & Make online payments.

Search Module

The search module is integrated on the far right. Its purpose is:

  • As a tool to help customers accurately search for products and information.
  • Criteria include: Products/services, news, company information, etc.

Contact Module

The contact module provides reassurance and trust for customers during their shopping experience.

  • Customer information registration form.
  • Address, company information, online sales staff, etc.

Media, Image Module

Allows the entity to update and display images in slide format, lively and clear albums. Content related to interior design and construction projects carried out by the company, external activities, etc., helps enhance credibility.

Utility, Software Module

This module helps customers contact quickly when they need product selection advice for interior furnishings.

  • Live online chat, SEO support tools.
  • Links to various social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Zalo, Twitter, etc., to build credibility and promote the brand.

Web Management System

With Interior Design Website Design (VSM541), administrators can perform simple and convenient tasks including:

  • Login, change password, logout.
  • Manage introduction sections.
  • Manage introduction information.
  • Manage news sections.
  • Manage products.
  • Manage projects.

The above is all the information related to interior design website (VSM541) for your reference. Currently, this online store is available at VSM with competitive prices. Additionally, we support the expansion of additional modules according to the customer’s specific requirements to best serve business purposes.

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