Website design for culinary restaurant Blogspot (VSM78)

Theme blogspot culinary restaurant (VSM78)

If you’re looking for a professional, modern, and feature-rich Blogspot theme for a culinary restaurant, then the Blogspot theme “Culinary Restaurant” (VSM 78) is the most suitable choice. This Blogspot theme, focused on food-related content, emphasizes online ordering and scheduled delivery, making it easy for both sellers and buyers to optimize the buying process.

Applications of the Culinary Restaurant Blogspot Theme (VSM 78)

VSM 78 is a standard sales-oriented interface designed specifically for businesses, snack food stores, small roadside eateries selling online, food delivery, cafes, food and beverage outlets, snack bars, and small restaurants.

The template integrates an online food ordering menu on the culinary website, which is incredibly convenient and is a standout feature that you cannot ignore. Since anyone selling food and beverages needs the most professional support for order placement and delivery, this template is perfect. It is designed for the free hosting platform of Blogspot and is extremely professional, no different from other platforms.

Outstanding Features of the Culinary Restaurant Blogspot Theme (VSM 78)

The Culinary Restaurant Blogspot Theme (VSM 78) offers numerous features and has been tested and rated for speed and optimal functionality:

  • Pagespeed Insights Speed Rating: The template has been tested and achieved a page load speed score of 98/100 on desktop and 68/100 on mobile devices. This demonstrates fast and smooth page loading, saving users from waiting.
  • User-Friendly: The page layout is designed with comprehensive information, and the theme’s structure works perfectly on any electronic interface, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • SEO-Optimized Design: The theme follows SEO best practices, ensuring good visibility and indexing on Google.
  • Shopping Cart Integration: Customers can select items and quantities, and this information is automatically transferred to the shopping cart for easy tracking of their order details and total costs.
  • Online Food Ordering and Scheduled Delivery: Based on the distance from the store to the customer’s address, this feature creates a professional and attentive customer experience.

The Culinary Restaurant Blogspot Theme (VSM 78) is currently the most professional and popular theme for selling food and beverages. You can find this template at When you purchase any theme from VSM, you will receive installation support, guidance via ultraview or interview, and permanent support in case of issues. Additional assistance includes optimizing widgets and website layouts to perfection.

Key Features

LayoutVersion 3
WidgetVersion 2
Mobile FriendlyCheck
Google Structured DataCheck


Blogspot Culinary Restaurant

Upgrade Features

Easy-to-Adjust LayoutTrue
Blogger Contact FormTrue
Standard SEO OnPageTrue
Google Page Speed 96/100Check

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