News website design (VSM558)

News website design (VSM558) is one of the SEO standard travel blog website templates built by VSM. The website will help the unit bring useful information to internet users about tourism, discovery…

News Website Design (VSM558)

News Website Design (VSM558) is one of the SEO-optimized travel blog web templates created by VSM. This website will provide valuable information to internet users about travel and exploration during their journeys. Additionally, it contributes to building the reputation and credibility of your organization while increasing income through advertising.

Features Integrated into the VSM558 News Website Design Template

On this news website design template, VSM has equipped numerous features, including:

  • Homepage: Where the hottest and latest news articles are displayed, categorized by specific topics and sections. In the website’s admin section, there are functions for menu adjustment, content publishing, making it user-friendly for website owners.
  • About Us: Displaying information about the website, its vision, goals, and mission.
  • News Module: Divided into various categories such as delicious food, lifestyle, graphics, family, entertainment, beauty, etc. Here, there is also the feature to add, edit, or delete content, support for sorting news by new and old, and classify news based on tags, displaying the publication date and time.
  • Advertising Banners: Displaying various advertising banners in different positions on the website with flexible sizes and the feature to open links when users click on the banners.
  • Statistics Function: Tracking website traffic and statistics for each article.
  • Contact Us: Displaying complete contact information for the website administrator, hotline, and contact methods at the bottom of the page.
  • Community Sharing: Including like and share buttons for social sharing.
  • Website Administration: Managing website content, monitoring and tracking website activities, etc.

Advantages of the News Website Design (VSM558)

Not only equipped with outstanding features, but the VSM558 news website design template also has several notable advantages, such as:

  • Eye-catching interface with a combination of two main colors, white and sky blue. Complemented by attractive images of food, landscapes, and travel destinations.
  • SEO-optimized design, ensuring optimal results in search engine rankings.
  • SEO-compliant content, providing valuable information to readers.
  • Utilizing advanced technology for super-fast website access and data processing.
  • A professional web admin panel that supports effective website management.

It can be said that the news website design (VSM558) is a high-quality web design template in terms of visuals, content, and additional features. If you want to own a website like this, please contact VSM at hotline: 0359 18 17 12 for the most detailed advice.

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