Real estate website design (VSM539)

Real estate is a highly competitive field and needs to step up marketing to reach more customers. Among current methods, real estate website design (VSM539) is considered the solution…

Real Estate Website Design (VSM539)

Real estate is a highly competitive field that requires strong marketing efforts to reach a wide range of customers. Among the current methods, real estate website design (VSM539) is considered an excellent solution. With this professional and unique website, you can leave a lasting impression and make customers remember you.

Key Features of VSM 539 Real Estate Website

The VSM 539 website is currently favored and used by many real estate companies due to its outstanding features, including:

Homepage Module

  • Main Menu and Submenu navigation
  • Featured/Primary Real Estate products
  • News about real estate projects
  • Company introduction
  • Categories of real estate products for sale/rent

Project Details Module

  • Detailed information about real estate projects
  • Clear and vivid project images displayed in a slider
  • Project location and surrounding amenities shown on the map
  • Contact information for the seller
  • List of real estate listings by category, project, and posters

Posting Module

This feature makes it easy for website administrators to post real estate listings for sale/rent and display complete details such as product name, images, categories, location, area, price, and project location for customers’ convenience.

News Module

Provides a full range of information including:

  • Market news
  • Feng shui news
  • Planning and project news

Search Module

The search tool is prominently displayed at the top of the page, ensuring that customers can quickly search for information about the desired projects. Multiple criteria are available for selection, including real estate category, property type, address, area, number of bedrooms, etc.

Utility Module

  • Live online chat, SEO support tools
  • Integration with multiple social networks including Facebook, Zalo, Twitter
  • Form: Customer registration to provide consultation information

How to Purchase Real Estate Website Design (VSM539)

The VSM 539 real estate website is currently available at the VSM design company and possesses unique features as mentioned above. Not only that, but the website’s interface is also extremely attractive, ensuring that it leaves an impression on customers. With an advanced technology platform, you can easily customize and SEO the website to get it to the top of Google search results. This will help you effectively reach your expected sales figures.

The VSM 539 real estate website design is an ideal choice for real estate companies and agents. Quickly contact the VSM company to own a professional online sales platform at a reasonable price.

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