SEO standard real estate Blogspot website design (VSM49)

SEO-Optimized Blogspot Real Estate Theme (VSM49)

The SEO-Optimized Blogspot Real Estate Theme (VSM49) is a customizable interface designed for websites specializing in the real estate field (houses and land). It will display a lot of useful information for customers and help them easily search for real estate investment projects. Below is the Blogspot theme VSM49 for the real estate sector.

What Makes the SEO-Optimized Blogspot Real Estate Theme (VSM49) Special

The Blogspot theme VSM49 has a layout and interface specifically designed for real estate business professionals. This interface has a modern design, is SEO-optimized, and is responsive on all devices, from computers to smartphones. Moreover, the layout provides the best user experience.
The interface is divided into 4 columns, displayed clearly and logically. They make it convenient for users to track and capture all information on the website quickly.
The theme also includes advanced search filters for a professional touch. Customers can easily search for real estate information based on names and location preferences.
Within the theme, you can set up links to view YouTube videos and 360-degree images. Customers can experience projects authentically on the website without visiting external pages.

Other Features of VSM49

In addition to the highlighted features mentioned above, VSM49 theme also offers other notable features:
  • Users can categorize real estate functions and optimize image arrangement, providing clear, scientific, and visually appealing content.
  • Information related to real estate, such as project names, area, location, number of rooms, and selling prices, is displayed prominently on the interface.
  • The theme has optimized page loading speed for fast performance on both computer interfaces and other smart mobile devices.
  • The contact form is professional and includes widgets, responsiveness, and Google Structured Data integration.
  • The interface is designed according to on-page SEO standards and is effectively indexed by Google search tools. It also optimizes ad placement.
When using the SEO-Optimized Blogspot Real Estate Theme (VSM49), you can be sure that it won’t disappoint you. VSM’s theme provides complete information and is beautifully designed to attract viewers.

Key Features

Feature Test
Layout Version 3
Widget Version 2
Responsive Check
Mobile Friendly Check
Google Structured Data Check
Breadcrumb True


Blogspot Real Estate VSM49

Upgrade Features

Feature Test
Easy-to-Adjust Layout True
Blogger Contact Form True
Device-Friendly True
Standard SEO OnPage True
Google Page Speed 98/100 Check


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