News website design (VSM503)

In recent years, people’s need to grasp news has increased, so the news web design of businesses, agencies and individuals has also increased. To race to attract readers th…

News Website Design (VSM503)

In recent years, the demand for keeping up with news among the public has been increasing. Therefore, the news website design for businesses, organizations, and individuals has also been on the rise. To compete in attracting readers, web design services have emerged, investing more in technical aspects and creating attractive interfaces, integrating multiple features to enhance the reading experience on websites.

Basic Types of News Websites

Currently, there are many website design services that build and develop various news website templates with diverse themes, targeting different audience segments. However, there are two basic types of news websites:

  • Specialized News Website Design: Focused on news in specific main areas, such as the electronic information page of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, real estate news, economic-financial-investment news, business and entrepreneurship news, fashion magazines, technology news, etc.
  • Multi-Field News Website Design: Such as websites like,, and, covering a wide range of topics and fields in social life, hence providing a vast amount of information and attracting a larger readership.

Basic Features of a News Website

  • Homepage: Displays the “hottest” news of the day along with news articles categorized by topics, and the most viewed articles.
  • About the News Website: Contains an overview of the website and displays menu bars categorized by sections.
  • News Articles: Comprises multiple news articles divided into various categories based on topics, along with clear publication dates and times.
  • Search: In this section, readers can search for articles on the website by entering keywords, making it easier to access news quickly.
  • Contact: Provides complete contact information for the organization or business, including phone numbers, addresses, hotlines for reader support, etc.
  • Images: Images on the website are displayed alongside or near article headlines to attract readers’ attention and illustrate part of the article content.

The news website design market (VSM503) is quite diverse, and each company or organization will have its own ideas regarding content and design. Therefore, the service provider will rely on the client’s requirements, the type of news, and the budget to recommend the most suitable design package to deliver the highest quality product.

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